Slayer Confirm Working on New Album

"More things will be revealed in the coming weeks," says booking agent Scott Sokol.

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Slayer's booking agent Scott Sokol recently took some time to discuss what the band's currently up to, noting that new music is cooking up as we speak. "They’re definitely working on new music," he confidently stated. "More things will be revealed in the coming weeks." During the rest of the Billboard chat, Scott also talked about the loss of guitarist Jeff Hanneman, who passed away in May from alcohol-related liver cirrhosis. "It wasn't going to help anybody to cancel what they were doing," Sokol explained. "The band likes to go out there and play. Not that I'm a counselor, or anything, but I think part of the way they deal with things is to do what they love. And they love to go out there and do their thing." The agent also noted that Hanneman's stage absence prior to his death did make a difference, stating that "if it happened while they were on tour it might have been different." Scott then went on to draw a parallel between Slayer and AC/DC. "I don't think they've really missed a beat there," he said regarding the addition of Exodus guitarist Gary Holt. "There's no replacement for Jeff. Gary doesn't replace Jeff, who is a legend unto himself. But Gary Holt, to a degree, is also that. He's just a little different stylistically. Brian Johnson and Bon Scott are different frontmen for AC/DC, but both are legendary in their own right. So in some way you could look at it like that." In one of the interview's highlight moments, Sokol named a Slayer show as one of top 10 life-changing experiences. "Maybe even top three," he added. "Marriage, birth of children and going to a Slayer show. You've never seen anything like it; nobody has. That's why they've been around doing what they do for as long as they have. Heavy metal was born with Black Sabbath. Then you had Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. But Slayer perfected it." Slayer are currently preparing to hit the US road with Gojira and 4Arm starting with Anchorage performance on October 22.

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    if they have to keep on going, gary holt should be involved in the songwriting-process but we all know that holt wants to keep his stuff for exodus, king wants to write everything by himself and we know what that means...
    Tom, Kerry, And Friends Confirmed Working On New Album *Fixed that for ya UG.
    Wow! I'll bet Tom Araya and Kerry King are grateful that some pointless, annoying troll in the internet is deciding who Slayer is for them!
    Gary Holt: "What about this?" ((plays ****ing killer riff)) Tom Araya: "That's ****ing badass, man!" Kerry "Burger" King: "that sucks. Everyone shut up and play this" ((galloping E string, hits F & B# every couple of seconds)) Tom Araya: "OK, whatever. I'm still getting paid, right?" Gary Holt: (To himself) "Just pay me so I can take this riff to Exodus."
    I think he meant Bb since E and Bb are a tri-tone. But since Slayer play tuned down a half step it would really be Eb, Fb (E but in the key signature it would be Fb) and Bbb (A. Read first parenthesis).
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    2 years ago they said they wouldnt release another album without Jeff..
    Thats probably because at that moment they were waiting for Jeff to heal and get back.
    Hanneman wrote the classic songs everyone loves, King wrote the fillers. He barely did that at times. If you check the writing credits on recent albums, you'll see King started to contribute more but if you listen to them, you'll hear the same f**king riffs as a different song because he writes the same sh!t. I knew they weren't going to stop making music, but I'm fully expecting this whole new album to be crap. Just like every album afterwards as well.
    Gary Holt can write for Slayer. I think that song proves it. Personally while I respect Jeff, if Gary Holt contributes to the writing of this next album this might be the first Slayer album in my lifetime that I'll be excited for.
    I see your point but I disagree and I doubt that King will let him write anything in the first place
    no,it is not like AC/DC.It is like what AC/DC would be without the Young brothers.
    If Gary writes for Slayer, the next Slayer album might be their best. Because there's no competition, Exodus destroys Slayer. And yes, I'll add onto the end of that, that it is, in fact, my opinion.
    This guy's an idiot. I saw Slayer live, with Jeff and Dave on the WPB tour, and they weren't that great. I enjoyed it, but wouldn't describe it as a "life changing experience". I don't think any gig I've been to has been "life changing" except maybe the first one. And I'd rather have a new Exodus album than a new "Slayer" album.
    My first concert was A festival which included Slayer. So far best band I've seen to this day , really really awesome
    Oh boy, now Kerry is writing everything. Behold the supremacy of Eb|-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-1-0-0-0-|. I hope Gary Holt can save this...
    Btw, what's happening with the paragraphs, UG? I swear I put the last sentence on a separate paragraph while writing that comment.
    I have seen Slayer a couple of times now, once with Jeff and once with Gary. All I can say is that seeing them was not life changing for me at all. Aside from the impressive stage setup, they were really boring to watch. It looked like no one wanted to be there besides Jeff when I did see the show with him.
    I saw them twice as well. Once at Mayhem Festival in 2009 with Jeff and once at the Big 4 show at Yankee Stadium with Gary. They were incredible with Jeff, but watching Kerry try to play Jeff's far superior solos was a very sad thing to watch.
    "...different frontmen (...), but both are legendary in their own right." So many "fans" of so many bands need to understand this.
    The difference here is that Holt is hardly legendary. He's a great guitarist for sure, but I fail to see what would make him legendary.
    He is one of the first Thrash Metal guitarists ever? Exodus's "Tempo of the Damned" signified the return to Thrash Metal that wouldn't catch on for another 5 or so years? Exodus is one of the most consistently great Thrash bands that's ever existed, to the point where their most iconic album happens to also be one of the less great works in their catalog? The simple fact that Exodus has never devolved into monotony? Really I don't think it can be disputed, Gary Holt's a legend. The big 4 isn't Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer... it's Dave Mustaine, James Hetfield, Gary Holt, and Jeff Hanneman. Those are the guys who shaped Thrash Metal's sound to what it is today, as well as what it was in it's golden era.
    Gary fn Holt.....if you dont know him u should stick to reading Korn n miley cyrus reports
    To be honest, nothing Slayer's done since "Seasons in the Abyss" has really grabbed me. Sure, there've been some good tracks on other albums (Dittohead, Death's Head, Disciple, Eyes of the Insane), but largely, no album they've put out has impressed me the way "Hell Awaits", "Haunting the Chapel", "Reign In Blood", "South of Heaven" and "Seasons in the Abyss" have. To be honest, while I'm not saying it was a bad album by any means, I didn't really get into World Painted Blood, while I have a lot of friends who love that album. Nothing about it really stood out to me. So, overall, even putting aside the whole Kerry King and Dave Lombardo situation, I can't say that I'm that excited for a new Slayer album. I'd really much rather see Gary go back and work on a new album with Exodus. "Exhibit B: The Human Condition" is probably my favorite thrash album to come out in the last few years, and I would love a follow up.
    I can scarcely contain my excitement. This album will surely revitalise the band's flagging career and propel them to a second era of unprecedented success and popularity.
    King has written most of God Hates Us All which is my favourite out of the last three album releases. The band is just keeping their brand alive
    Dead but won't lie down, these guys really need to give up. They're not doing anything creative... I really can't wait to hear more bland Kerry King signature solos. Slayer have always sounded like a 500bpm train crash.
    "Dead but won't lie down" - new Slayer album title You know Kerry "Burger" King won't give you credit for it.
    Well if it's still in the same vein as the last two albums I can settle with that. But seriously, without at least Dave involved it will not be the same. Not just saying this but Dave and Jeff were the the ones that really stood out in this band for me.
    FINALLY! Very excited to hear, its been a while and I had started to doubt it. RIP Jeff!
    Agent 00Awesome
    Jeff wouldn't have wanted Slayer to quit. I don't really get everyone's hate. King is an *****, but saying they should quit just cause of Jeff's death is a little extreme. And the whole Dave situation sucks, but Paul was already in Slayer once upon a time.
    I don't think I can get behind another "Slayer" album. It's just too far gone from what Slayer was.
    Considering I have Queens of the Stone Age playing right now I can't bitch about this. I kind of think they should/could continue as Slayer, if they want and people are still really into it (which they appear to be), I just wish they'd sort things out with Dave. Even if he doesn't rejoin the band, it would just be nice if they were buddies again.
    I'm seeing all of these comments, and I think, "Slayer fans are no longer one anymore. a band member dies and simply replaced (by the way, this is what happened to Metallica)and everybody's attacking one another. At least their more metal than Blood On The Dance Floor".
    Thought I'd throw in that Slayer's touring with Gojira, not Ghost.
    it is not just quality-of course Gary is awesome and his work in Exodus is thrash at its best.However,the sound of Exodus and Slayer differ.So i prefer it if Gary keeps his stuff for Exodus.