Slash Album Update: 'Songs Are Sleazier, Tougher, More Dangerous'

Band "more than armed and ready" for "Apocalyptic Love" follow-up, entering studio within weeks.

Ultimate Guitar

Slash's bassist Todd Kerns posted an update on the iconic axeman's upcoming record, announcing a "sleazier, tougher and more dangerous" vibe.

The Michael "Elvis" Baskette-produced effort will mark Slash's third solo release and a follow-up to 2012's "Apocalyptic Love." Judging by the bassist's blog post, the guys are more than ready; as a matter of fact, they are "lean, mean and most assuredly, fighting machines."

"I have to admit that conceptually I felt that 'Apocalyptic Love' would be a tough act to follow but I can say with all the confidence in the world that we are more than armed and ready. Not only do I feel that the material surpasses 'Apocalyptic Love' I think we are ten times the band we were when that album was recorded," Kerns confidently noted.

"The material on this album is more serious and more fun at the same time which is a tough balance indeed," the bassist continued. "The songs are sleazier, tougher and more dangerous. Exactly where I feel most comfortable. We are all very excited to unleash the monster upon you as soon as we can."

Focusing on future plans, Todd added, "We enter the studio early February and will work through the next few months. No plans as to when anything will be finished. It'll be done when it's done. I know we all hope to be back out on the road sooner than later but we'll see."

Earlier last month, Slash confirmed 16 tracks good to go. The album is currently only set for a tentative 2014 release, more info should drop soon.

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    Really excited for this one! I thought Apocalyptic Love was great!
    Apocalyptic Love is fantastic, I don't understand why so many people hated listening to it and called it sloppy. Hope this one will kick some ass!
    Unlike the new Foo's album...this album will actually have guitar solos on it.....
    Because no song that didn't have a guitar solo in it was ever any good? Not to mention, their last album had their most complex guitar work to date, and the solo for "Rope" was actually pretty sick even if it wasn't too hard to play. Stop saying ignorant things just to bash someone you don't like.
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    Sleazier, tougher and more dangerous. One could only hope they would be like Rocket Queen, Nightrain, Out ta Get Me, You're Crazy...that kind of sleazy, tougher and more dangerous!
    Damn this is going to be a hell of a music year. First metallica and foo fighters, and now Slash. Holy sh!t I can't wait.
    Interesting choice on the producer.. After the great job he did on Alter Bridge's Fortress I'm really excited about Elvis' inclusion!
    I'm actually a little concerned about them hiring Elvis as the producer. I like AB and Slash, but I don't really want Slash albums to start sounding like AB albums...
    Would be awesome to get another little taste of his Appetite attitude again. By no means am I expecting a full on GN'R type record out of him but, when I read this new album was gonna be sleazy and more dangerous, his Appetite sound ran through my head. Diggin his solo records so far!
    Yes! Great news! Can't wait for this! Slash feat. Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators....better than Velvet Revolver? Discuss.
    Nah, AL was good, but not as good as his solo album or VR. Duff and Matt are the better rhythm section for sure. The best material since GNR was Snakepit though.
    I thought in apocalyptic love slash never use fills and overdub in a guitar,, does anyone have an idea why he does it? Coz all of his previous record he always overdub the solo part which is always great to hear.