Slash Confirms a MusiCares Benefit Performance

Guitarist announces he'll be rocking the stage at MAP benefit honoring Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington.

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Iconinc axeman Slash has officially announced his performance at the MusiCares MAP Fund benefit concert on May 30 in Los Angeles. The ceremony will mark the honoring of Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington, who will receive the Stevie Ray Vaughan Award for his commitment to helping addicts in their recovery process, as well as the longstanding support he has given for the MusiCares MAP Fund in general.

The foundation is dedicated to providing all the members of the music community with an addiction recovery treatment, regardless of their financial status. Bennington gave MusiCares MAP Fund nothing but praises, saying, "MusiCares MAP Fund is an amazing program that takes care of their own, and actually saves lives. It's been so rewarding to support them and see firsthand what they've accomplished for so many artists."

Apart from Bennington, MusiCares will also honor skateboarded Tony Alva with a special "From The Heart" Award.

"Chester and Tony are passionate and highly influential artists in their respective professions and each of them has achieved impressive and much-deserved success," said President/CEO Neil Portnow. "What unites them around the mission of MusiCares is their willingness to lend their time and talents to raise funds for our organization, and their desire to be of service to music people struggling with addiction. We truly appreciate their steadfast support and committed generosity."

The ceremony is set to take place on May 30 at Nokia Club in Los Angeles starting at 8 p.m. Among the previous Stevie Ray Vaughan Award winners is also Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains, who took the award at the last year's benefit.

I will be jamming at MAP benefit honoring compadre, Chester Bennington May 30th. For tix: iiii]; )'

Slash (@Slash) April 12, 2013

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    Hope they'll jam together. I saw their Camp Freddy performance with LedZep's 'Whole Lotta Love', that was really cool.
    Hahaha stupid lies. Slash is not real. How could someone fall for this?
    Emmm... Cool joke. Keep it goin'.
    Thank you! This is the first time i laughed at my own joke for like 30 mins. Thank you for telling me that it was fun. I like to recive positive and non sarcastic feedback from internet users. I wish you a good day, keep the good work up!
    When I saw the summary of this article on Facebook I thought that Chester Bennington had died or was vegetableized in some way... Disappointed
    He might make horrible music that barely gives any hint toward this, but he's actually an incredibly talented vocalist.
    Always like musicians doing benefit shows. And Slash fits in well, knows about addiction, survived a huge one him self, thank god.