Slash Wants Muppet Show Guest Spot

There's only one gig Slash has never been able to land: Sesame Street.

Ultimate Guitar

Slash has done it all: played in one of the most legendary rock bands of all time, shared the stage with Michael Jackson, paid tribute to Van Halen at that band's Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction heck, he's even had several Gibson and Epiphone signature models over the years but there's one gig he's never been able to land: Sesame Street.

In an interview with Australia's Rip It Up magazine, the guitarist said, "Sesame Street have never approached me, though I would do it and I love kids. There's no way I'd ever turn Sesame Street down, but I don't know if parents would think I'm the best public influence on little kids."

It does bring up the question: what exactly would Slash play on Sesame Street? R.E.M. reworked "Shiny Happy People" as "Fuzzy Happy Monsters," Nora Jones changed "Don't Know Why" to "Don't Know Y" and even James Blunt got in on the action by changing "You're Beautiful" to "My Triangle." Perhaps "Sweet Child o' Nine" or perhaps new lyrics for "Welcome to the Jungle" about different types of jungle fauna?

Sesame Street recently announced its guests for the next season, including David Beckham, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Zac Efron, Common and Halle Berry, Ed Helms, Train and Colbie Caillat.

Thanks for the report to Peter Hodgson, Gibson

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    I thought it was gonna be about "The Muppet Show".
    Agreed, Muppet Show=Awesome, Sesame Street=Who gives a crap. When I saw this title my respect for Slah skyrocketed, read the article, back down!!!
    funny this little string of conversation has both the highest rated and lowest rated replies.
    I guess peopl on UG really idolize Slash! It's not that I don't like his music, everything he's touched I've listened to (and like most of it, including Chic), but talkin about Sesame Street? I get he's old now, but ut still makes him sound like a pussy...
    I think it'd be great! He worked with Phineas and Ferb and parents didn't seem to complain so why would they about this?
    My Daughter knows Slash and loves him because of his appearance on Across the 2nd Dimension. Great show by the way.
    Way Cool JR.
    Would be great to see him on the Muppet's playing with Dr. Teeth & The Electric Mayhem. Whats he going to do on Sesame Street teach kids how to smoke and hold there liquor? Tittle is very misleading.
    I think that would be great! Teach the kids what real music is before they get corrupted with all this pop, rap and hip-hop nonsense.
    Sesame Street would be great! But hey, if he doesn't get a gig on the show, Kermit and Piggy announced they're making a sequel to the recent flick. Here's hoping he can jam with Dr Teeth & The Electric Mayhem there!
    Slash on Sesame Street? Wouldn't he have to sing or at least talk? Slash does not do much of either. Granted, with his hair, Slash could pass as a muppet.
    Carl Hungus
    He does not own any of the copyrights associated with GnR. Axl would have to sign off on it and we all know that will never happen.
    Will be hard having to weed through GnR music that Slash wrote, something tells me if he tries to use a song that stupid ginger he played with wrote said ginger will cry and probably sue.
    Am I the only one who noticed the article says 'Sweet Child O' NINE' ?
    Completely missed the point of the article.
    False, Meekrob, the point of all articles is to bust the editors balls. WAN is the only guy who got the point!
    False. It's the writer putting forth ideas similar to the ones done by other artists right above. Reading comprehension for the lose.
    All you can say is. Why not? It's not like theres been any integrity for years - can we stop reporting on it now? Slash does whatever he wants to do. Save the columns for people doing something despite their own principals, instead of on a man who seems to have exactly none, when it comes to showbuisness. It sounds negative. But really, go for it. My point simply is: Who the hell cares?
    Integrity? What's wrong with going on the Muppet Show? I remember Ozzy doing a duet of Born to be Wild with Miss Piggy. Don't tarnish my childhood!
    He could teach kids how to be ****ing rad every single day. And then alter the lyrics of Sweet Child O' Mine so that it was Sweet Child O' Mine because kids should just ****ing love that song regardless.
    Sesame street =/= Muppet Show. Editor of this article, I am severely, SEVERELY disappoint.