Slayer: 'Do We Honor What the band Is by Packing It in and Quitting?'

artist: Slayer date: 10/28/2013 category: music news
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Slayer: 'Do We Honor What the band Is by Packing It in and Quitting?'
Slayer drummer Paul Bostaph recently expressed a firm stance for the band to continue after the passing of Jeff Hanneman, describing it as the only proper way to honor the late guitarist. Asked by Metal Kaoz on whether the band's current tour is meant to bring closure to the group before calling it quits, Bostaph replied: "I don't believe that at all. I guess the best way to put it ... And I've heard all the fans say ... Not all the fans, but just some of them ... It's not every fan that's saying it's over; it's some fans. And everybody's got their opinion. And I respect that." He continued (via Blabbermouth), "But the way I look at it is this ... There's two ways to look at it. The fans that are saying that aren't in this band; they love the band, but they're not in this band. The thing about it is, if you're in this band, what do you do? You just quit? Every single one of us has put over 40 years into music and worked really hard and gone through a lot of crap to get to this point." The drummer then specifically focused on Hanneman, adding that there is still life in Slayer. "And I also don't believe Jeff wanted this band to end," he said. "No, he didn't. And the bottom line is - what do we do? Do we honor what the band is by just packing it in and quitting - which I feel is weak - or do we push on and do what this band is supposed to be doing? 'Cause I know this - there's more fans that would be happy if this band stayed together than there would be fans that don't want this band to be together. There's still life left in this band." However, Paul also noted that in the end, it's not really his call. "The bottom line is, it's up to Kerry and Tom. I'm here; I want this to continue. I, personally, myself, I wouldn't be honoring Jeff by saying, 'We're done.' That's not honoring him. That's not how I feel about it. I feel when we go out on stage from now on, we're honoring him and we're honoring what Slayer is. And even though Dave [Lombardo] is not here, I'm honoring him as well. I was the drummer in this band for ten years, and Dave came back. And now Dave's not here and I am." The drummer didn't hesitate to give major kudos to the band's original drummer Dave Lombardo. "I respect him and I respect his playing. He's part of this legacy; he helped build it. So did Jeff. And in turn, I understand what the fans are saying about that - well, some of them anyway - but the other side of things ... If that was me, from a fan's perspective - and I've been a fan of this band - I wouldn't wanna not hear 'Raining Blood' [performed by Slayer one more] time, you know what I mean?! You can get your cover bands play it for the rest of your life. I don't feel good about that." When it comes to the new album, Bostaph revealed that the band has 11 songs demoed, but isn't sure on just when the four-piece will hit the studio.
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