Slash Not Ruling Out GN'R Reunion: 'If It Happens, It Happens'

The axeman shows no regret for leaving the band, calling it his smartest decision.

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Former Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash recently touched on an everlasting subject of classic GN'R reunion, but without ruling out such a possibility. "It's not something that any of us have reached out to each other and said that we wanted to do thus far," he said during a recent "Larry King Now" appearance. "So, rather than be a pessimist and say, 'No, it'll never happen,' it's not like I'm harboring a lot of resentment. But it's just not something that we're all thinking about doing." The axeman concluded, "So if it happens one day, it happens. If it doesn't, I don't think anybody's, you know, losing any sleep over it." During the rest of the chat, Slash called his GN'R departure the smartest decision he's ever made, showing no regret for leaving the band. "It happened the way that it happened and I think that was probably the smartest thing, big decision that I ever made," he commented. Finally, when asked on whether rock 'n' roll is dying, the axeman briefly responded: "Rock 'n' roll never dies, it's more of an attitude, to me." So Slash is seemingly more open to the reunion idea now. Do you think there's a chance to carry it through? Let us know in the comments.

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    Tomorrow: Noel Gallagher denies GNR reunion.
    Courtney Love sues Axl for trying to be more of an ******* than she is.
    These are, without a doubt, some of the funniest responses on UG.
    GNR reunion confirmed: Holograms of each original band member to perform on the same stage.
    Mike Portnoy's reaction to GNR reunion different than Mike Mangini's; DT members respond.
    I bet that deep down Axl and Slash miss each other but both are too stubborn to admit it.
    you know they do to some extent. Not getting my hopes up on this, but I really would like to see it. This is one of the very few bands that actually can get back together, we will never see Pantera, Slayer, or Zep again....Guns still has the ability... Ill keep my fingers crossed but wont be holding my breath.
    Read Slash's autobiography. Slash doesn't hate Axl. He just couldn't work under that brand of crazy. Slash gave him props for being a musical genius but did not like how he took over the musical direction of the band. It would any and all hatred comes from Axl.
    I'm not the most informed on G'n'R affairs, but haven't both Axl and Slash said that they really don't like being around each other, so a reunion wasn't happening?
    Things change, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Van Halen have previously said something similar. Also the Rock n Roll attitude is dying along with the genre in my opinion
    I don't understand why you are -6. Pink Floyd, Sabbath, Van Halen, Crue, The Eagles, have all said the same thing and gone on to play a gig or two. I don't think anyone is expecting a full blown tour, just a one-off gig or something of the sort. Time changes people.
    I wouldn't really say Led Zeppelin "reunited", they just play one off shows for special occasions every decade or so.
    If you read Slash's autobiography, he makes his relationship with Axl seem like a brother to brother feud. You act like you hate him and do stupid stuff from time to time, but you'll defend him if people mess with him.
    Yeah in his book, Duff's and Steven's too, they are all quite "diplomatic" around the whole Axl subject. It's as though they're all leaving the door slightly ajar for the future. I've seen 'em in '88, '93 and 2007 and I really don't wish to see a reunion I'll just keep the '88 memories in my head!
    Theres just no way it could live up to expectations. Slash is playing better than ever, however the same cannot be said for the other members in my opinion.
    In Axl's case, you could only measure his abilities if he actually turns up.
    the other guys can still rock it pretty good, as seen in their induction to the RnR Hall of Fame performance. as for Axl though... I'm not so sure
    Slash must have really got fed up with all the questions about whether he would be open to a reunion.. In a way, this statement of his shuts many people up! Good on you Slash!
    In other news, journalists don't care enough about Slash to ask him about anything except a GN'R reunion.
    Guns N' Chains
    As a big GNR fan past and present and a fan of all their new stuff in their new projects, I'd like for someone to kid-nap Axl, Slash, Izzy, Duff, and Steven and put them in a jail cell with a bunch of equipment and tell them, "you ain't coming out until you start playing or come up with a new song/material". Obviously a reunion has nothing to do with money as all have said or eluded to at one time or another that money isn't issue. Do these guys have egos? Yes, some of them more than others. Do they know they changed the world of rock and influenced so many? Yes. When they look around at their peers and see that in other bands, it is fairly common that one of the 'original' members is no longer living and that those bands can never have a proper reunion, do they ever think, 'we are all still here, lets just put the past aside and play again while we still can. Because at some point, that won't be possible. Will it be the GNR of old from the late 80's/early 90's? Likely not. But I'd still love to see it, especially since I wasn't around during their prime. Their chemistry and camaraderie is what made them exciting and special along with the music, IMO. Maybe someday, but like others have said, I'm not holding my breath.
    No, you need Matt on drums. His stamina and ability is probably better than Steven's at this present time.
    Actually, you touched on a great point there. The magic of Guns was their songwriting. I could care less if they got together for a tour of the hits we've all heard already.
    He should just stick to working with myles they're putting out some really good stuff
    It'll be a disappointment. Axl is going to blow it, he's too cocky. Yes, Slash and Axl have tension, and it'll probably cause them issues. But all that being said, it's not uncommon for a reunion is it?!
    "I'm sure no one's losing sleep over it." Speak for yourself, Slash. I haven't slept since 1996 because of this bull.
    Irwin Navarro
    Just my 2 cents but I wanna see Slash, Izzy, Duff, and Steven make an album and hopefully tour. Let Izzy/Duff do the vocals or maybe get someone like M Shadows to front them.. Either way, just make it happen !
    "So Slash is seemingly more open to the reunion idea now. Do you think there's a chance to carry it through? Let us know in the comments." Stop the baiting, UG. Slash never said he was closed to the idea and he's just blatantly said "if it happens it happens", he's not gonna carry it through!
    Slash and Myles Kennedy are better than any possibility of a future GNR reunion. Have you heard Axl recently? Jeez...
    I went to see the new GNR last year and enjoyed it. They were on time, and Black Label Society opened for them. The whole show was 3 and a half hours.
    I think Slash should forget GNR and VR, The Conspirators have a lot of momentum coming out of the last album.
    Slash shreds now as never before while Axl can't even sing anymore, or barely. So to hell with it, Slash has better things to do than wait for the douchebag!!
    Saw slash live with Myles Kennedy last year and it was amazing. I would rather see another album from them than A GNR Reunion
    Make it happen Slash. Also Oasis reunion would be good except Liam cant sing right now to save his life
    Irwin Navarro
    Man, I would like to see Slash, Gilby, Duff, and Steven make an album together and hopefully tour.Let Duff do vocals or get a new singer like Myles Kennedy. Thats the closest thing we will have to a full AFD GNR Reunion. Face it, Axl is pretty much a douche and Izzy seems to be "over it" anymore.
    The rock and roll hall of fame performance last year was the closest to a Guns reunion we'll get. Kings of chaos was sort of like a reunion of Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver and the rest. This is what Slash said, but Steven said a Guns reunion will never happen. Axl won't have a reunion without an apology. Duff will do whatever slash does, and Izzy has probably gone solo and will only join if Axl joins. But we got Matt and Gilby here who would probably also like to do a reunion.
    This sh*t has been on this newspage over a bilion times now. At first I was interested but not anymore. at least not for me.
    Lou reed fills in for Axle and does a new album! Miley Cyrus does cover for the new album. Produced by Ulrich and Grohl! LOL This is too easy!