Slash Says He 'Loathes Looking Back and Fantasizing' About Classic Guns N' Roses Lineup

He also states being OK with Duff McKagan's reunion with the current state of GN'R.

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Slash says that he doesn't care about the fact that ex-Guns N' Roses bassist Duff McKagan played several shows with the band's current incarnation this past spring.

McKagan joined the Axl Rose-led group for five shows in South America and the Revolver Golden Gods awards show in Los Angeles in April. McKagan was filling in for GN'R's current bassist, Tommy Stinson, because Stinson reunited with the Replacements for high-profile dates at Coachella.

Slash, who was part of Guns N' Roses' classic lineup, tells "When [Duff] told me he was doing the shows, I didn't think much about it. Why would I care? If you remember correctly, Duff was the last guy in the band."

Asked if he ever wonders about what would have happened if the original Guns N' Roses had stayed together, Slash said: "I don't think about that because that's not what happened, so what's the point? People are always like, 'What if you had done things differently?' Not only with GN'R. But it's just such a waste of time. Things happened and it's done. I sort of loathe looking back and fantasizing about anything one way or another because in the end it didn't happen."

Former Guns N' Roses drummer Matt Sorum recently told that he was "cool" with McKagan's reunion with Rose. "Duff's like a really consummate gentleman, he's always been the mediator," Matt said. "I think he got caught in the middle of all the other stuff. So for him to mend fences [with Axl], it was cool. It's time. Rather than sitting around and saying 'What if?' He was really cool about it, he sent us all e-mails. It was nice, it felt cool, it felt right."

Asked if he would play with the current version of Guns N' Roses if Axl called him to do it, Sorum replied: "Yeah, sure. I got no problems with any of that, you know? Life's too short. It's getting shorter too."

Slash recently told about Duff's reunion with Axl: "It really isn't that big a deal. Duff told me he was going to fill in for what's his name."

He added: "It's a different dynamic than my relationship with GUNS or Axl. I don't let them worry me."

Slash told TeamRock that he bears no ill will toward McKagan for doing the aforementioned GN'R shows, saying, "I don't judge Duff. He's cool. He just has a way more amicable, neutral relationship with Axl than I do."

Slash told The Pulse of Radio awhile back how his relationship with Rose disintegrated during the final years of the original GN'R lineup. "His sort of m.o., as far as the band was concerned, over time got so exaggerated in the rock star sense or whatever and he became such a dictator and this and that and the other, that it was impossible for me to work with him, because I'm not the kind of person that takes orders, you know," he said.

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    This is NOT news, and the fact that people still ask him about GN'R is outrageous. Slash has stated multiple times that he's done talking about GN'R, and it seems like reporters refuse to be civil and respect his wishes. Start posting real articles instead of shit I could have told you years ago.
    But Slash's claim to fame is GnR, without it he wouldn't be nearly as famous or prolific. Its natural to ask musicians to play the things which appealed to the largest audience. I totally agree, however, that this is not news.
    for me I actually heard velvet revolver and saw slash in that before i found gnr when i was like 12 lol
    Not really. He's made quite a name for himself with solo stuff, most people know him from that these days.
    But Slash's claim to fame is GnR, without it he wouldn't be nearly as famous or prolific. Its natural to ask musicians to play the things which appealed to the largest audience. I totally agree, however, that this is not news.
    But Slash's claim to fame is GnR, without it he wouldn't be nearly as famous or prolific. Its natural to ask musicians to play the things which appealed to the largest audience. I totally agree, however, that this is not news. EDIT: WHY THE HELL DID THIS POST 3 TIMES!!
    I disagree. When the band is over, it's over. He went on to do other things, his first solo album was an immediate classic the first vr album was also great, his claim to fame is everything he ever did as a musician. It's like saying grohl's claim to fame is just nirvana and not the ff. The media is obssesed with reunions, guns, floyd, zep, it's pointless when the members will do it they will and if not than not.
    Irwin Navarro
    Slash is over with the "GNR phase" and who could blame him. Axl is, or shall I say, was a very talented frontman but is one hell of an egomaniac. Looking at Slash's current career, he's pretty well off. He's working with a singer who can be at par with Axl (Myles K), has a great backing band, and is currently on the process of releasing his 3rd album. The only way we get to see Slash perform with the Classic GNR lineup is if he were to be broke. And thats WAY TOO FAR from happening
    I agree with the main point of your comment, but to say Myles Kennedy is on par with Axl is kine of laughable. He's a boring singer and a terrible front man (in terms of showmanship and enthusiasm). He's a decent singer in the studio, but he's really bad live (which also applies to Axl many nights), but he has a very weak voice and his voice is polarizing to say the least.
    You know, I really didn't like Myles' voice at first, but after watching him play with Slash over the past like 5 years, I've seen him adapt to everything from GNR, VR, 2 Snakepit albums with different singers and the solo album with a wide range of singers. Most singers are nowhere near that versatile, and while I love the grit in AXL's voice, nobody can sing like that reliably for very long. Technically speaking, Myles is undoubtedly in the same league as AXL.
    this is the same s**T diffrent day. man you are bleeding an interview from what 3 4 months ago. must be slow at ultimate-guitar. you want news? what about a diffrent view on it. ask ****in axel sumthing instead of the same slash crap. he has a new album coming out how about a word on that or velvet revolver? word on that? or how his tour is going????
    Good thing he left gnr cause without that we wouldnt have slashs snakepit or velvet revolver.
    Snakepit actually happened before he left GN'R - According to Slash's autobiography, Axl took the band off their tour promoting It's Five O' Clock Somewhere in order to begin work on the album that was to eventually become Chinese Democracy. All the tracks off the first Snakepit record were meant to be GN'R tracks, except Axl rejected them.
    Miles Kennedy is terrible. Slash is lucky he hooked up with Izzy and Axl (the real talent in GnR) when he did… otherwise he'd have been in Poison or LA Guns and no one would care. There's a total of 4 or 5 decent VR songs, and his solo stuff is completely boring.
    Slash is too passive. If I were in his shoes I'd refuse to even do an interview if guns n roses were to be mentioned. The fact he hasn't seriously snapped yet is impressive
    Because he still wants the attention. Any publicity is good publicity.
    Also, ever since the 90s, he's the type of celebrity who tries to say things that wouldn't offend anyone. He doesn't want to ruffle any feathers because that could essentially be a lost ticket salet.
    Riiiiight....and of course, releasing an autobiography full of his opinions and views has no chance of offending anyone.... Maybe he's just grown up a bit.
    I don't know about that, he's always stuck to his tried and true, just without the liquor and drugs
    I don't know what they could have done to each other to cause so much animosity between them. Either way if they were really interested in solving it they could go to therapy and solve it.
    conflicting personalities with millions of dollars and years together on the road can do that