Slash: 'The Only People That Obsess About Guns N' Roses Is Media'

Guitarist also talks about childhood rock star aspirations.

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In an interview with Ottwa Citizen, Slash has stated that he believes that the only people still obsessing about Guns n' Roses are those in the media:

"Really the only people that obsess about Guns N' Roses is media. I think it's just lack of imagination," he says. "I'm an in-the-moment person. I don't look too far in the future and I definitely don't draw on past stuff. Whatever it is that you're doing right this second, just do that and do the best you can at it. And just keep pushing forward, always forward."

The guitarist, whose third solo album was recently released, also talked about growing up as a music fan. As he notes, he always loved music, since childhood:

"I loved music from as early on as I could remember. From Stevie Wonder and Linda Ronstadt to Led Zeppelin and King Crimson. It was so much different stuff: BB King to Jimmy Cliff."

However, he was more interested in looking at guitars than being a rock star:

"I was never aspiring to be a rock star. I never fantasized about it when I was a kid. I didn't play air guitar," he says. "I always loved that moment where the equipment was on the stage and before the band came on, and, you know, looking at the guitars ... that was always really exciting to me."

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    "whose third solo album was recently released" The album comes out in September.
    Man do I wish it had come out. His horror movie soundtrack came out recently enough though. Maybe that's what they were talking about, but who knows.
    Guns were a ****ing great band for a few years. Left behind some classic songs that will be remembered forever.
    He's right! Nobody even cares about Guns n' Roses any more because that band has been covered in Axl n' Friends ego.
    This is actually quite true, most of the fans aren't too interested in a reunion, particularly on Slash's side, we'd just rather him get on with his own thing.
    And he's sure as hell not just talking the talk, 17 songs in about a year? That's work ethic, only surpassed by Myles doing two bands at the same time. I heard "30 Years to Life" from the new album and it's epic. I can't wait to hear the rest.
    You must not have heard of Buckethead.
    Frank Zappa was prolific as well. Devin Townsend is still releasing an album or two every year it seems (between all his various projects). Dave Grohl and Mike Portnoy are always in at least a couple groups at any given moment. Still, I'm not bashing Slash or Kennedy's work ethic. They can write and are creating at a respectable rate.
    Who cares? Only delusional fanboys! Guns'n'Roses is overrated anyway. *flushes toilet*
    Back in 2006 i would have loved to see GnR back together, but Axl's voice is pretty fu--ed up again nowadays. Don't care to hear that. It just can't be a good performance. Where's the sense, if you can't deliver what you have to deliver? Don't care to hear Miles Kennedy as singer either..or somebody else. It's over, man. Let it be.
    Yeah, get a GNR original line-up with an Axl Rose so washed up? Just gonna tarnish their legacy if anything else. Let the legends be.