Slash Teases New Single '30 Years to Life'

Yet another taste off 2014's most anticipated record.

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The latest effort from Slash isn't set to be released until September 15, but we're getting another taste besides the self-titled lead single. Check out the teaser for the new track below.

Speaking of the writing process behind the new record, former Guns N' Roses guitarist recently told TeamRock: "I come up with these compositions then I send them to Myles [Kennedy], to see if it catches his ear."

Kennedy added: "Slash is definitely the musical general. He has the vision of what he expects to hear. It could be something he's recorded on his phone, just strumming a guitar, a riff or a chord progression. Then I'll start thinking about the melody."

Two singles, "World on Fire" and "Bent to Fly," have already been released from the 17-track follow-up to 2012's "Apocalyptic Love."

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    I really enjoyed Slash's last album. Very fun to listen to. He seems like a humble, down to earth guy and that reflects in his music.
    Whats is this retarded trend to post 5 seconds long teasers of a new song, when you will get absolutely nothing out of it. Post one whole song, some solo or some atleast ****ing chorus part or something
    Man, lots of apparent "haters" in this comments section. Slash is awesome. I've seen him and his solo band live, they practically brought the roof down it was so good.
    I can vouch for this. They are absolutely phenomenal live! Slightly biased as Slash is one of my favourite guitarists and Myles is my favourite singer but hey ho.
    Bought it on iTunes and it has the It's Five O' Clock Somewhere vibe to it. Sounds very bluesy to me and it kicks ass.
    Honestly, I feel like it would fit better on Ain't Life Grand because of the slide riff and chorus. 5 O' Clock Somewhere was more raw and almost grungy in some ways. Both excellent albums though and I wish he would bring back some of that attitude.
    The actual full song is fantastic. Don't judge by this really short teaser.
    I still don't get why it's "slash"... Dude just plays guitar. Myles does all the vocals And most people would be surprised at how good he is at guitar. There is nothing slash can do that Myles can't on a guitar.
    Slash is the driving creative force behind the band. It's his artistic vision that brings it all to life and makes the band what it is. It is his band, after all. That's not to say that the role Miles plays isn't quite important - it is. It's just that he's helps to realize Slash's visions and not the other way around.
    Because it all started with his solo album and Myles agreed to do the following tour, so they called it Slash Feat. Myles Kennedy. Not to mention he writes all the music. Also, it could be similar to the situation with Snakepit, where the record company wanted his name recognition.
    Instrumentally, the other band members do contribute and Myles does write the lyrics (his lyric writing is amazing but far more emotional in Alter Bridge due to the nature of the songs), but it is Slash's creative vision as you said.
    Wow-it's only 15 seconds long and it's really repetitive. Sad. I wish him and Lenny Kravitz would do another collaboration. Maybe both could get their mojo back.
    Hey guys have you heard Bent to Fly yet? It seems UG didn't post it, well, check out yourselves, it's awesome in my opinion.
    Don’t know how much of a “tease” this is considering I just bought the song on iTunes…