Slayer, Exodus, Suicidal Tendencies Tour Might Be Reality Soon

Metal legends may tour together.

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Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies and Exodus will be touring together in the spring, Theprp is currently reporting.

Dates are currently unannounced, although as the website reports, all three acts are scheduled to appear at Rock on the Range in May, which may give a hint as to the tour's time frame.

Gary Holt, who is currently a member of both Slayer and Exodus, has previously spoken about the challenges of touring with both bands:

"It's not easy [laughs]. We just finished the fall Slayer run and everybody was kind of burned out after that. I had to remind them I've played about 50 more shows this year than they have [laughs].

"As I get older, it doesn't get any easier, but I'm doing the best I can to keep both bands working. Right now, I'm writing for the new Exodus album since I have a substantial break from the Slayer world for a while. I'm just using the time to the best of my ability to make sure that the Exodus record gets done while I have the opportunity to do it."

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    Gary Holt should join Suicidal Tendancies as a part time member. Then he is a member of all three bands. Holt will then slowly take over each band and became the thrash overlord. Move over Mustaine and Hetfield, we have a new THRASH GOD!
    These bands are not bellends.
    Jacques Nel
    Dude need to see someone about that...maybe consult a public bathroom in a park somewhere
    The **** dude... old joke is old. That is as bad as "FIRST!"
    Nothing is as bad as "FIRST!" Unlike those comments, mine are still in some way related to the article's subject matter.
    Pretty sure none of these articles have anything to do with the head of a penis.
    I mentioned "these bands"... What you're implying is that my comments consist solely of the word "bellend" rather than it being used in a sentence.
    Would be cool to see and Exodus/Slayer Strike of the Beast jam.
    Will this be another "Clash of the Titans" tour (well, a similar version)? I've read up on that tour and this seems similar (well, besides Slayer. You know how that one goes). But that would be awesome to see a similar Clash of the Titans. Maybe with Metallica this time.