Slayer: 'Christ Illusion' Banned In India

EMI Virgin India Ltd has said it will recall all copies of the new Slayer album following protests by a Christian group.

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Mumbai-based EMI Virgin India Ltd said Friday (October 6) it will recall all copies of the new Slayer album "Christ Illusion" following protests by a Christian group, Mumbai-based Catholic Secular Forum (CSF).

Early this week, Joseph Dias, general secretary of CSF, issued a statement taking "strong exception" to the album`s cover artwork, which he said depicts "Christ with a missing eye and amputated arms." He added, "we also condemn the track, 'Skeleton Christ' as the lyrics are an insult to Christianity." The CSF also sent a memorandum to Mumbai`s police commissioner, adding that the album "will affect the sensibilities of the Muslims on the track 'Jihad' and secular Indians who have respect for all faiths."

Kaveri Khullar, marketing manager, EMI India said in an interview, "We met with the CSF and were apologetic while assuring them that all copies of the album would be pulled out. We have no plans of re-issuing it in any way."

The "Christ Illusion" album had been on the shelves for only a week. Khullar did not confirm the number of units released only stating, "There weren`t too many that we launched anyway."

The CSF had earlier protested against the Indian release of "The Da Vinci Code" which led the Censor Board to instruct the India distributor, Mumbai-based Sony Pictures Releasing India, to include a notice to accompany the film to explain that it was a work of fiction.

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    I think Slayer music is often dull and uninteresting, I think their lyrical preoccupations are childish and cliched. But I still defend their right to be just that. Just cause I don't like something doesn't mean it should be banned. I have the right (just like members of this christian group) to say this and slam it into the ground as much as I like.I also have the right to not listen to it. Just because someone thinks differently to you that doesnt make their opinion any less valid than your own. As such you should respect what they say and if only for sake of reason and free discourse not seek to delete or sensor their opinions...its unbecoming of a person of any intellegence and just plain rude. There is no universal right and wrong. Morality is purely subjective.
    Wtf is that shit?? India doesnt even have a christian majority. Yeah the pope can call islam evil but if an american metal band makes a song that insults christianity its banned in a country -BS-
    I'm actually happeir for India becuase they got in the news what first time since that flood happened. Pretty much as often as slayer gets articles written about them.
    elmolikepie wrote: you gota admit they did ask for it. personally i think its a bit sad that they feel they still have to do stuff like this, it undermines their credibility and makes them look just like an aging gimic.....flame away.....
    i doubt that they said haey we should piss off india so they wont sell our records, when they made this album, i mean it wasnt their choice to get banned, they do however enjoy pushing the envelope. just to let yall know toms catholic
    Covin wrote: washingmachine wrote: There is no universal right and wrong. Morality is purely subjective. That's the kind of thing that justifies murder, rape, etc. That kind of logic is what truly rips the world apart. If you truly believe that, then you can convince yourself murder isn't a sin, and then go out and kill people whenever you feel like it---oh, but wait, it's not wrong, so you can't be stopped either. Good luck with that (lack of) logic.
    Im sorry but if your read my post does it sound like I'm a person who condones murder and rape...really? How can you argue that there is a universal morality (Whos morality exactly? yours? mine?) I just dont wish to impose my moral etic on others, my morals are not definitive morals and neither are yours. Every Culture, Society and Person has a different set of morals so how on earth if there a 'univeral morality'. Unless of course one person is right and everyone else wrong (is that what you are suggesting?...I don't think you are! just havent really put much thought into my commment). The way in which a society is run in theory should mean that the law represents the morality of the Majority. In which case given that Murder and Rape are seen as undesireable behaviours by the majority, laws are put im place to stop such behaviours taking place. You can't stop people saying something just because you don't like it.
    Morals are (for the most part) social pacts between human beings to prevent civilization from falling apart. They are subjective to a degree because some issues we can't tell whether it will further human society or detract from it (for example, gay rights- will banning it lead to stifling freedom of expression, or allowing it aggravate hedonism?) Now that's out of the way, religion- I am a Christian. Certain experiences, coincidental or not, have persuaded me enough to continue in that path. I mean, it's not really a "high risk" thing to practice a religion. But totally blind faith is dangerous, as everyone will agree (e.x. Salem Witch Trials). I am for questioning every step of the way. P.S.-- about religion causing all wars, true enough. But do you really think people wouldn't have started wars if religions did not exist? Then you view humankind to optimistically.
    eh. music's music. if you don't like it, don't listen. simple. ya know there's people that don't even know wtf lyrics to songs mean. or the language they're being sung in. there's people out there that'll listen to a song for the actual music. slayer aren't my favorite band, and they can be a little TOO our there sometimes, but they shouldn't have banned the album. poor indians.
    Man Guy
    i dont get how people can say theres no god, hail satan. if theres no god, thens theres obviously no satan either.
    Ok well, all things being considdered, Slayer achieved their goal once again. They pissed off a lot of people. Pure ****ing genius!!
    Anyone wants to discuss religion, take it to the forums Anymore will end up with deletions/warnings
    outlaw metaler
    It s times like these im glad Im american and what the hell tom aaryas catholic and there are barely any christians in india
    If they dont like the music, than dont listen to it. You dont have to go and ban it entirly from India.
    ummm....okay i don't listen to slayer but im with flesh fries.....this is an no one has ever banned a christian rock band...because of their views on religion....but if a satanic band talks about their views on religion..its not right....this is stupid...and india is retarded...they aren't even christian...i thought they worshiped cows....but anyway....i would really like to see this change...
    Man Guy
    before the bible was the "WORD OF GOD", and then when people realized with scientific evidence that the bible is really full of shit, what happens? oh uh, the bible is not to be taken literally!
    Bubonic Chronic
    Nothing can be better for an album's sales than banning it. I bet Atlantic India makes a billion dollars off it now.
    Kaliyuga wrote: If they ban Satanic based cds, then I think the'll have allot of work, just think of like every black metal band in the world, they're just doing this cause Slayer is "popular"... And he singer being catholic, pleas... why not sat KSE's singer is a satanist
    Ebay are slowly banning Black Metal
    lmao this is about SLAYER!!!! Not religion, christ people (i.e. Gaia_Astropolis) post your pro-religion and anti-religion comments elsewhere...
    Guys, guys calm down now. Let's not make a religious war or anything here. Don't drag Islam in it has little to do with it and don't make any stupid comments against a religion either, its stupid. If you've nothing positive to say just keep it shut. Comment on Slayer, not on religion. This is a guitar site.
    and just one thing to the guy hwo said all humanity should abandon the religion , man one day your gonna die, all of us are going to die, think about that, think about what are you going to say when you are being jugdged in front of every human being ecer exisited and most imporently in front of god. i hope that i made some of the view more clear.
    listen mate, im from london and i got family who are muslim yeah, personally i dont believe in any of the religions that are here today. but im just sick of you people (not just muslims, christians, jews whatever) saying "well when you die, and your judged..." where the hell is your proof that something is going to happen when you die? because a holy book stated it? even though it aint been proven? so if a holy book said pigs can fly, you'll believe that they do even though theres no evidence, cuz that sounds the same to me. open your eyes. seriously i believe religion is just a comfort for some people to deal with life and death. anyway, back to the slayer thing. im sure slayer wont lose alot of sales there, everywhere else went mental for christ illusion. but these activist groups are just too over the top, they're like a toddler whos told to not do something. Reign In Blood!!!
    Man Guy
    but dont forget skindred, the bible is NOT TO BE TAKEN LITERALLY!!! how could we be so stupid. when they were saying "when you die you will be judged" then didnt mean that literally. what they are saying is "you are a retard for believing what is in this book"
    i'm sure slayer don't care. it's probably something they want to happen, makes them look more controversial which is exactly what they're trying to sell. the only problem is that their music is terrible and soulless and the lyrics are elementary and stupid.
    the first thing i thought after reading this was "i gotta get this album as fast as i possibly can". and i've never even heard a single slayer song.
    Man Guy wrote: but dont forget skindred, the bible is NOT TO BE TAKEN LITERALLY!!! how could we be so stupid. when they were saying "when you die you will be judged" then didnt mean that literally. what they are saying is "you are a retard for believing what is in this book"
    true true lol
    randyrhoads#1 wrote: Muddy_Banks : sell outs, Tom cliams to be religious but wants to make money so he steps over what he believes in. Funny how metalheads are quick to label a band SELL OUTS becuase they change their sound or cut their hair but when someone goes against his beliefs to SELL albums you dont recognize that. Just becuase Dave Mustaine is smart doesn't make every metal head just as smart. Know the facts before you talk. Tom Araya does not write the lyrics. Hanneman and King write all of them. Anyways even if he did the whole band cannot sellout because of one band member.
    Makes no difference if he doesnt write lyrics. if someone was talking loads of crap about your friends would you still hang with them i don't think so. So he needs either to stop claiming he's cathlic or whatever he is or or he's just a SELL OUT. And take reading lessons i did NOT say anything about him writing lyrics, he still contributes to the band that goes against his beliefs, which does that just for the image. So ye READ FIRST ON WHAT YOUR GONNA REPLY. I have more respect for bands like Gorgoroth, becuase they live and write about what they believe in. Although i despise their message, its better then being in a band who does everything for an image with some cathlic guy(Tom) who came along becuase he smelled some $$$. Those guys should realize they're not in middle school anymore but oh well that;s who they are and their fans are nothing more then mindless losers who want to be tough behind a lunch table or infront of Christians. conclusion Slayer emberasement to metal like vanila ice to rap
    Dont know why I'm saying this but I am a Slayer fan but i think this new album 'Christ Illusion' is taking it way to far. Why do people think its so cool to go up on stage and just literally just try and be cool..Saying F*** God, Satan Rules!, LEt me see those Devil Horns..I just honestly think its stupid. There music is awesome, some killer riffs, good vocals. They just want to prove to the world on how effin hardcore they are and its just stupid. By the way..I don't care what the hell you people have to say about this but keep your damn comments to yourself because I'm not intrested in hearing them.
    Neon Knight wrote: Ironic isnt it, Tom is a practicing Catholic
    lmao nice xD yeah, 'freedom of expression' is one thing but this music is SHlT, the lyrics are poorly written in the first place, and overall they just plain SUCK. Hell, if I was in the CSF, I'd want it banned for that alone.
    neidnarb11890 wrote: I don't like Slayer, but that's just stupid. If you don't like the album, don't f**king buy it! That's what we call freedom of choice. F**k you right wing Christian a**holes. I hope they all burn in hell.
    I'm pretty sure they aren't buying it... they're mostly complaining about the mutilated Jesus on the cover, and yes, that is WAY over the line, so fucck you you left wing, liberalist dousche
    Covin wrote: washingmachine wrote: There is no universal right and wrong. Morality is purely subjective. That's the kind of thing that justifies murder, rape, etc. That kind of logic is what truly rips the world apart. If you truly believe that, then you can convince yourself murder isn't a sin, and then go out and kill people whenever you feel like it---oh, but wait, it's not wrong, so you can't be stopped either. Good luck with that (lack of) logic.
    Well, actually there is quite a bit of logic there. Moral values are NOT HUMAN INSTINCT, they are taught. If you were taught that killing people was the right thing to do, you would think not killing people is the "sin."
    pukeoncops0011 wrote: What washingmachine said is pure logic, what you said is called ostracism. If washingmachine uses his brain a lot like his post implied then I'm sure he's used to it.
    This response doesn't make sense.
    Powerslave 1984
    demonhunter2 : gpderek09 wrote: hm. slayer are to pronounced in their anti-faith views sometimes. i agree
    christians are too pronounced in their pro faith views sometimes then.
    no biggie indians will hardly buy the album anyway, all that rap and RnB shit is getting promoted instead. And hu said India doesn't have freedom of speech cos we do but the people with the connections don't make it heard (i bet EMI in India probably got bribed by the CSF for this) In case u were wondering i'm and indian christian
    washingmachine, if morality was not an human instinct hows was it first incorporated into society? think bout that?
    Killingthecat69 u dumb dick the whole of India ain't condeming this shit its just a Christian Group hu got the money.... and worshipping cows? dude they're just respected. (dumbass)
    gsr2k6 wrote: aidan_taylor wrote: wtf happened to freedom of speech India dosent have freedom of speech, its not america buddy, not everybody goes by our bill of rights.
    Have u actually been to india? my guess is no freedom of speech is at large in india, it's just that india takes pride in the fact that they respect the fact that it's a multi-religious country and india tries to keep all the religions happy don't talk about a country you have no idea about
    gpderek09 wrote: hm. slayer are to pronounced in their anti-faith views sometimes.
    i agree
    Look at the cover..There's a picture of a mutilated Jesus..that just shows all of you how far they are willing to go to try and make themselves look cool. About the whole India thing..They have EVERY [/i] right to bann that album from there country for there own reasons. It was there choice and I'm pretty sure if you guys weren't dicks you would respect the choice that they made. This isn't a religious argument so all of you who want to argue about religion go take your ****ing asses someplace else because im sure some of us on here don't want to hear you whine and complain. Just respect the choice that they made and move on with your pathetic lives.
    clap-eric : i think christ illusion is anti-christ album and slayer is itself antichrist band to band such album may be good for christian...slayer alwayas talks about destroying and damaging that's not good..they never talk about peace,harmony and a new creation ...
    so you're saying by India banning their album, they're creating peace and harmony? or just creating more conflicts?
    Guys before we argue about ths unfortunate incident every slayer fan would have already got the album i know i have and i'm indian people dont buy music here they download it and for some people to there hardcore death metal\black metal here too for example demonic resurection who relased album called ''as darknes descends'' i recommed this album for every black metaql fan[/b]
    MayorOfTheWorld wrote: Travis Tricky wrote: Wow, just wow. Has it really gotten this bad? What ever hapened to freedom of expression? This is India we're talking about, not America. This article was designed to stimulate people who are naive's agression. This has nothing to do with America's views whatsoever. No need to fret.
    HAHAHAHA!!! u cannot be serious... "this is india. not america" hahaha, u really think that u have freedom of speech in america? CNN and BBC and what-the-**** show u only what they want to show u. they dont show u that american soldiers are killed in iraq every single day. they dont show u what really happens to people that tell the truth about conspirecies going on behind ur back by ur own goverment... u americans are like sheep... the goverment and the media can control u in every way possible!!! if there's one country where the right of freedom of speech is being violated, that country is america. open ur ****ing eyes