Slash: 'I Could Never Have Asked to Do Anything Cooler Than Guns N' Roses'

Guitarist also addresses the status of Velvet Revolver.

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Although discussing Guns N' Roses is something Slash has been avoiding for some time, the subject was somewhat of a focal point during the axeman's recent Digital Spy interview.

Discussing the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame drama, his relationship with Axl Rose and overall feelings toward GN'R, Slash noted: "I could never have asked to do anything cooler than Guns N' Roses. From the early days in its inception, up to a certain point. I wouldn't have traded that - there was no better f--king place to be for myself personally. It was the kind of band that was so excessive that could only go so far!

"I'm really proud of the fact that actually all of us are still living!" he added.

Asked if he could see himself getting back to speaking terms with Axl, the guitarist replied: "It's not even something I like to dwell on. I don't even like to make to make comments because you end up with quotes that sometimes exacerbate the issue. It's really not at the forefront of my mind. I've got other things going on."

Finally, Slash touched on the matter of Velvet Revolver, noting that not much has changed since 2008. "There's not been anybody to fill the vocal shoes that's been really inspiring, and then everybody's been off busy doing their own thing," he said. "But we're still keeping an ear to the pavement to see if there's something that would be the perfect fit for that band. The door's still open. It's just not doing anything at the moment."

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    He must be so tired of being asked about Axl.
    He can't escape it, it's part of his life. That partnership is what defined them both.
    Is it just me or does it seem like he's not even that interested in resurrecting VR anymore? There has got to be a bunch of people who could fill in vocally, don't you think? They may not sound exactly like Weiland but would you really want them to?
    He's probably not since his solo career is just as, if not more successful than VR's career.
    I think it's hard to find a singer with enough character and skill to match the rest of the band. And most great singers want to do their own thing, not join an established band. I wonder how Rod Jackson and Eric Dover are sounding these days...
    If I was Slash, I'd respond to any questions about a Guns n Roses reunion with "You're a bellend."
    I'd much rather have a new Slash + Myles album than a new Velvet Revolver album.
    I'd rather have a Velvet Revolver album with Myles Kennedy
    yes! he would be a great fit for VR. just imagine the song "slither" with myles on vocals.
    - VR's Slither with Myles on vocals... is it just me or is Myles' voice that versatile he can adapt it to practically any style of music
    I'm stoked for his new album with Myles. I personally like a lot of his solo work better than most Velvet Revolver stuff. Loved Apocalyptic Love, but I really hope (and expect) the next album will top it.
    To Me Apocalyptic love is a lot better album than say libertad, and i cant wait to hear new music from slash and myles
    Slash has a good thing going with his solo band right now, I'd rather him stick to that.
    Austin Winkler from Hinder isn't doing anything right now...Velvet Revolver?