Slash: 'Lemmy Is Doing Fine'

The Motorhead frontman has had a visit from his old friend Slash, who has reported back with an optimistic outlook on his ill health.

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Slash has visited Motorhead frontman Lemmy who is suffering a hour of ill health, and has reported back with an optimistic outlook.

"Visited Lemmy today; he's doing well," said Slash. "There's been a lot of rumors. But he's in good shape and finishing [the new] Motorhead record now."

Motorhead were forced to cut a performance at Wacken festival after only six songs last Friday, despite claims from the band that he was recovering from a recent illness.

A statement from the band after the cancelled show said: "They kicked ass in the 100-plus-degree heat for a shortened, but powerful, set before Lemmy finally realized he might have bitten off a little more than he could chew."

They add that Lemmy will now take the break that doctors have been recommending. "Once he fully recharges, Motorhead will be back, don't you worry!"

Meanwhile, Motorhead are working to complete a new album which was aiming at a Sepetember release, though understandably this could be delayed.

Visited Lemmy today; he's doing well. There's been a lot of rumors. But he's in good shape. & finishing Motrhead record now. iiii]; )'

Slash (@Slash) August 7, 2013

What do you think the future holds for Lemmy and Motorhead? Will they rock on? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    Only Slash is cool enough to have his own text smiley, so cool that it can carry on smoking even when he's given up.
    Holy crap, Slash quit smoking?? I thought that was about as likely as Lemmy quitting drinking.
    Ha ha! I love Slash's little text smiley, it makes me happy whenever I see him use it.
    Didn't the rest of Motorhead say he was fine a week before he had to leave the show early? Slash isn't the first to promise his health, but for Lemmy's sake, I hope he's the last. I'd hate to see the guy miss any more shows because of this.
    Yeah I had the exact same thought . But atleast he's doing fine and atleast some musicians are taking the time to visit him
    Like how someone in the comments on the last Lemmy article posted this news first.
    Fun fact: Dave Grohl is the one that drummed during the performance that this article's photo was taken at.
    The guy's a professional, it's all he knows. It's like Paul Stanley shredding his voice by doing too many shows. At some point you have to look after yourself, the money can wait, and you can't get it all anyway.
    If the rumours are true, and Lemmy does indeed drink a full bottle of Jack every day, then it's unsurprising that he's not well. He's still a dude though.
    He drinks a bottle every day, but with Cola, so that doesn't count. And obviously The God himself is fine, no doubt.