Slash: 'Tony Iommi Deserves a Medal'

"This is the man who invented heavy metal and created Sabbath, a brand nobody can touch," the axeman says.

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As Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi got nominated for a prestigious Pride of Birmingham Award, fellow axe legend Slash sang massive praises of father of metal, calling him the ultimate inspiration.

Praising 66-year-old Iommi's musical impact and determination to beat cancer, Slash noted, "Tony is one of those guys who inspires everyone. I was brought up on Black Sabbath and he is one of the best rock and roll guitarists out there. As a fellow player I can really appreciate all the nuances of his technique - he is one hell of a guitar player."

The axeman continued (via Birmingham Mail), "This is the man who invented heavy metal in Birmingham and created Sabbath, a brand nobody can touch. Everyone you meet in rock circles will tell you that they were inspired by Black Sabbath and the band's influence is immeasurable.

"Besides which, Tony is a great guy and we've met on a number of occasions. There's just no stopping him. He comes down with lymphoma and what does he do? Reform Sabbath and do a world tour.

"He really is the Pride of Birmingham and he deserves a f--king medal," Slash concluded.

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    Loses fingertips, makes his own plastic fingertips and revolutionizes the genre again by downtuning his guitar. Gets diagnosed with lymphoma, world tour. Legend.
    Tony Iommi deserves knighthood at the very least. The man simply can't be stopped. Fingers cut off? No problem. Lymphoma? F*ck off! Mr. Iommi has been a huge inspiration to my guitar playing but I now look up to him for the simple fact that he just doesn't quit. And from everything I've read/heard, he also happens to be a genuine human being. Tony Iommi, I salute you!!
    This is true. Black Sabbath are essentially the Beatles of heavy metal. They came up with all the basic ideas (mostly from Tony's riffs) and everyone took different parts of it and made something else. Try and think of any metal guitarists you admire and you can guarantee that Tony Iommi directly or indirectly influenced them, more-so the former, I'd imagine.
    Wow really? thanks Captain!
    Fair enough, it's been said a few too many times, but the only reason that's the case is because it's true and frankly Tony Iommi deserves all the respect he can get. Explanation aside; F*ck you, a-hole
    Sadly, someone in this comment section will win a medal before Tony. My guess is KerryKing01
    I was actually expecting him to come over here and simply claim his gold medal.... SUCH DISAPPOINT.
    Is Slash playing a non Les Paul guitar in the photo? :O
    He occasionally played a red BC Rich mockingbird while still with GNR so it's not unprecedented
    I know, he actually plays it in the You could be mine video, but its still rare.
    He has played a double neck Guild since GnR and is currently touring with one now. I am talking about the shallow body acoustic/electric double neck so don't tell me about the Gibson double neck that he also plays.
    No matter how big of a sub-genre metal elitist you are, you can't disagree with this. Your metal sub-genres wouldn't be around, had metal not been made in the first place.