Slash Introduces New Gibson Signature Guitar - It's a Firebird!

Available tomorrow in black and white.

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Slash Introduces New Gibson Signature Guitar - It's a Firebird!

Slash has announced that his brand new Gibson signature guitar will be released tomorrow (September 7).

We are looking at a Firebird body available in black and white finish.

The GN'R guitarist noted:

"Check out my new Slash signature Firebird models from Gibson Custom, both black and white available this Thursday."

Last month, Slash was filmed signing the new Gibsons. You can check it all out below.

YouTube preview picture

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    I think the Firebird model looks cooler on bass. 
    I own a Thunderbird myself, not so keen on their guitar counterparts design-wise. Can we also agree that Les Paul shaped basses look fucking horrendous?
    Les Paul basses? Never seen one but it sounds disgusting.
    Well, because he Les Paul design is horribly generic. We've just been branded to find it appealing by its heavy use in rock history.
    Weybl Himself
    I would have thought being only the 2nd mass produced solid body electric guitar in history would be enough to save the Les Paul from being considered "generic".
    My problem with the TB is that it's very neck heavy so there's a lot of neck dive to deal with.
    A wide/thick strap and some good locks solved a lot of that for me, still a bit of dive but I've had it for years now so don't notice anymore.
    Why are Flying V basses so hard to find?  
    Because the Gibson ones have not been made since the 80s. And I believe only 350 were made. And they sounded like crap. I found one in Belgium once. Even with some quaterpounders it sounded like crap. They look amazing, but sound terrible.
    Wrong actually. They had a limited run in 2015.
    No wonder I had it wrong, when I was looking for one it was 2012. Nice find, though!
    Currently there are 10 that can be found on ebay if you're still looking. The cheapest being £1,500 with £200 shipping though it has been re-painted if that bothers you. None of the cherry red colour though.
    "Gibson has appointed Slash as its first ever Global Brand Ambassador. As  part of the new role with Gibson, Slash is developing new products with  Gibson Custom, Gibson and Epiphone."  Translation: The 'Slash' name/brand will hopefully help us sell more products at a premium.  Soooo Rock and Roll  :-P
    Is anyone else kinda shocked? I thought he plays only Les Pauls.
    I thought so too, except maybe a BC Rich sometimes Haven't seen him live ever though so I wouldn't know lol
    He's been playing a Mockingbird and a Bich almost more than his Les Pauls on this reunion tour.
    Can't wait to see the hilariously inflated price tag on this one!
    besides the pickguard with slash's logo and paint job, what makes this different from the production firebird? I've been hoping to find a nice second hand Epiphone firebird for a while now
    Needs Pup covers or black hardware, the mismatch looks like shit.
    When has he ever played a Firebird?
    He played it back with Velvet Revolver and also on the current Guns N Roses Tour.
    Actually he plays a lot of different Guitars. Besides his Les Pauls he also plays different kinds of Double Neck Guitars by Gibson and Guild, BC Rich Guitars like the Mockingbird (with and without Floyd Roses) and the Bich (but without the 4 extra strings), he used to play a Travis Bean (for slide action), and he even used a Gibson explorer on his Tour with Myles Kennedy. And if that wasn't enough he also played different kinds of Jackson Guitars here and then! 
    I thought the same thing, but a quick Google search revealed that lo and behold he has done so.
    Who gives a shit? Gibson starting blowing balls with the Keifer Sutherland model.
    When most people think of Slash, the Firebird is not the guitar they associate with him.  Still, he's probably due a tax bill, so whatever..... 
    Slash must need a new boat or a mansion in Italy . . . or something. Wish I was famous (and talented) enough I could just hoar out my name on shit I don't care about.   I bet it's a great payday for Slash.
    I'm pretty sure that he can buy all the boats and hos he wants after these reunion tours. 
    That's a ton of wood between the bridge and the strap button.  That would take some getting used to - hope your left arm is long enough to reach the first fret. . . 
    The Slash skull instead of the eagle is cool ! The first pics of Slash I've seen with a firebird was during the libertad promo. I've seen GNR this summer and he've played withe the black one.
    The Judist
    Firebird is a good shape if you wanted a guitar custom painted in the colours of a three-colour flag