Slayer Announce North American Tour, Looking to Spend More Time in Studio

Thrash giants to hit North America for the first time in two years, tour will feature Gojira and 4arm.

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Thrash giants Slayer have officially confirmed their first North American headlining tour in two years.

Featuring Gojira and 4arm as support acts, the trek will kick off on October 22 in Anchorage, Alaska, and see the group visiting New York's Theatre at Madison Square Garden and LA's Hollywood Palladium for the first time in 25 years.

According to the official announcement, Slayer have begun working on new material and are hoping to spend extra time in the studio before hitting the open road. The tickets will go on sale this Friday (September 6) via official website. You can check out the full tour itinerary below.

The latest Slayer studio effort, "World Painted Blood," dropped in November 2009 as the group's tenth record. With 41,000 copies sold in the US during the first week, it debuted at No. 12 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Slayer 2013 North American Tour Dates:

10/22 - Anchorage - Sullivan Sports Arena 10/25 - Las Vegas - The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino 10/28 - Hollywood - Hollywood Palladium 10/30 - San Jose - Events Center @ San Jose State- 11/08 - Minneapolis - Myth 11/10 - Austin - FunFunFun Fest 11/12 - Houston - Bayou Music Center 11/13 - Dallas - South Side Ballroom 11/15 - Chicago - Aragon Ballroom 11/16 - Detroit - The Fillmore 11/17 - Columbus - LC Pavilion 11/19 - Washington - The Fillmore 11/20 - Pittsburgh - Stage AE 11/26 - Wallingford - Oakdale Theatre 11/27 - New York - Theatre @ MSG 11/29 - Camden - Susquehanna Bank Center 11/30 - Boston - Tsongas Arena

Will you be seeing the thrash masters on tour this year? Or have you already checked out one of their European or South American shows? Let us know in the comments.

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    my feeling only, I'm done with these guys.
    I would have liked to see them, but now that Jeff is gone (RIP) and they kicked Dave out, I don't think I care anymore. Shame
    Jacques Nel
    I'm not a fan, but may I ask why?
    Its 2 of the original members and jeff wrote most the best Slayer songs. plus Kerry King is a dick
    machine head put out unto the locust with 2 original members. that album is amazing
    Well Robb pretty much writes everything as far as i know. So its not the same thing.
    i think there's a bit of a difference between "2 original members + 2 non original members which have been around for more than ten years and have heavily influenced the sound of the band" and "2 original members + 2 touring musicians"
    In addition to Gorky, Dave has been there since the second album so is pretty much a founding member =D
    That doesn't mean they won't sound the same if they have a good guitar player doing it perfectly note for note and they still have the original singer.
    I hope Tom will say "enough, I'm done" at the end of the year. Kerry Dick King would probably continue on his own though. It's really sad. Slayer without Jeff is like Pantera without Dime, it ain't gonna work.
    They should be billed as "Slayer*" Kerry "Burger" King needs to just go away. Jeff like everyone knows, Jeff wrote ALL the best Slayer riffs. You've got enough money, dick, just go make Jagermeister commercials. Tom, you were one of my favorite thrash vocalists back in the day, but Burger King is bringing you down to his level. You've got enough money too, it's time to hang em up.
    I never thought I would see the day when Slayer took a bashing from the fans. Let's hope that this tour doesn't tarnish their legacy.
    Slayer passed with Jeff . I've ridiculed the touring line up for the last couple of years (even with Dave there) but Slayer are NOT Slayer without Jeff . His distance from the Media and Fans kept that sinister aura around the band . With Kerry ruling the roost it's become his personal media and money ride (yeah , everyone has to earn a crust)but the real fans have become cynical . Kerry has made plenty of underhand comments that I felt were detrimental to Jeff and the fans over the last 2-3 years , his ego is far too large to admit that he's ridden on the coatails of others . Gary Holt should be touring with Exodus , they are better now than the 80's and he should be reaping from his own legacy whilst the band are hot , but I guess Kerry pays better wages (Although Dave Lombardo wouldn know naff all about Slayer's business model , Right ?) . Sad state of affairs indeed .
    The status of this band is defined by that picture. They couldn't even find a relatively recent photo of these two next to each other, so they have to photo shop it.
    eh slayer are overated, just my opinion, not a fan how they milk their musical styles. Who knows maybe they could go out on a high with have done somthing special
    The only reason I'd go is to see Gojira. Slayer is basically a touring band these days. A band without its main songwriter isn't going to work well.
    this is not north American tour. this is U.S.A tour.****ing hate living in east canada
    Stop the hating guys....First of all, if the guys wanna keep going ofc they can! Dave has left the band before and Paul has been there before. And about the new album....I bet it will be epic... Jeff had tons of material and I bet they will use it to celebrate his life! FUCK HATERS! SLAYER FOREVER!
    the albums that they wrote with paul were awesome in my opinion. He's a great drummer
    Saw Slayer and Gojira at a dutch festival last summer. They both rocked I hope that Gary Holt will help with the the writing!
    I think its good that they're doing a new album...BUT...i can already picture reviews saying "its not the same without Jeff or Dave". I really hope for sake of the bands reputation this is their final album
    Whats this North American tour bullshit?? Last time i checked all of these stops in America.
    Was thinking the same thing myself and wondered why it had taken so long for someone to point out. A NA tour implies Canadian/Mexico dates...
    I will go because its ****ing Slayer. I will have a drink or two for Jeff and go thrash. I like thats its Gary Holt taking Jeffs place. He has my upmost respect and has earned his place on that stage.
    agreed. I could give two sh!ts Gary filling in for Jeff (RIP Bro) or Dave not playing.. Live SLAYER kicks ass.
    I would like to go when they come here on the 19 saw Testament, Overkill and Flotsam and jetsam at the Fillmore and that kicked ass. slayers different with out the other two and Kerry is an ass. But Toms still there and I've always loved that guy as their frontman.
    That's a pretty good "North American Tour" only taking place in the US! ....-_- Why don't they just humble up and say "US Tour"?
    How much time do you need in the studio to record 0-0-1-0-0-1-0-1-0-0-1-1-0-1 Can't you just copy and paste?
    0-0-1-0-0-1-0-1-0-0-1-1-0-1? Ooh, that's a bit technical for Kerry King, dude, now it'll just be 000-000-000-000-000-000 for an album.
    here come all the cliche comments about how "slayer died with jeff's passing" "it's just not the same anymore" "Jeff was slayer".....same crap, different band
    Not interested in seeing Slayer (though I hope they are decent live), but I'm excited to see Gojira again. Really wish Gojira were headlining, but oh well.
    I love Slayer and I love everything Jeff Hanneman and Dave Lombardo contributed to the band, but I still love Tom Araya and Kerry King. I'm stoked about this and I want to see them regardless. It would seem better if they could settle their dispute with Lombardo and bring him back.
    I'm mostly interested in going because Gojira is playing. I've never seen Slayer before, but I figure I'll still enjoy seeing them anyway. Gary Holt and Paul Bostaph might not be the original members, but are both immensely talented. Also I really do like Tom Araya's vocals. Basically I'd like to see Slayer despite Kerry King.
    UG needs a map of the world. That is in no way a North American tour. It is a tour of the United States of America. I do not see one Canadian date there, therefore not a North American Tour
    If they put out another album it'll be sick. Paul is way better of a drummer than dave, and gary is almost if not equal to what jeff was r.i.p. Fuckin slayer for life. P.S. Jeff would approve of this line up
    ive always be kind of "meh" about their music. i just liked them because they are SLAYER!!!!!
    Josh Reubenking
    This band isn't Slayer anymore. Would not listen to the next record or see them live now. Without Jeff or Dave, Slayer doesn't exist. They should just hang it up. Don't get me wrong, I love their old stuff, and 'World Painted Blood' was a great record to me. But it wouldn't be the same. Gary Holt just doesn't have that feel or energy that Jeff had, and whoever the drummer is now probably won't play near as good as Dave does. They've the two members that made the biggest impact (besides Tom's vocals).
    Obviously there not the classic Slayer of old... but it's still four talented thrashers playing some awesome songs. If they were coming to Seattle I'd be buying tickets now.