Slash Jams With Music Students

Guitarist plays with students at Rock 'n' Roll Academy.

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Music Students at Chuck Brennan’s Rock 'n' Roll Academy had what might possibly have been the best lesson ever; a jam with Guns N’ Roses legend Slash.

As HenneMusic notes, the guitarist joined students for a performance of the Guns N’ Roses version of Bob Dylan’s "Knocking on Heaven's Door."

Posting about the event, Slash had the following to say:

"Had a killer time jamming w/some young musicians at Chuck Brennan's Rock 'n' Roll Academy. Great institution for a great cause."

The school founder Chuck Brennan himself issued the following statement before the event:

"Slash was so impressed that he immediately wanted to get involved and show his support to the academy and the kids. Slash will be the first celebrity rock star to watch the kids perform and see their concert."

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Chuck Brennan's Rock 'n' Roll Academy offers popular music training to members of the Boys & Girls Club after school program in Sioux Falls. Find out more about the Academy on the official website.

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    They're so lucky!! A bit painful to hear, but what an experience! Slash is so cool!!
    Really cool of slash. Sounds terrible but weren't we all during the early stage of learning an instrument!?
    I like the idea of this academy, basic music lessons you get at school are absolutely awful, I always hated them and decided to take no part in them because you learn the most boring things about what should be such an interesting subject. It completely put me off learning about music it was only after I no longer had to do music lessons that I decided to learn to play the guitar and take an interest in music. I think that in music lessons children should be taught to play an instrument properly instead of just being told to hit a drum once every minute and listen to a diversity of types of music instead of listening to one genre (in my case reggae). Don't get me wrong I like reggae but children should be taught about a diversity of music rather than one specific genre which in this case doesn't have a lot of brilliant musicians (we all know the brilliant musician I'm referring to), so yeah I think this is a great idea and that school music lessons should be more like this. I don't know if everyone's music lessons were as bad as mine, it might be the English curriculum or just my school but what I do know is that my music lessons were awful and I wouldn't want someone to have the same dull and off putting lessons that I had.
    I'm in Canada, and I feel and think the same as you do, mate. I started playing guitar at 14 yo, right after music classes were over for me at school! I played trumpet and saxophone, better than nothing, but the classes were so dull and boring!
    I love when musicians do stuff like this. What an experience for those kids.
    Slash seemed a little off probably hasn't played this song in years.
    Mighta had something to do with him starting the song in one key and them all jumping in a semi-tone above, I assume they were all in standard and Slash was in Eb. He changed key on the fly to match them, so he would've been playing in a different position to usual.
    Exactly what EthanWark said. The kids were tuned to standard, and Slash was tuned half step down as he usually is. The fact that Slash changed key that quickly and smoothly to match them is amazing in its own respect.
    Respect for the kids and slash that he did this, but I hate these kind of academy's, have been on some myself, and in my opinion the rich kids with the good stuff but with less talent get to fast inside, of course there are eal talents between em, but many are just gibson stuffed people who can only play what they hear, not makin any music theirselves.