Slash Officially Introduces Gibson Firebird Signature Guitar, It Costs $7,699

$7,699 for white, $6,199 for black that is.

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Slash Officially Introduces Gibson Firebird Signature Guitar, It Costs $7,699

Gibson has officially announced the release of limited-run Slash Firebird signature model, available in Trans White and Trans Black for $7,699 and $6,199 respectively.

Total Guitar reports:

"Slash has requested that the new signature models augment the Firebird template with Les Paul features, including Les Paul wiring, two Seymour Duncan Slash APH humbuckers spaced like their LP equivalents) and a solid figured maple cap.

"There are two aged nitrocellulose finish options and the Gibson Custom Shop has only produced 25 of each, with the signed Trans White option retailing at a premium."

You can check out the official photos of the guitar below.

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    ~Maxi King~
    I can't understand why Gibsons and Fenders sales are rapidly dropping in the last few years *sarcasm off* Really? Some marketing people should really take a big step back and look at their own policy. Gibson build overpriced, under-qualityassured guitars. They sometimes provide less quality than their epiphone models. In my opinion Gibson should really start to overthink their position in the market and either build good, moderately priced guitars again, or just simply go bankrupt already. I've had enough of their bullshit.
    I couldn't agree more. They really need to do some research and check out what kind of guitar you can buy BRAND NEW for around $1K. Think Schecter, Ibanez, ESP/LTD and especially PRS. Think Gibson needs a wake-up call and a drastic one.  I am aware that Fender isn't doing great either, but I think they're a little bit more aware of the competition than Gibson are.  Not everyone ends up buying a Les Paul Custom by Gibson when they check other guitars in the price category, even though they've dreamed of one for their whole guitar-playing life (hint, I'm an example )
    ~Maxi King~
    I've played a lot of Epiphones throughout my "career" (not a professional player but quite experienced) and they give you a great bang or the buck most of the time. You can get gigworthy guitars for way less than 300€.  But everytime I pick up a Gibson I think: This is 3.000€ but is maybe about 10% better, than the 1990's Epiphone for 150€ I have at home.  Sure, better hardware, better Pickups, cooler Finish. But adding all those things up the difference in price should be about 200€-300€ and not like fucking 2.500€.  I think Fender went the better way with Custom Shop, Standard and Mexican models. Everybody can decide how much this "mojo" is worth to him. I'll stick to my cheaper models and upgrade them accordingly.  Those are great guitars for real players, not for showoffs.
    Well, I don't want to sound obvious and arrogant, but doing things in the US is more expensive than from where the $299 Epiphone comes from, you know, labor and all that other fun real stuff. The Gibson is better, no doubt about that, but there's no way it'll be 10 times better. I've played great and not-so-great Gibsons. I would say that the great ones deserve the price tag. But every Gibson should be like that great one, like it is every time with PRS or Music Man when I've tried one.
    Upgrading is exactly what I did too.  Always wanted a LP Custom so in 2012 bought an Epi LP Custom for $599, swapped out a couple Gibson Dirty Fingers humbuckers ($300) and Schaller locking tuners ($100) and it's been the guitar of my dreams ever since.  A Gibson LP Custom would have cost me $3000+ and I still believe it would not have been even 3 times better  
    Exactly, some of those brands' import models beat out American made Gibsons. When I was looking for a Les Paul Custom substitute, I found the LTD EC1000T. It was everything I wanted in terms of feel, sound, and build quality, it didn't feel like a lesser guitar, it just felt like LP Custom with a different look. The only thing I liked more on a Gibson would be the headstock shape, but I didn't feel strongly enough about it to spend the extra ~$4000. The best thing Gibson has going for it is their heritage. A lot of people would recognize a Les Paul or SG as the guitars used by legendary guitarists.
    Then buy older guitars. Quit bitching. I got a 78 custom for 2200 this year in very good condition. If gibson wants to fail then let them. I agree with overpriced and under quality for wiring reasons. But their craftsmanship of the wood is still pretty good at least in my opinion. If you cant afford one i hear you. Regular working people such as myself and i assume most of the UG users can only dream of getting one. I worked my ass into the ground doing 12hrs a day for 47 days strait to be able to get one. But man its sweet
    I always wanted to own a Les Paul, although I have several guitars from different companies, and even custom builds.  I bought a Slash model (the one before the Appetite model).  Well made and all, sounded good... didn't really fit my style of playing or 'feel' in my hands.  Sold it for what I paid for it, which is a good thing about limited edition Gibsons.  I'm more of a fan of Kiesel/Carvin guitars, which are very high quality for half the price (or less).  I could buy 3-4 Kiesel guitars for that one Firebird!
    The fact that the "Les Paul Custom" has $1,000+ of its pricing coming from having binding is absolutely insane.
    man its sad but I couldn't agree more with you. i have a 1984 les paul that my dad gave me around 20 years ago. he got it as payment for some custom cabinet work he'd done for a customer that was unable to pay the remainder of his balance.. Good ol' Dad knew id always wanted a les paul and he seized the opportunity, thanks dad! some years later my son was really becoming a good player he liked my les paul a lot and i told him he could have it as long as he never sold it. he said thanks but no thanks dad i wanna buy my own! (proud of my boy moment right there) so he saved his money and when it was time we went searching. he was 14 and it had to be brand new and it had to say les paul.. he knows better now but hey you can't argue with youth right? every les paul we picked up and there were several all felt like junk in my hands.. sharp edges on the frets, sounded horrible when played unplugged my 84 sounds nice when just fiddling unplugged and right or wrong its one of the tests any new guitar i purchase must pass! if it sounds like crap unplugged how am i ever gonna enjoy it at 2 am on the couch when plugging in is out of the question? Anyway i could tell he noticed the same things i did. however it was his money his decision and i didn't want to influence him by telling him i thought these guitars were, sorry to say it junky and overpriced... However while he was searching for a diamond in the rough i tried out some epiphones and to my surprise every single one of them sounded and felt miles ahead of any les paul we touched... i handed him an epiphone and he couldn't figure out why this guitar felt like what he wanted but unfortunately didn't say les paul on the headstock. Again he was 14 and in his mind the real thing had to say les paul... and to be honest i was confused about it as well . why was a less expensive guitar so much better in every aspect? so while he was searching i stumbled on a PRS custom 22 at a very reasonable price... honestly the first PRS id ever touched.... loved it from the second a played a chord it just had an appeal. i really wanted him to get what he wanted and did not want to try and sway him but i suggested that he broaden his view after all it wouldn't be the last guitar you buy i told him. so without really suggesting the PRS i had tried i simply pointed it out in passing and said thats a nice looking guitar. he picked it up and i left him to it.. 20 minutes later i heard crazy train coming from the other side of the store .. i went over to see that he had plugged the PRS into a nice little vox amp and was grinning ear to ear! He looked at me and asked " can i get this guitar dad I've never heard of the brand but its less expensive and we have a les paul thats better than any of the ones in here"  (another proud dad moment) i said why are you asking me buddy its your money! he hasn't put that custom 22 down in years! sorry for the long story but heres hoping someone from gibson sees it and takes note! wishful thinking I'm sure but what the hell.... 
    Gibson have never made "moderately priced guitars". That's not their niche and it never was - that's why they have Epiphone. Do Gibson need to work on their QC in the USA models? Definitely. A run of 50 Custom Shop Slash signature models isn't going to do them any harm. On the contrary, I'm sure they'll find 50 Slash enthusiasts who can afford this sort of thing without very much trouble at all. It's not Lamborghini's or Ferrari's job to make "moderately priced" cars. It is their job to make consistently very good cars, given their price tags. Same goes for Gibson, and it's the latter half that they need to think about.
    ~Maxi King~
    They make medium-quality guitars at a premium-price. If they's deliver for their pricetag I'd have no problem with them, but they simply don't. Compare a 2k$ Gibson with an 2k$ PRS/Aristides/Carvel/Ormsby etc. and they'll always lose qualitywise.  I know a lot of custom shop builders who build a very small amount of guitars at a much higher quality and lower price than Gibson.
    I don't disagree. I've played some really crummy Gibsons lately. However, I don't think a move to a lower price point would justify that or be a good move for the brand. What they need to do is make better guitars for the price. It's not like the specs, the materials, the overall product is lacking - it's the quality control where Gibson isn't up to snuff and you absolutely can find Gibsons that are worth the price tag as much as anything you'd pay the same money for - the trouble is for every one of those there are two or three with issues that wouldn't be excused on a guitar a quarter of the price.
    When I toured the Gibson factory in Memphis a few years ago, I asked the tour guide (not sarcastically) why Gibsons are so much more expensive than Epiphones, and his only reasoning was the "hand crafting" and QC.  I get a chuckle every time I think about it.
    More handwork, better wood, more advanced processes, better electronics, better R&D and American labor all cost money. If you think those are the only differences...
    Agreed! They keep shooting themselves in the foot year after year.  Nobody wants Gibsons anymore and those that do tend to buy older, used models or are just generally not very well informed, for example new guitar players who can afford them buy them just because of the name on the headstock.  Why would I spend $7,000 on a new piece of shit Gibson when for $7,000 I could buy a quality used one with a bit of history behind it.... Or PRS (sorry, had to )
    Plus they're all boring and dull now. Like remember when you could get a Flying V in literally any colour you wanted? Now you only have like 3 or 4 colours to choose from and they're all dull colours like white, grey and black. I want a bright red Flying V goddammit!
    Did you see that the new LPs are supposed to have built in overdrive? I wonder what stupid nonsense they will pull next haha
    I've never played a Gibson that was worse than an Epiphone... Let's not be hyperbolic. Some of the cheaper Gibbys have rough fret ends and most are hardly set up at all by the factory, but those are easy fixes. What matters is that Gibsons always have fantastic fretwork, whereas my Epiphones have required extensive fret leveling to even come close to the action that's possible on a Gibby.
    I have owned two Episodes and O have never had issues with the frets.
    I said, "to come close to the action possible on a Gibby". I have not seen many Epis that can get to 4/64ths on the treble side without any fret leveling.
    Like I sad I have never had issues but then again I don't go measuring anything. I have also played some Gibby's on display and was not too impressed with them. Epi's get you 90% of the way for a fraction of the price. Just my opinion based on my experience. I don't nitpick about action height tooich as long as it plays fine for me.
    I also said, "most are hardly set up at all by the factory". So, playing display models would in no way represent what a Gibson is capable of with a proper setup. And action is a very important factor in playability.
    Yeah fair enough. Don't get me wrong some Gibby's are great just not worth the price. I would rather go hog wild with an Episode on mods than a Gibby's. Unless I can get a cheap used one.
    Most things you buy are overpriced. Anyway, should Mercedes start selling cheap $15.000 cars ? They could do it if they really wanted it to happen but it would be a disastrous move.
    I suppose the pricing makes more sense in light of their limited quantity. At the same time as I'm reading this, I'm thinking am I really reading an article about a guitar their will be 50 of? So yeah, doesn't make a lot of sense. 
    You could buy at least 15 decent epiphone guitars for that price.
    You can buy 10 cabins for the price of a nice house and you can buy 10 pairs of shoes for the price of a bike. This is an endless debate, it all depends on what you want and how much you're willing to pay for it.
    Without the name "Slash" attached to it... how much would this actually go for? Anyone?
    so here's my gripe with things like this: as a lefty guitarist, i cant get a decent guitar because "there's not enough demand" or "we'd have to retool the machines", yet they can pump out 50 of these $7k guitars. do you really think any of these 50 are ever going to see the stage? no, they are going to sit in some rich asshole's glass humidor case so he can show off. this is fucking stupid and companies like gibson should be ashamed of themselves. ashamed all the way to the bank apparently....
    I'm not a lefty but I really do feel for you guys, it seems like there's never any guitars for lefties
    Well, it does use most of the same tooling as a regular Firebird, just different pickup routing.
    As a big fan of Gibson...this pisses me off! It's essentially a Firebird with scratches and someone's name on the back but at least 3 times the price! Who the fuck is going to pay that much for someone else's guitar? How is that one any better than the 2018 Standard Firebird? Probably nothin! Inlove their guitars but this kind of thing and the overall overpriced nature of their products is just confounding!
    Why did they have to "relic" these? Why pay more for a trashy looking guitar? If I wanted a beat up instrument, I'd rather make the dents and scratches myself playing the instrument and have cool stories behind them. Factory relics are just plain stupid. 
    It's for weekend warriors who want the "look" that goes along with being a travelling musician, without any of the work or credibility.
    Because they know that no one who buys these instruments are actually going to play them, they're going to sit in a case for 20 years before they sell them at 5x the price. Over priced gibsons are like rare paintings, it's just a currency at this point.
    Honest question here: who actually buys these expensive guitars? I've seen the quality difference in $1000 guitars, and the extremely subtle difference between them and the $2000 range, but after that it seems to me that it's nothing but the same guitars with a rock star's name attached. Are there any guitars that actually justify these prices?
    Not really. Vintage maybe. But new. Pisses us all off. For me its all about the materials used. Mahogany maple and ebony warrent high price tags. Specially AAAA maple tops and crazy paint jobs
    Ebony maybe, but def not mahogany and maple.  My $200 Ibanez has a mahogany body and maple neck.
    Yes it does very poor quality tho. Lots of cavity space missing in the body. Shitty pickguard covers it all up. Not hard rock or birdseye maple either. For a 200$ guitar its adequate. But face it, its a beginners guitar. People who buy those arent usually into the details of how material can shape sound. Their looking to save in their wallets. Nothing wrong w that at all man, just your 200$ is nothing compared to a nice usa jackson w the same specs. All the materials are way way way better
    It looks nice, but only like $1500 nice. I can't believe they expect people to buy this shit when they could instead get multiple custom guitars, get way more options, and get to pick from multiple reputable guitar shops. Anyone who talks about gibson talks about how great the old ones are, not the new ones xD
    Why wouldnt I want to finance a guitar for 7,000 dollars? Thats the sad thing, most people who buy that thing will go into debt and end up paying 3-4 times what its worth after the interest is all said and done
    Who is stupid enough to go into debt just to buy a fancy guitar?
    You would be surprised...
    That's actually pretty sad.
    It's shocking how poor some people's money management skills are. In college, I had an idiot roommate that told me that with his new credit card he only had to pay $35 every month. He didn't realize that was the minimum payment and that he had a ridiculous interest rate of nearly 25% every month. By the end of the semester, he had some crippling debt that would take years to pay off. I could see a guy like him buying a $7K guitar thinking he'd only pay $35 per month on it. 
    Yeah i met too many idiots like that in the past as well. Most people are horrible at managing their money.
    Yeah it is, but people go into debt for all sorts of things. Its called Layaway. Pay for some now, and some later, A.K.A. go into debt for this couch or TV. 
    Almost everyone who buys $3k+ instruments either finance or use credit cards.
    For that price I would just have my own custom guitar made and have it catered to my own personal preferences instead of spending that much money on one that has been designed to meet someone else's personal specs.
    This is only relevant because there are only 50 of them and GNR has made a successful comeback.  It would make more sense if he had a signature BC Rich or just another LP.  Even as a fan of a good les Paul these prices are ridiculous.  I just can't even see asking 3k WITH his signature. I would find it quite hilarious if someone bought a 7700 dollar guitar and posted about rough fret ends and poor binding scrapings.  That famous Gibson quality control spans all price points!
    He does have a new signature LP in a cool green burst and he's been playing a new Mockingbird and Bich, so I suspect those may be coming out soon as well.
    Ah.. man of the people.
    Because Slash decided the pricing... yeah.
    He agreed to it and put his name on it. This is very 'Slash' I'd say.
    He's also had Epiphone signatures for very reasonable prices. This is built by the Custom Shop and there are only 50 in the world. News flash: some guitars are expensive.
    just saw Gn'R in concert. Don't recall seeing Slash play one of these. Les Pauls and Mockingbirds. Don't you think he would play a signature guitar?
    For that money, I could buy a strat, a tele, a les paul, a 335 and still have some money left for other stuff
    lol...$1500 for a different paint job. You could buy a better guitar for just that difference.
    Correct me if I am wrong, but slash is primarily a Les Paul guy, who has plenty of great 57 and 58's, and sparingly uses a BC rich red mockingbird. Why is there an official Slash firebird? Whose idea was that really. No wonder Gibson is tanking. Their current guitars suck. I would prefer a Fuji -Gen. Japanese berney or Orville.
    It is still a beautiful piece of guitar craftsmanship. I love the design, especially the white. 
    In a Free Market Economy you can sell at any price. I don't even see the point at being offended by that price to be honest. All they're doing is opening the market for other guitar manufacturing companies who will make an equivalent guitar or, dare I say it, even better instrument for WAY below what ol' uncle Gibbo is asking for. Gibson, well done in sinking your own company... 
    It's because the industry is oversaturated with different brands. Everyone has their own signature model, even my uncle has his own signature line somewhere. But thing is, they are all made in the same Korean sweatshop. What you are buying most of the time is the exactly same guitar but with different shape and different finish be it ESP, Dean, Jackson or whatever. Can't blame Fender and Gibson as such, they have sunk their businesses to match the competition. At the same time you can barely hear guitar in popular music anymore.
    Funniest part of "signature" guitars like these: much better to buy a (GOOD) 'stock' guitar and change some things and make it your own... Like the signature guys supposedly did!!
    This idea is absurd. Slash never plays a firebird, he's a LP guy. Any Slash fan who wants a guitar like he has would just get a LP. And even for a massive Slash fan, no one has nearly $8,000 for a guitar he never even plays. "Wired like a LP" "Pups spaced like a LP" so why not just buy a Les Paul? If you want it then by all means buy it, but you'll probably have a tough time reselling it if you ever want to in the future.  But onto the bigger issue- quality and affordability. Gibson's made some great guitars, but even massive Gibson fans can't deny their quality these days is hit or miss. Additionally, they're insanely overpriced. People aren't buying Gibsons because why would they when they could get a better-built guitar for a fraction of the price? Yes, having the Gibson logo on the headstock may help it maintain some resale value, but anyone who's looking to buy a Gibson will know that they have to play it before they buy it because you never know how the quality will be. That means it could be harder to resell than you'd expect. I'm not saying don't buy a Gibson, but I am saying that if you buy a guitar just for the name on the headstock as a status thing then you're making a mistake. With guitars, you do get what you pay for, but there's a point of diminishing returns and tbh once you get past probably the $1k mark the level of improvement starts to diminish imo. With the Internet and YouTube, people like us are reading forums and videos learning how to build guitars, so more and more people are getting interested in buying decent guitars (not complete crap but def not super expensive) and then upgrading them. Why? It's way cheaper and because it's fun to have something you customized. You appreciate it more because it's yours and you worked on it. Gibson needs to lower their prices significantly and up their build quality, because as evidenced by their declining sales, guitar players have had enough. 
    I honestly could not justify spending this amount on a Firebird endorsed by Slash. To start with (and I may be wrong) when has he ever really been known for playing one?! Les Pauls, twin neck SG's and Mockingbirds are the only guitars I've seen him regularly use. They're scraping the barrell here.
    And it's a Firebird so of course it stays perfectly in tune *note sarcasm*...
    Come on Gibson. It's a plank of wood with some wires in it. Plus some strings and paint on top of it. You can't charge someone their life savings for that
    For collectors I guess, if they only make 50 they'll likely be worth about 100k in 50 years. Maybe buy one as an investment and play it every day for 50 yrs too, would be worth it I guess, for sure you;d get your 7k back
    Honestly, Gibson is a joke by now. My advice: Go hunting for Japanese lawsuit models. They have risen alot in price in the past 5 years, but it's still way cheaper, and honestly, often better than what Gibson is putting out.