Slayer Frontman Excited For Working With The New Drummer

Tom Araya talks about playing with Jon Dette once again after more than a decade, latest live footage and more.

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After the performance at this year's Soundwave festival in Australia last Saturday, Slayer frontman Tom Araya took some time to talk about the "drummer situation" the band's got into after Dave Lombardo's recent replacement for the current Australian tour.

The singer did not address the drama that's been going on or the question of Lombardo's future in the band, but focused on the replacement drummer Jon Dette instead. Araya went on to express his excitement for reuniting with Dette, adding that his drumming skills have gone nowhere but up since the last time they played together in Slayer.

"He actually played in the band for, like, three years. It's gonna be good. He's matured and I'm sure he's gotten much better on the drums. It'll be exciting, and I think that's just gonna pump everything up even more. I can tell you this: Jon's gonna have a lot of energy. He's known to play very fast, and he's gotten better at that."

Dette, who is currently handling the drummer duties of both Slayer and Anthrax couldn't hide the excitement either, but has confessed that it will also prove as the ultimate test.

"I got a call from Kerry and he said, 'Hey, what are you doing next week when you're in Australia when you're not playing for Anthrax?' And I said, 'Drinking.' [laughs] He said, 'Well, you might wanna hold off the drinks, if you can, 'cause we might need you to fill in, if you can.' And I said, 'Of course.' I mean, first, I was kind of taken aback, I was a little paused. But they basically called me and asked if I could do the Australia dates for them. So I will, actually, be playing drums for Anthrax and Slayer at the Soundwave festival in Australia, and then also we have a one-off show - Slayer and Anthrax in Sydney, which, that will definitely put me to the test. 'Cause it's gonna be an hour on stage with Anthrax, and then I've got 20 minutes to take a break, and then it's an hour and 40 with Slayer. So I've got my work cut out for me that night. But I'll man up, I'll make it happen, and it'll be a good show."

The drummer went on to say that he feels "extremely fortunate and privileged" for playing in Slayer from 1995 to 1997, adding that becoming a "part of the Slayer history again is awesome". Taking into consideration that Dette has also played in Testament back in 1994, you could say that he really is privileged as playing with three of the thrash titans is no mean feat.

On the other side, Dave Lombardo is currently sitting out the band's tour, while guitarist Jeff Hanneman is still recovering from necrotising fasciitis, a flesh-eating disease which he has contracted from a spider bite in 2011. According to the latest reports, it is still uncertain when or whether he'll be coming back to Slayer. Therefore, things aren't looking very good for Lombardo and Hanneman.

You can check out the group's performance from Sydney in the video below.

So what are your thoughts about the whole situation and the way things are developing here? And what do you think of the new drummer live? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    As much as I love Holt and Dette, Slayer without Hanneman and Lombardo isn't Slayer to me.
    Superslayergroup set clashes with The Sword at soundwave. Verdict: The Sword > Superslayergroup
    When Jeff gets cured, I'm sure the first thing he'll do with it is flip Kerry and Tom off.
    Digitaldreamdoor ranked Lombardo as the best metal drummer of all time and the 11th best rock drummer of all time, and Slayer replaces him. Idiots.
    Now, let's replace Ulrich with Lombardo...😀👍
    Best thing that could ever happen to metallica would be to get rid of lars. It might even make them metal again like when Cliff was alive...
    Something smells fishy.
    Second Rate
    Agreed. And it's name is Kerry King. That's my theory anyway. I think it's highly suspicious that King is okay with the management taking 90 percent of the band's money. If you ask me, they booted the wrong guy.
    I like how the cameraman zoomed on in that chick's tits during War Ensemble.
    Sorry but as a slayer fan since the early 80's it isn't the same for me anymore. Might as well call it a day and leave with happy memories of a great band.
    I've been a longtime Slayer fan too and they haven't been the band I grew to love since "Season's in the Abyss". I don't want to see them break up or retire but it's starting to look like that might be their best option.
    This poor band...Araya doesnt want to tour anymore beacuse of kids....Daves been angry with kerry for awhile and Jeffs spider surprised if they lasted another year together sad to say.
    Until Hanneman and Lombardo return, and King/Araya apologize to the fans for this, Slayer is dead to me.
    Lombardo's got some crazy shoes to fill but Dette's done a great job in the past. That said, I still think the future of Slayer is in some real trouble.
    any one know why he's also filling in for Anthrax's drummer??
    Charlie Benante (Anthrax) is sitting out the Australian tour due to "personal issues". Two popular pieces of speculation are residual stress from his mother's death, and a very bad situation with the mother of his daughter (both stories were posted here months ago).
    I think the truth is that Dette is carrying King's illegitimate unborn child, and he said he would sue unless King took him on tour. That makes sense.
    Call it a ****ing day already. I hope when Jeff does return he decides to say **** it with slayer.
    "I got a call from Kerry and he said, 'Hey, what are you doing next week when you're in Australia when you're not playing for Anthrax?' And I said, 'Drinking.' [laughs] He said, 'Well, you might wanna hold off the drinks, if you can, 'cause we might need you to fill in, if you can.' And I said, 'Will I get paid?' After a brief moment of silence, Kerry hung up."
    Love Slayer but WHAT THE FUCK? Lombardo is as important as the rest of the band!!
    Being a drummer...Dave was mainly my only reason for ever listening to Slayer. Still business is business and yeah it's rotten but that's the industry. But eh, doesn't really bother me that much since I don't listen to anything past Divine Intervention...
    what happened to all there amps? LOL. i am a drummer, and don't care about old groups changing drummers for what ever reasons. i just expect the new guy to play it like as close to the OG drummer as possible and not over do it.
    How can you, as a musician, expect a musician to go try and copy another musician's playing? Are you really a drummer?
    That disease is just the perfect sounding disease for a Slayer member to get: 'necrotising fasciitis'. It's so metal.
    Hahah no, **** you tom -.- and I'll quote a famous frontman while using another person in this next sentence. "Kerry King deserves to be beated up severaly."
    Slayer are only useful in their original line up these days. If it's just Tom & Kerry, they're a bunch of unneccessary old farts if you ask me.
    Is good that Dette took the spot couse Slayer doesn't deserve neither Dave nor Paul in the drumms anymore.