Slash Positive That Randy Blythe Is Innocent

Former Guns N' Roses guitarist shares his thoughts on Randy Blythe's manslaughter case.

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During his current tour in support of the latest album "Apocalyptic Love", legendary axeman Slash has paid a visit to Czech Republic for a concert in Prague last Monday.

In an interview with the local Be In TV, the guitarist was asked to comment on Randy Blythe's manslaughter case. Slash went on to defend the Lamb Of God frontman, saying that Blythe is not guilty "in any way, shape or form".

"I know as much as I've been told from everybody I know in that camp. It's a strange, unique situation. I think that when he first came over here and put up his bail and they never let him out and they kept paying and they kept paying and paying and paying, and they never let him out. I said, 'What the f--k is going on there?' I mean, that's a whole different type of law, to me, where it's just different. And so finally they let him out, and now it's actually going to trial. And I really don't think he, in any way, shape or form, is guilty", the guitarist said.

"So they're gonna let this thing run its course, I suppose. And because the judicial system here is so different, that he was able to stay in jail here so long, who knows what the verdict is gonna end up being?! It's hard to say. And I guess witnesses didn't show up and they had to postpone it. It's a very long and, unfortunately, it's a very expensive process. It's like, f--k, really?!".

Blythe has recently returned to the US after a trial delay caused by one of the witnesses not appearing in the court. The singer has also posted several pictures of the prison cell in which he had lived for over a month, adding that 'his heart will remain in Prague until he sees this thing through'. If found guilty, he could face up to 10 years in prison.

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So what are your opinions here, are you with Slash on this one? And what final outcome do you think the trial will have? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    Of course he is not guilty. I cant blame the parents for wanting some sort of cloasure tho.
    " they kept paying and paying and paying, and they never let him out. I said, 'What the f--k is going on there?' I mean, that's a whole different type of law, to me, where it's just different." yeah that's different from the US whereif you're rich you can basicly say **** everybody pay your bail out and you're a free man, in Europe, rich or poor, you're treated the same, you can't leave jail cause you can afford it
    its not really the parents who are pushing this, in my opinion. Being czech, i know the judicial system fairly well so believe me when i say it is the most incompetent, incomprehensible set of bullsh*t on the planet. It is also fairly corrupt. I wouldnt put it past the courts that when they kept upping the bail, they were trying to squeeze money out of randy while they could. I also wouldn't be surprised if one of the reasons he is being treated as such is that he is a foreigner, and the courts want to make an example of him. I think its a combination of corruption and incompetence that are gonna drag this trial out longer than it needs to go.
    well Im czech too and this is bit of a overstatement.. I mean of course our judical system isn't flawless, but our courts have more issue with swiftness of their judgement then anything else.. They are acting within the law of our country and as I don't want to say they're uncoruptable, this is not really the issue I think.. not in this case anyway. I'm saying this just to make clear we are not some third world country kind of state and same goes to our law system
    Those parents should be ashamed that they raised an idiot of a child, i mean wtf?? who would jump on stage nowadays?? its completly illegal, for obvious reasons. its too dangerous , just look at what happend to dimebag
    He's almost got me convinced, but I think I want to hear Dave Mustaine weigh in before I make my decision.
    Judge: "I find the defendant not guilty by the reasoning of Slash. Court dismissed."
    Having watched the video of the incident, it looks to me like the security guy beside Randy pushed him quite hard. Looked like Randy redirected him more than a hard push. Best of luck to him, he's an amazing frontman, saw LOG play with Metallica in Sydney a few years ago and he did a great job.
    That's not the same incident, that's Milan Pořdek getting pushed not Daniel Nosek.
    It amazes me that everyone goes on about that ****ing video. That wasn't the night that it happened. It was a 'similar situation' which unfortunately doesn't bode well for Randy. I seriously hope for Randy's innocence but seriously man after all the heat and flack people are hitting this security guard with do you not think Randy would have brought that to the case if it was relevent.
    i agree with Slash. ****, why doesn't the security guard come up and tell his story?? he's mentioned so much.
    Yeah, why doesn't someone ask the security guard "What were you doing when that kid was climbing on the stage?" Because I'm pretty sure it was his job to keep fans off the stage.
    Didn't realise slash is a lawyer. Who is he to comment on it?
    Who is Slash to comment on this? How about he's a performer who's done live audiences for years and has an idea of what it's like to get people to get on stage? I would say he has quite a bit of insight and experience in the matter. Legal expertise is just one facet of the issue and he's knowledgeable about the other facets.
    Slash once had his appetite les paul nabbed by some1 who jumped one stage, thankfully security got it back but i completly get where slash is coming from, he has every right to make a comment because he knows how randy feels
    Well 2 fans died at the Monsters of Rock concert Guns N' Roses did in 1988, and GN'R was blamed for it, so some might say Slash knows a thing or two for being blamed for accidental deaths that were out of your control.
    Seriously UG...most relevant comment on this article...where the **** is the medal?
    The fact that he and his management have turned him into a gigantic media ***** has NOTHING to do with it, promise.
    link no1
    "News just in people think Blyth is innocent" Oh, really? This is still news? I've gone from "wtf how can they do this to the guy?" to "I don't care if he destroyed a small country with a nuke, I'm sick of seeing his name"
    Slash says something nice, all of UG tears him apart and makes sarcastic remarks. Sometime's I wonder guys.
    yeah, I guess not everyone is going to be a Slash fan, but I just don't get why on the comments of pretty much every Slash article, everyone seems to hate him.
    I'd say Blythe is going to be found guilty and displayed in proper crucifixion in the town square.
    So the witness didn't show up for a court hearing so they postponed it, what the **** is that? If you are too busy to show up for a court appearance then either the charges are bullshit or you were a staged witness to begin with.