Slash: 'Aerosmith Have Made Us a Better Band'

The iconic axeman says touring with his heroes sharpened his live skills.

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Slash gave Aerosmith kind of praise for turning his band into a better outfit during their summer US tour together.

As the axeman points out in his exclusive interview with, he has been on the road with the veteran rockers on their "Let Rock Rule" tour, and he insists he'll sound superior when he hits the UK in November as a result of their influence.

"It's been an amazing experience," he said. "Those guys have been heroes of mine ever since I was a teenager - and also because they're just such a great f--king band.

"I think it's really upped our game playing with those guys. Our tour in November will be that much better as a result of having played with Aerosmith."

He also reveals he decided to record upcoming third solo album "World on Fire" on tape as he feels the sound surpasses that of digital audio.

He says: "When it comes to sounds, I find tape better. Drums sound better and guitars sound warmer - if you can get somebody who knows how to work a tape machine."

Read the full interview here.

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    just about any band will make slash better
    That's your opinion. Problem is your opinion is wrong. I'm not even a Slash fan and I can appreciate he's pretty awesome
    This band is pretty uninspiring, though. I was on the edge of my seat for all things Slash up until this band formulated. Now it's really hard to get excited for anything they do. It doesn't help that Myles Kennedy is bland as hell (although I did really like the first 2 songs they did together).
    Interview one day. Next day a few excerpts to bring in people who didnt see the interview. Seriously?
    Aerosmith and Slash are (finally) coming back to Eastern Canada but unfortunately it's only one show and it's a 14 hour drive from where I'm located. Don't really understand why they wouldn't have went to Moncton, Slash tore the place up last time he was here
    Sorry but Moncton isn't a popular touring city. Probably because they don't have any good venues for these types of shows.