Slayer: 'Do We Honor What the band Is by Packing It in and Quitting?'

"I don't believe Jeff wanted this band to end," says drummer Paul Bostaph.

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Slayer drummer Paul Bostaph recently expressed a firm stance for the band to continue after the passing of Jeff Hanneman, describing it as the only proper way to honor the late guitarist. Asked by Metal Kaoz on whether the band's current tour is meant to bring closure to the group before calling it quits, Bostaph replied: "I don't believe that at all. I guess the best way to put it ... And I've heard all the fans say ... Not all the fans, but just some of them ... It's not every fan that's saying it's over; it's some fans. And everybody's got their opinion. And I respect that." He continued (via Blabbermouth), "But the way I look at it is this ... There's two ways to look at it. The fans that are saying that aren't in this band; they love the band, but they're not in this band. The thing about it is, if you're in this band, what do you do? You just quit? Every single one of us has put over 40 years into music and worked really hard and gone through a lot of crap to get to this point." The drummer then specifically focused on Hanneman, adding that there is still life in Slayer. "And I also don't believe Jeff wanted this band to end," he said. "No, he didn't. And the bottom line is - what do we do? Do we honor what the band is by just packing it in and quitting - which I feel is weak - or do we push on and do what this band is supposed to be doing? 'Cause I know this - there's more fans that would be happy if this band stayed together than there would be fans that don't want this band to be together. There's still life left in this band." However, Paul also noted that in the end, it's not really his call. "The bottom line is, it's up to Kerry and Tom. I'm here; I want this to continue. I, personally, myself, I wouldn't be honoring Jeff by saying, 'We're done.' That's not honoring him. That's not how I feel about it. I feel when we go out on stage from now on, we're honoring him and we're honoring what Slayer is. And even though Dave [Lombardo] is not here, I'm honoring him as well. I was the drummer in this band for ten years, and Dave came back. And now Dave's not here and I am." The drummer didn't hesitate to give major kudos to the band's original drummer Dave Lombardo. "I respect him and I respect his playing. He's part of this legacy; he helped build it. So did Jeff. And in turn, I understand what the fans are saying about that - well, some of them anyway - but the other side of things ... If that was me, from a fan's perspective - and I've been a fan of this band - I wouldn't wanna not hear 'Raining Blood' [performed by Slayer one more] time, you know what I mean?! You can get your cover bands play it for the rest of your life. I don't feel good about that." When it comes to the new album, Bostaph revealed that the band has 11 songs demoed, but isn't sure on just when the four-piece will hit the studio.

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    I can never fathom how people think they know what a dead person's thoughts on a subject are. Truth is Bostaph has no idea on whether Hanneman would've wanted the band to continue without him or not and he doesn't speak for anyone by saying that ending the band is 'not honouring him'
    He specifically stated he was speaking for himself, and that he believed Jeff would want them to go on. Not sure which part of that got lost. He's fully entitled to his opinions, which are all he gave.
    He actually said he believed Hanneman wouldn't want them to pack it in, and it doesn't matter if that's what he believes he doesn't know if that's what Hanneman might've ever thought if he had died while still in the band so no point in suggesting it. Also, Bostaph never stated any point that he was speaking for just himself, he even went on to say that there's more Slayer fans who want the band to continue than those who don't, which he cannot know for fact. He is indeed entitled to his opinions but he should have spoke as though they were his and his alone
    He said he "believes" not that he knows. So what? He knew him for over 10 years, you can know someone very well in that amount of time, well enough to assume what someone would think about something even if they're not here to say it.
    Thankfully for Mr. Bostaph, what you believe he should have done also doesn't matter. So where do we go from here?
    I totally agree, Bostaph wasn't in the band with him for decades like Tom and Kerry were so how is his opinion on if they should continue as Slayer or not doesn't matter
    Agent 00Awesome
    I'm not trying to argue with you or anything but Bostaph was in the band for an entire decade in 1992 - 2002 and recorded four albums with them. So it's not like he doesn't know the guy. And I wouldn't say his opinion doesn't matter, ten years is a long time.
    You understand how ignorant what you just said is right? Jeff wasnt even in the band for the last what .. year? He was obviously ok with them doing stuff without him. Also you have no clue what he thought either. These people KNEW HIM. And yet you come on here and say they have no clue? The dude sat next to the guy for 10 years and you think you have more of a clue than he does. I think people just like agreeing with you out of your status.
    True say! People who know the people who pass are the ones that can say these things, because they knew them... I speak from personal experience unfortunately.
    To quote King Richard in Braveheart: "Who is this person who speaks to me as though I needed his advice?" IMO, the only one whose opinion matters is Tom. If he says this ain't right, it ain't right. He's the voice of Slayer, for Satan's sake.
    Well of course you don't want this to end Paul.Now you're in a supergroup.If Slayer shut the amps off,what will the next step be?At much smaller scale,obviously.And yes,Slayer have still life;the spirit though is gone.
    Do we honour what the is by packing it and quitting or do we let Kerry kill it and eat it for breakfast?
    The writing is on the wall, as much as I hate to say it. Tom has been talking about this for years, he was saying I'm not going to be some 50 something still bashing out thrash riffs pretending I'm still in my 20s,,, got to respect a guy for that. One thing we need to remember Slayer could still be under obligation to promoters and record labels, they may have to release a new album under contract... if they go back on it, they would be liable for what the album "could have made".. and you don't want to be on that side of the fence.
    Agent 00Awesome
    I agree with Paul. Jeff wouldn't want them to quit. But Jeff would also want them to release good music, which I can't really see Kerry King doing. King should definitely include Gary Holt in the writing process. The most recent Exodus albums have been absolutely killer and I think his influence would definitely benefit Slayer.
    My Last Words
    Gary is saving all his riffs for Exodus, I think.
    I was about to ask why, he can make good money writing for a huge band like Slayer, and then I remembered Kerry and Dave and came to my senses.
    If you ask me, Paul Bostaph has no saying in this. It should either be Tom or Kerry who have been constant members throughout the bands existence
    Given that Jeff wrote 90-95 percent of the music, the question is, would Jeff have even thought it possible that they could continue without him.
    Jeff didn't write 90-95 percent of the music, just 95% of the good music.
    I wouldn't go that far but, they were about 50/50 BUT I will agree Jeff wrote the tracks we "know" of, I tend to lean toward the Jeff penned tunes.
    They need to call it quits. I like Slayer as much as the next guy, but it seems to be a general consensus that Kerry King is one of the most universally disliked guitarists of the genre. Hanneman redeemed the guitar side of the band, and without him, the band cannot and will not be the same. Tom sounds like he's ready to throw in the towel, and frankly I think they should. Go their different ways. They should all keep playing, but not as Slayer. Anything they release now will be disappointing.
    I don't claim to know Jeff better than Paul but Jeff spent most of his life playing in Slayer. I doubt he would want it to become one of those sad imitations with only half of the original members left.
    All of this is REALLY easy for the guy sitting on the Slayer payroll. Oh wait, management and Kerry King are getting 90% of that. Well then. I guess he just likes to speak for the dead.
    This reeks of a guy desperate for money, if you have been a musician for 40 years it shouldn't be hard to get a new job provided you don't suck or you aren't a one trick pony.
    If Bostaph hadn't been in a bunch of no-name bands (like Testament, Exodus, and Forbidden) other than Slayer, then you might have a point there, chief... I'm sure you're super duper at guitar but don't have any desire to make any money with your skills, though.
    Paul Bostaph is not the original drummer for Slayer, The only line up of Slayer that exists for me is Kerry King, Tom Araya, JEFF HANNEMAN AND DAVE LOMBARDO. Without Dave or Jeff its just not Slayer to me, and now that Jeff is gone, Slayer will also never be quite "Slayer" to me... As a Slayer fan, I will respect whatever Slayer decides to do. Slayer have always done things their way and owe nobody anything, their legacy is secure in my mind. RIP Jeff
    A strong opinion expressed reasonably. Are you sure you're posting on the correct website? Seriously, though, although I might be more amicable to Bostaph's involvement, I applaud your choice to refrain from sticking your fingers in your ears, stomping your feet, and screaming like a little girl about something that doesn't even exist yet.
    It isn't about packing it in and quitting,it's about preserving the legacy that Slayer has instead of dragging it through the mud and beating it to death
    From a fans point of view it really does suck to see Dave and Jeff to not be with the band anymore.. That being said I'm still very excited to see Slayer live next week even though they may not be who they use to be. The replacements they got are still the best they could of done.
    Carl Hungus
    The question is would Paul be ok playing in a Slayer without Tom Araya? Of course this is a hypothetical question but if by some chance the answer was yes then I believe it would speak volumes about his motivations.
    Yes, you should call it a day, no Slayer without Hanneman , as simple as that.
    No one is saying they should quit playing music and take up bingo at the senior center. Personally, I think they should change their name ...or alter it slightly. SlayerII or something out of RESPECT for Jeff. How does Paul know what Jeff is thinking?
    "Slayer: 'Do We Honor What the band Is by Packing It in and Quitting?'" - yes, look at for example: Led Zeppelin, Queen (I don't count those "Queen+" crap), Pantera (no Dime = no Pantera reunion possibility), The Doors, even Nirvana. Also, would you imagine Motorhead without Lemmy? Metallica without Hetfield? Sabbath without Tony? And so on... Besides, Kerry is a shitty songwriter and will get "Slayer" to the bottom.
    Or one might consider: Van Halen, Sabbath (with Dio, of course, in spite of your implication that they wouldn't be a good example of a band forging ahead), Tool, Ghost (eh, eh?), Iron Maiden, and many more who endured major lineup changes and came out ahead on the other side. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Metal fans are the most closed-minded music fans on Earth. If the new Slayer sucks, so be it. Bitch about it once it happens, for f***'s sake.
    "There's still life in this band" idk...I think the question is...would they live up to the same standards they've put out there? I think personally that's what's disappointing the fans, hat they don't think they'll be pumping out the same things they're used, but hey, just my opinion
    Every member should vote yay or nay, and if it is not a unanimous yay, then it should be over. Only right way I could think about doing it.
    He's got a point, it's easy for an outsider to say they should quit but you've got to see it from his perspective. Honestly if I was raking in tons of money in a huge name band like that, I wouldn't want to end it either. Would you?
    Plus Kerry Kings being a real dick lately from what ive read Tom Arayas about ready to throw it all in. All itll take is for Kerry to push him too far or say something stupid. Then if he leaves it Kerry King and a Slayer cover band
    Without Jeff and David i seriously see trouble ahead for the remainder of Slayer. The bottom like is Jeff wrote 70%+ of Slayers material. True they have an album on the way but after that i just dont know. The one thing i do know is that while Paul Bostaph is a great drummer, its my opinion that in this time of mourning for Jeff Slayer would be stronger with Dave back behind the drums
    Just remember everybody: The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Metallica, hell even The Axl led GN'R! That's just to name a few that have kept goin, whether they'd died or left or fired some of the original members. I'd like to hear a Hannemanless Slayer album, just to see what they do have left, or even if they can do it.
    Some bands, when they lose a member, don't lose a (or most of the) talent that made them good. Others do. For example, The Doors.
    He's not Slayer's drummer...
    He was for 10 years. God you people act like he's only just joined.
    ^This. And I'm gonna say it: Bostaph's drumming is more interesting that Lombardo's. Bostaph was a little shaky and uneven on Divine Intervention. After that, he was the better drummer IMHO. That said, to paraphrase a certain 2 minute song by a certain band, "Raining Downvooootttteeessss!!!!"
    Seeing as they appear to be trudging forward, I am looking forward to hear what the current Slayer comes up with for new studio material. I just wish Holt was contributing more to the writing to change the kind of stale "Slayer" sound a bit.
    But hey what would i know ive only been a Slayer fan for over 20years
    I'd say you know 2/3 as much as someone who's been a slayer fan for 30 years. How does it feel?
    [i]I wouldn't wanna not hear 'Raining Blood' [performed by Slayer one more] time, you know what I mean?! You can get your cover bands play it for the rest of your life. One day Slayer might just be no better than a Slayer cover band.