Slash: 'The More Time Passes, the Less Rock and Roll Singers There Seems to Be'

Axeman discusses future of Velvet Revolver, streaming "World on Fire" title single, more inside.

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Discussing the current status of Velvet Revolver, axe god Slash shared a pessimistic stance regarding up-and-coming rock vocalists, calling them somewhat of a dying breed.

"Obviously, [Velvet Revolver] is not broken up; it's sort of in a state of dormancy," the guitarist told Gary Cool. "And so whenever the right guy [pops up]... Everybody's too busy to be trying to check people out every single day. So when the question comes up, it's, like, 'Whatever...'"

Asked to name a single vocalist he'd opt for if the band could pick any singer, Slash replied, "I've done that already. There's a lot of people that we tried out that we don't talk about.

"The more that time passes, the less rock and roll singers there seems to be," he continued (via Blabbermouth). "Like, that style of just really, sort of, from-the-heart, guttural rock and roll. It seems to be just getting more and more glossed up.

"I mean, look at 'American Idol'. And they do the rock-singer bit. I haven't seen it in a long time, but I remember in the first few years it was around, and these singers just don't sound like rock and roll singers. It's hard to say exactly... It's something that I'll know it when I hear it," he concluded.

In related Slash news, the guitarist is streaming the title track of his upcoming third solo album "World on Fire." Check out the tune below, the record's coming on September 15, full details here.

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    Scavedge [VR]
    I'm glad the guys aren't giving up on VR. Freakin awesome band in my opinion, and and i'm optimistic that the singer they decide to bring in will make the wait from the last album worth it.
    Kevin Martin from candlebox isnt doing anything im pretty sure.
    Good call. He needs someone else to write his melodies though. The stuff he comes up with is usually fairly bland.
    There's something wrong with that photo...but now I want to see a picture of Brian Johnson wearing Slash's hat.
    I think I speak for almost everybody in that Myles Kennedy would be the perfect fit. He can do the 'Weiland tunes great when Slash plays them with his solo band, and he obviously can do some GnR stuff. With it basically being THE classic GnR backing band, whom we all want to see tour with Myles, aside from getting Scott back (Which who really wants that) I think they really ought to just let him in the fold already.
    Myles is a phenomenal singer who can sing nearly anything, but what he sings best is Myles Kennedy. The guy has a 4 1/2 octave range and really prefers riding the top 2. His work with Alter Bridge is amazing, with Slash he's great, but for playing Guns and VR he simply fills the position as vocalist. Nobody sounds like Axl, and Weiland was a Baritone to Myles's Tenor, so of course he isn't going to be in his element singing VR. VR needs a new singer, and balls-out rock & roll singers are hard to come by.
    I think he sounds really bad singing the GNR stuff, but he sounds terrible singing Scott Weiland's songs. Fucking terrible.
    He's too nasal to pull off Weiland's vocals.
    I mean, take a look at this, it's terrible. They should've gone with Corey Taylor.
    idk, theres random videos on youtube of him doing a good job, sometimes they suck like the video you picked as thats just the nature of random youtube videos. He doesnt do too bad on this one. And yes, they should've gone with Corey Taylor, same thing with Alice in Chains. I love DuVall but theres a random youtube video of him singing Would? with Jerry Cantrell and he sounds far superior.
    Sewage Rat
    Myles Kennedy is awful
    I'm with you, no matter the downvotes. Seriously to complain there's no good rock singers, and he gets the guy who sounds like the singer on every bad 90's alternative album.
    Vr is riding with gn'r, they will regroup soon because gnr is on the process of making a new album, look their first album named contraband which i thought means contra to gnr, then 2nd is libertad (spanish name of freedom) which is relevant to chinese democracy. This is a marketing plan of a business music.
    I can't believe they still even pretend like Velvet Revolver is still an option. Their second album was a flop even while they still had Scott, how well do they think the band would do 7 years after that? Just stick to your solo projects.
    of course Myles has trouble singing Weiland, because Myles is Myles and not Weiland. However, Myles sings Myles incredibly. I think World On Fire is his best performance vocally since Blackbird
    What happened to Jimmy Gnecco? That guy had an awesome voice and he auditioned and played a few shows with them if I remember correctly..
    Slash is the man! Also I agree with him, I haven't heard any new bands fronted by amazing vocalists. In unrelated news, one day I will jam with Slash. /end transmission