Slash: 'Axl Hates My Guts'

artist: Slash date: 04/03/2012 category: music news
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Slash: 'Axl Hates My Guts'
Slash says he would love to play the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, but says there's no communication between original Guns N' Roses members to make it happen. The classic band will be inducted on April 14, which sparked hope of a reunion between original members, but tension between members makes it an unlikely outcome. He acknowledged that frontman Axl Rose still "hates his guts", and is becoming frustrated at the barrage of questions about the rumoured Hall Of Fame performance. "This is a subject I'm dead sick of talking about," he told Rolling Stone. "Everyone has been asking me what's going to happen, and they know as much as I do. I feel you're totally obligated to be present and I would love to f--king play, but it's just something that's not going to happen for whatever reason." Has his relationship with Axl Rose improved at all over the years? Apparently not. "He hates my guts. It's over a lot of different stuff; I don't even know. There's just no communication between us. I talk to Duff McKagan and Steven [Adler], but when it comes to old Guns N' Roses, there really isn't anybody that makes decisions." Their induction to the Hall of Fame will take place on April 14. Slash will release his new solo album "Apocalyptic Love" on May 21.
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