Slash: ''Sweet Child O' Mine' Is the Most Lucrative Song I Wrote'

Guitarist also expresses regret over portraying himself as a "crazy loser junkie."

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Having a plethora of hit numbers to choose from, Slash singled out Guns N' Roses classic "Sweet Child O' Mine" as the most profitable song he ever wrote.

"It was always about albums rather than singles but I'd guess 'Sweet Child O' Mine' because it's the most covered," the guitarist explained to Metro.

"There are some really good instrumental versions for the piano or violin but I've been horrified by some muzak versions. I've been sitting in a doctor's office thinking, 'That sounds familiar' and then realizing it's someone's interpretation of what I've written - that can be a creepy feeling," he said.

Naming GN'R's 1989 Dallas show at the Cowboys Stadium as his worst gig ever, dubbing it a "huge disaster in front of 65,000 people," Slash focused on some of the misconceptions people have of him. Directly asked about the matter, the axeman replied:

"That I was limited to the image of me as a crazy loser junkie. People were a little intimidated by that. It was a narrow-minded idea of who I was but at the same time I gave that impression during interviews."

Slash is currently busy working on a new studio record, marking a follow-up of 2012's "Apocalyptic Love."

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    Wow, I'm really surprised by Gojira's logo on Slash's sweater on that picture.
    He posted a short video of his band rehearsing a couple of weeks ago on twitter and he was wearing a Gojira shirt in that too.
    Gave the impression? Dude you were to the moon in those interviews, heck probably all the time. A spade is a spade.
    Yeah, drinking a bottle or two of vodka a day isn't conducive to clear thinking. That's why he came off as such an idiot when he went on Politically Incorrect in '95. I'd like to see him go on Real Time now and prove what an intelligent guy he really is.
    It's about a 50/50 chance that every time I walk into a Guitar Center that I'll hear someone playing this song...
    nothing like UG members to pick apart the most minute details of any article or interview. have a beer guys, it's not that serious. but i forgot, anyone with mainstream success ends up with a target on their back from all these posters who have nothing to do but criticize those more successful than them.
    "...It's the most covered." And most of them are absolutely horrible covers. I almost go insane at work because they always play that damn Sheryl Crow cover from Big Daddy. Aside from that though, I have to agree. Although the song is a bit overplayed. It inspired me as a kid, along with the rest of the AFD album.
    Suxh a great musician. His last solo album was killer. Wpuld love to hear him collab with Grohl.
    He has a collab song with Grohl on his first album, called "watch this dave", Grohl playing the drums, it's pretty sweet.
    Axl and Kurt hated each other but I'm guessing those two were always the chill ones in the bands
    What if Axl didn't like Kurt so much that he went to Dave Mustaine for help, and Dave looked into the future and saw UFOs and decided it could be stopped by assassinating Kurt?
    Based on how this song was actually put together (not to mention the laziness of the bridge), it makes me wonder how it would have turned out if actual effort was put into it.
    What are you talking about? It's a solid song, who are you to say they were lazy about putting it together?
    Slash confirmed saying in an interview that the opening riff for the song was just an exercise that he had been playing involving string skipping and the rest of the band came up with parts based around that. He had played it as a joke. (not taking it seriously) Axel literally says in the bridge "where do we go now?" because he had no lyrics and no idea what to do for a bridge. (lazy) There's plenty of this information out there and in print. What more proof do you need?
    C'mon. Most big hit songs were thrown together in a very short time. I can't count how many interviews I've read where they said their biggest hit song practically wrote itself. And it wouldn't be such a hit if the bridge didn't fit in and flow.
    Been playing guitar for 5 years and never played that riff haha. It's not that I don't like it though.
    Ok, I'll leave an irrelevant post here too: I'm pretty sick of explaining why it's almost impossible to play "Sweet Child O' Mine" on an acoustic guitar to amateurs. Just happened to me again. Fucking bollocks. That's it, my drunken rant of the night. Good night.
    No. The riff is the most lucrative thing you've wrote. The song was a collaboration between you and the other four guys.
    Have a snickers, youre not yourself when youre hungry.
    Psycho Pigeon
    why aren't all the irrational liberals crying "evil capitalist!!!"??
    Because the Hollywood left is exempt from analysis. So I'll fill in here... "The song is a hit #1? Well you didn't write that." Oh wait...
    Slash is a liberal. He's big into saving animal species and supports gay rights. Everybody has to make money somehow, since we're stuck with this capitalist system. At least Slash makes money without destroying the environment or supporting third world child labor.
    Mmh, I'm sure we knew that a mile off. It's not like the dude's admitting to beheading turkeys and the buggering the corpses, people.
    Mmh, I'm sure we knew that a mile off. It's not like the dude's admitting to beheading turkeys and then buggering the corpses, people.
    Anyone that comes here to argue should be gatted. That being said, Slash is a boss and always will be a boss and he speaks the truth.