Slayer End 30-Year Relationship With Rick Rubin, Currently Without Label

Follow-up statement suggests the band might return to American after all.

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Thrash behemoths Slayer announced an end of their three-decade relationship with producer Rick Rubin, confirming they are label-free at the moment. Discussing the new album with Fuse, guitarist Kerry King said: "The funny thing is, we're not even signed to a record label right now. If we were on American, I'm sure Rick Rubin would be in the mix." Singer Tom Araya chipped in, "I asked our manager to reach out to him, but with no response or reply. Yeah, so that's kinda sad." King added, "Hopefully by the end of December we'll be signed with somebody and hopefully in January we'll be able to get in and start recording." Slayer management was quick to react, issuing an official statement to confirm that the band might return to American after all. "With Jeff's tragic passing and Slayer's eventual hectic touring schedule over the past several months, there has been a bit of mutual 'holding off' on jumping into any new long term recording commitment, but we would like to clarify the comments that Tom and Kerry made in the Fuse interview," the statement reads. "It is true that Slayer is currently out of contract, as they delivered their final required album to American Recordings some time ago. Rick Rubin began a new distribution agreement with Universal last year and American/Universal absolutely has made a significant proposal to re-sign the band. Both parties had been in substantial negotiation over that proposal at the time of Jeff's passing; and in fairness to everyone, a little space has been given on all sides in terms of closing any new deal. "We are excited about the possibility of re-signing with Rick Rubin's venture, and are also considering several other options that have been presented since the previous long term contract with American expired. The band has been taking much needed time to regroup and consider their various options for the future, and looks forward to a new beginning, wherever that may be."

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    Thank freaking God. No band should have Rick Rubin involved in their albums. Stop the loudness war!
    The thing is Rick Rubin used to have great production, just listen to Seasons in The Abyss or RHCP's Blood Sugar Sex Magik. I don't know what happened. It's got to be his new engineer.
    Thought ever crossed you the guy got old and doesn't care anymore?
    Even before the loudness war, his stuff sounded quashed with no bass or dynamic.
    Tell that to the Chili Peppers
    Well, BSSM sounds fantastic. But Californication is horrible.
    The only time I was sad about the production of a Chili Peppers album is the quietness of Josh's guitar on I'm With You. I'm sure it was on purpose as they want to blend him in to the band before putting him in the spotlight, but still.
    You're maybe talking Metallica. Yes. They didn't let much room for the bass after Cliff passed away, and they did experiment onwards on Fuel and Refuel, with the extreme on St.Anger and somehow joining the loudness war with DM. For the chilli peppers, and also Slayer there was no bass or dynamics issue in my opinion
    It's not rick that's over compressing the albums, all he does is support the bands and gets them to play their best. He doesn't really get involved with the sonic production of an album.
    It wasn't Rick Rubin who compressed Death Magnetic to hell, it was the mastering engineer.
    matteo cubano
    i'll sign them to my label....
    We should be heavy metal and track those *******s down, tie them to a pole on the local market place on friday afternoon and tell the audience those are spammers. Then watch the show until the police arrives.
    Lads, these are spam bots. Stop telling computer programs to **** off, it makes you look schizophrenic. On a side note, my computer froze while I was typing this and I called him a ****.
    kerry king will start his own label and produce their new album just so he has 100% control of everything
    is it just me? or does tom look like kerry´s keepping him hostage in his basement?
    I actually have the same feeling. And the comment is anything but dumb, even though it sounds funny Off topic: You are from the same country as me. Just noticed. NICE
    Things really are looking bleak. They need to stop
    Yeah... because I'm sure that Slayer being an active band is affecting your life so much. It's not that you're on a bandwagon and trying to sound clever on the internet...
    this is literally one of the most painfully hypocritical self-contained statements I have read on here
    This might not be a bad thing. Losing Jeff is terrible, not having Dave sucks, but this is kinda an overdue issue. The band is getting a fresh start.
    Meh. I say give it a go, if the new music is awesome, then keep going, if it's a flop, just stop. No need to become one of those bands who becomes worse and worse and ends up being a cliché of their former selves, forever bound to play to crowds only willing to listen to a couple of the most popular songs. That would be a horrible fate for such a great and influential band.
    Ok so with everything that's been going on, think about it...Jeff, Dave, Tom is up in the air, No label. Who will sign them on? With Kerry dictating himself at the wheel of Slayer and the bad publicity/reviews since he put himself "in charge". Just sayin, imo.
    They're still one of the biggest metal bands around. Slayer is pretty much a brand on its own. I doubt they will have a hard time finding a new label.
    Enough of this, Slayer does not exist anymore. It's just a parody, Kerry King's solo band or whatever... Poor Tom, should quit this sinking ship ASAP!
    How can you stay a band when 3 of the most important people to the band are gone? This is so sad...
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