Slash: ''Paradise City' Has Always Been My Favorite Song to Play Live'

Guitarist also names the most inspirational riff he's ever heard, more inside.

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In the latest online Q&A session, Slash has delved into the domain of personal musical favorites, discussing favorite songs to play live, inspirational riffs and more.

Kicking off the session with "What's your favorite song to play live?" question, the axeman replied:

"That's a tough one, it can be any number of songs in a given night that you feel really excited about playing, but I think that 'Paradise City' has always been my favorite rock 'n' roll song to just bust out live. It just works every time, it's got the right tempo and the right energy. It's always been a favorite of mine."

When asked about "the most influential riff you've been inspired by," Slash singled out Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love."

"There's a lot of inspirational riffs, but when I was six years old, I was turned on to 'Whole Lotta Love' from the second Zeppelin record, so I would say that's where it all started for me."

During the rest of the chat, the guitarist also talked about the place where he found his very first hat. Check out the clip below for more.

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    I enjoyed Apocalyptic Love. It was groundbreaking but it's good fun rock and roll with some sweet riffs and solos, I expect the same from this one. My band always jams Paradise City and it's easy to understand why it's his favourite to play. I was front row at his show last tour and everyone lost their shit for Paradise City
    yeah that's the best song of the set live! those big chords and the confetti! its just epic!
    Sewage Rat
    Slash...your third album better not suck as much as the second after the killer first Chinese Democracy > Apocalyptic Love
    After hearing the lead single, it sounds like this album is just more of the same stuff from the last one. If you (understandably) didn't like their last album, you probably won't like this one.
    Even if you hate on Slash's solo stuff, atleast hes GIVEN us three albums of new music to listen to. Gets kinda old listening to the same GnR tunes over and over again. Love 'em, but hard to consider Slash the "Cancer" of the band if he actually makes records instead of just being like "Oh yeah, we got tons of material written already, probably be released next year or so"
    I won't argue with the fact that Axl isn't in any hurry to put anything out (although I wish he would because I bet it's great), and Slash is one of my very favorite guitar players, but Chinese Democracy is better than all of Slash's solo stuff put together.
    It's all Myles Kennedy's fault, his voice is nothing special. He should've completed some songs with Corey Taylor since so many fans of Slash and Slipknot were looking forward to a studio collaboration between them.
    I think AL gets unfairly trashed around here. Sure, most of the songs weren't breaking new ground like the solo album, but that's because it's a totally different project. Besides, how many bands break new ground on every album? There's nothing wrong with sticking with what you do best, ask AC/DC. And in that respect, I thought it was a solid album. No More Heroes, We Will Roam, Halo, Not For Me, Far & Away and Crazy Life were all kickass tunes. Hell, Carolina sounded straight off AFD.
    oooh yeah myles is terrible, I guess that's why Mark Tremonti, jimmy page, and slash have all picked him to sing with them. Who needs 4 octaves when you can just scream some crap.
    >Myles Kennedy's voice is nothing special >Corey Taylor is better (the guy who strains every scream) hahahahahaha all aboard the lulz train. How about Slash isn't anything special without Izzy to back him up, those two were a match made in heaven. Don't believe me, separate the rhythm tracks from a GNR song, (Mr. Brownstone is a good example). It falls apart, Slash can play some of the best "feel" solos ever but as a rhythm play he's sorely lacking.
    Sewage Rat
    Yep, don't enjoy his voice. 1st album has a lot of great talent. Anastasia is killer though
    I thought I heard him say "Night Train" was the song that made him get up and move the most, you can see him sprinting across the stage whenever they would play that. I figured that would be his favorite.