Slash Issues Interview Rules

He's had enough of disucssing Axl Rose and the Hall Of Fame in interviews, and will only briefly touch on his history in the band. See all seven rules here.

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It seems that Slash has finally had enough of being asked about Guns N' Roses.

The NZ Herald (via Classic Rock) has revealed a list of seven rules that he issues to journalists before any interview, helping him avoid topics that have been dogging him for years:

  • Guns N' Roses is a topic that Slash can briefly touch on.

  • You can briefly discuss the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction but only to the extent of the honour of that.

  • You can't talk about the ceremony itself and Axl not showing up and their performance etc.

  • No questions about Axl whatsoever.

  • No questions about a possible Guns n'Roses reunion.

  • No on the road stories or historic infamous type stories based around Guns n'Roses.

  • There has to be a focus on what he's doing now and forthcoming events/plans.

    While it might seem authoritarian to some, the list is actually quite reasonable. Slash has made his stance clear on GN'R reunions, and probably feels that his current solo efforts are overshadowed by the never-ending Axl Rose questions.

    As a game, what rules would you set for other artists? Share your creative guidelines in the comments.

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      Seems fair enough. I mean, guns ended 20 years ago near enough. 20 years of the same questions must get real boring. He obviously wants to concentrate on now and his solo stuff so let him do that.
      I'm sorry I can't read anything you write, but I will click + all because of bouncy boobs
      Rule for Vinnie Paul, Phil Anselmo and Rex Brown: Don't ask about a Pantera reunion. It's always no. Rule for Dave Mustaine and Ted Nugent: Don't inquire about political views.
      Rule for Dave Mustaine and Ted Nugent: Don't inquire about political views. That was the first thing that popped into my head.
      "Rule for Dave Mustaine and Ted Nugent: Don't inquire about political views." You don't even have to ask them, they just say it anyway...even if it's not related to the original question.
      Agent 00Awesome
      Rule for Dave Mustaine: Don't interview Dave Mustaine.
      Rule for Axl Rose: Be at the interview 2 hours LATE, for the chance that he might be already waiting for you (highly unlikely)
      interviewers, please stop asking Mustaine questions about politics. Ive facepalmed myself enough this last month.
      Seems fair enough for me, Slash got screwed over by GnR and is probably sick and tired of it now. Probably like how Dave Grohl felt when he started Foo Fighters and people at interviews would be like is this song about kurt, is that about nirvana, why does it sound like nirvana.
      Rule for interviewing Devin Townsend: Ask about Ziltoid. Rule for Anette, Tuomas or any member of Nightwish: Don't mention Tarja.
      I'd be pretty tired of people asking about my life with an ex-girlfriend, too
      No cool touring stories? What? Who gets tired of telling cool stories?
      Yeah, that's the only thing I don't like on the list... I mean he's been asked all of the rest a thousand times in interviews and I've never gotten the vibe that he's bugged by it or anything, so fair game there. It's pointless to keep wasting time asking him questions everybody knows the answer to.
      Carl Hungus
      My rule would be to only talk about Chicken Pot Pies. Specifically the Swanson brand, anything else is off limits dammit!
      The only musician you should ask about politics is Phil Labonte. David Draiman maybe. Never Dave Mustaine.
      So sick of Slash. So sick of Axl.
      15 down votes so far... that's a personal record for me! Sweet. Honestly, I just don't get it. I'm really not trying to be an a**hole but I don't understand why people care about Slash, Axl or Guns N' Roses. I'm a really open-minded guy especially when it comes to music but this just makes no sense to me. They put out one good album (25 years ago) then were mediocre for a few years then were nothing but pointless drama queens for almost 20 years. There are SO MANY better bands out there than GnR and SO MANY better guitar players than Slash. He's more of a semi-ironic played out brand name now than a musician anyways. I'm a jerk though so I'm probably wrong. Just my 2 cents. Word.
      I see where you're coming from, but the difference between Slash and Axl is that Slash has put out some pretty decent songs since leaving Guns and, in that time, Axl has only really released the drivel that is Chinese Democracy. Slash's last two records were solid albums.
      One thing for ya, there will never be another band like old GN'R. No songs will ever sound like the ones all the originals wrote together. All of those songs will live on forever, never fade out. I can't think of one single new band that I could say the same about, seriously think about it, can you?
      Axl should go to rest home. there would be no problems with him and no fake Gunsnroses. Long life Slash
      Pretty reasonable list, he only excludes Axl-related questions essentially.
      Its totally understandable, all of them. The guy just wants to be recognized for his current work, which I havent listened to much so I cant comment on it. Same thing with Tom Morello: Any time he gets asked a question about RATM reuniting/making a new album, he gets annoyed.
      I honestly tried to love Chinese Democracy. It's boring and lacks anything that makes it worth the wait. So no it did not blow my mind, like you said it would.
      To Mustaine - No talking. To Morrisey - No talking. To that redneck who really hates obama - No talking.
      It's only a matter of time before he starts going by Saul Hudson so he can "Distance himself from Guns n Roses". I think thats probably for the best though given how appalling his music is in comparison to what it was. The standard of Axl's voice now is far more imaginative and spine tingling than Slash's stuff. I know this comment will get downvoted, but if you give chinese democracy a listen with an open mind, it will blow your mind, particularly "street of dreams". Whereas listening to Slash's solo albums, there is nothing that has the same attack that appetite had or any of the other GnR albums. Even Contraband by VR was incredible. Slash has totally lost what he had that made him stand out so much.
      I tried to like Chinese Democracy but I can't. To me the whole album is boring. Apocalyptic Love is more I like it, good solid rock n roll. Regarding the rules, I understand him, I would be sick and tired of the same questions too.
      you must be either deaf or it was just a joke about Axls voice becouse it made me laugh
      Totally agree with Abacus. GnR had their moment and it ended a long time ago. Slash was clearly very innovative when he started but now he's just predictable and, in my eyes, mediocre. I don't feel he's progressed at all, he's just done the same thing for 25 years. There are many better guitarists more deserving of the endless praise he receives, in my humble opinion.
      It's fair. Slash is after all a musician, and he doesn't have to listen questions about a GnR reunion. It's over, forever, they'll never reunite, and I think it's fair for everyone
      Is this supposed to be a stupid question? Actually I find it interresting to know that kind of stuff. Maybe because I play guitar I don't know..
      To be devils advocate here, if the interview's focus is to be on "what hes doing now and forthcoming events/plans", and that "Guns N Roses is a topic that Slash can briefly touch on", why is 1/3 of his recent live album and his most recent tour made up of Guns N Roses songs? Shouldn't we be able to devote 1/3rd of the interview time/questions to GNR-related topics?
      Met him working at a recent gig and he seemed cool and happy to chat about anything - although I didn't ask him about Axl, to be fair. Relaxed and more than happy for me and a couple of co workers to hang out during soundcheck. Pretty sure one of the vocal-less tunes played was unreleased/new....
      rule for marilyn manson: you WILL touch me in inappropriate places and you WILL listen to my ongoing and neverending rants about my views on life's philosophical aspects. also, you WILL accept that if you are a woman, i will grope you...