Slash Talks Future Plans: 'There's No Such Thing as Time Off'

Guitarist to start work on new album.

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Iconic axeman Slash has been speaking to 93X Radio about plans for a new record. As the guitarist notes, while his current tour is almost over, he has no plans to take time to recuperate before starting work on the new album:

"There's no such thing as time off. [Myles Kennedy] is gonna go on the road with Alter Bridge and Im putting the material together for the new record. I've already written tons and tons of stuff. I've got to put it together as proper demos ... I've been recording everything on my voice memos. Anyway, I've got to put it together and get it out to Myles and we'll start jamming with Brent [Fitz] and Todd [Kerns]."

Slash also explained how he came to meet the members of his backing band, the Conspirators.

"I've got a killer group. Myles is killer ... It's the first time I've ever put together a group where I didn't know anybody in the band. I met Myles when I was making my first solo record. I wanted to continue working with him and then I went looking for the back-up band. I was pointed in the direction of Brent. I jammed with him and he was great and then he introduced me to Todd ... It turned out to be one of the best pick-up bands of all time."

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    His last album is one of my favorites. Plus their live show is AMAZING!
    Yeah! I love the music but flippin Myles... I lost my voice trying to keep up with him! he hit every note perfectly and has such range!
    They are an incredible band and live they can sure put on a show. It took me a while to "get into" the new record, which I actually didn't very much enjoy at first...boy was I wrong! Anastasia, Slash's second solo is...SO FREAKING POWERFUL. "Badmotorfingers" your post on chris cornell being better than slash is irrelevant...just how do you compare the two?? completely different.
    He was saying Cornell is better than Kennedy. Which I disagree with. Maybe back in the Superunknown era of Soundgarden, but not current Cornell. Kennedy is the best singe out there at this moment in time, and his voice fits Slash's music so well.
    Myles sounds like a not-as-twangy version of Axl Rose when he sings with Slash. I like that about him. He is able to hit the same notes while still maintaining an amazing tone. He doesn't rely on a twang-falsetto. Full disclosure: I have never been a fan of Axl's twang-vocals. I like his softer-vocals a lot better.
    myles is a fantastic guitarist & singer, he's probably a better guitarist than slash & tremonti put together, mark tremonti has already stated that myles is a better guitarist, he's such a great singer, other than rob plant I can't think of anybody better, the shows are ok, I've seen the darkness put on a much better show than slash & alter bridge but myles is going to be a legend without the commercial side of the media
    The thing that's great about Mark and Myles is they both have two really different styles and they compliment each other quite nicely. Just listen to the 'guitar duel' off the Live at Wembley DVD.
    Am I the only one that thinks his solo stuff is really weak? Also Myles Kennedy is lame as phuck imo a 50yr old Chris Cornell kicks his ass everyday of the week and twice on Sundays!!
    Yes, u really are the only one!!
    As a huge Slash fan, I'll admit Apocalyptic Love seems a bit rushed. The solos just aren't up to his usual standards. However, some songs, like No More Heroes, he spent more time on, and it shows. His first solo album was excellent though.
    I agree his solos weren't as melodic just kinda shreddy. My favorites were the slower songs cuz they let Myles' voice really take over
    I agree with slash's view of things. as a musician I find the concept of "time off" hard to grasp. I'm almost ALWAYS playing and writing even when I'm not actively playing and writing. It frustrates me that bands like Metallica go several years between records because I can't comprehend the concept of taking "time off" from a passion. It just doesn't make sense to me.