Slayer, Megadeth, Testament: New Dates For 'American Carnage' Tour

Slayer and Megadeth announce rescheduled dates for the "American Carnage" North American Tour.

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Slayer and Megadeth are thrilled to announce the new, confirmed routing for the "American Carnage" North American Tour, which will commence with the rescheduled "Canadian Carnage East" dates in Quebec City on Friday, July 23. Slayer will then head to Europe for a run of festival dates, returning to kick off the "American Carnage" leg in Albany, NY on August 11.

"American Carnage" will play 26 dates across the United States and Eastern Canada up to the Labor Day weekend, ending in Portland, Oregon on September 4. Testament will be special guest on all shows. Tickets purchased for the "American Carnage" shows when they first went on sale late last year will be honored for these rescheduled dates.

Due to venue availability and other conflicts, the shows originally scheduled in El Paso, Houston, Nashville, Duluth, and Louisville cannot be rescheduled at this time, and ticket holders may obtain refunds at point of purchase. However, new cities have been added to the "American Carnage" itinerary, with dates now scheduled in Cleveland, Kansas City, San Diego, and Sacramento. The confirmed, complete itinerary is below.

The "American Carnage" tour, originally scheduled to take place in January and February, had to be put on hold due to Slayer's vocalist/bassist Tom Araya's ongoing, minimally-invasive treatments for what was diagnosed as a cervical radiculopathy, an occupational hazard for the rocker who is known for aggressively swinging his long mane of hair while performing. Right after the first of the year, Araya made the difficult decision to undergo a surgical procedure, called an anterior cervical discectomy with fusion, a relatively routine practice with an excellent recovery rate. That surgery took place early last week.

The "American Carnage" tour will mark the first time that Slayer, Megadeth and Testament will have toured the US together since 1991's epic "Clash Of The Titans" tour, making this truly a "must-see" event.

Slayer recently announced the rescheduling of its headline tour in Europe, and Megadeth and Testament are currently on tour together playing US cities that will not be on the "American Carnage" itinerary.

"American Carnage" North American tour dates:

07/23 - Pavillon de la Jeunesse, Quebec City, QC Canada 07/24 - Heavy MTL, Parc Jean-Drapeau, Montreal, QC Canada 07/26 - Metro Centre, Halifax, NS Canada 07/27 - Moncton Coliseum, Moncton, NB Canada 07/29 - Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto, ONT Canada 07/30 - John Labatt Centre Center, London, ONT Canada 08/11 - Glens Falls Civic Center, Glens Falls, NY 08/12 - Izod Center, East Rutherford, NJ 08/14 - Tsongas Arena, Boston, MA 08/15 - Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden, NJ 08/16 - Chevrolet Theatre, Wallingford, CT 08/18 - Tower City Amphitheatre, Cleveland, OH 08/19 - Joe Louis Arena, Detroit,MI 08/20 - UIC Pavillon, Chicago, IL 08/21 - Roy Wilkins Auditorium, Minneapolis, MN 08/23 - Cap Fed Park @Sandstone, Kansas City, KS 08/25 - Magness Arena, Denver, CO 08/26 - Tingley Coliseum, Albuquerque, NM 08/27 - Dodge Theatre, Phoenix, AZ 08/29 - Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre, San Diego, CA 08/30 - Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, CA 08/31 - Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA 09/01 - Arco Arena, Sacramento, CA 09/03 - Wamu Theatre, Seattle, WA 09/04 - Washington County Fairgrounds, Portland, OR

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    Hey guys! You're stoppin in Kansas City and Chicago, St Louis is right between! Don't forgot about us!
    I'm glad they finally rescheduled (JULY 26 FUCK YEAH), but I'm still pissed off about the whole ordeal, I should have seen them in November, or in like 20 days, but now i have to wait MONTHS AGAIN
    also sorry for double post but i'd like to say im also glad that its going to be in the summer now instead of the middle of winter hahaha
    Amuro Jay
    Primus2112 wrote: Oh no Texas dates huh? Well **** you too, you sons of bitches! :mad:
    /They're coming through Texas on the Rust In Peace tour, which IMO, should be way better. Unfortunately, I can't go to the RIP tour, and there are no dates in Houston for Carnage, so no Megadeth this year for me
    "WHAT THE FUCK?! THEY TOOK GEORGIA OFF?! *cries*" I hear ya man. I was gonna see them in Gwinett too. *sigh* Oh well, I am still glad I got RIP tour tickets! TOo bad I'll be missing out on the double ticket though. Also glad to hear that Tom is good enough to play!
    Son of a bitch.... Damnit I hate Nashville, we never get any good shows around here. When I first heard of this tour coming through Nashville, I thought finally we'll start getting some good metal concerts, but no as soon as my spirits were raised, Nashville chrushed them in one foul swoop. In short... Fuck you Nashville, **** you.....
    Rabid Chipmunk
    Is the Cricket wireless show on 8/29 still on? it's not on ticketmaster or anything, but other dates are... Damn, they need to come to San Diego, i hope they don't cancel...
    dm1925 wrote: Not one Texas date?
    dude they got 4, yes 4 dates in texas for the RIP 20 aniv tour. I wish they have one of the RIP dates or American Carnage in NYC god damnit! Guess I'm going to Jersey then.
    Going to Joe Louis Arena in Michigan! Maybe I can get tickets to see them for my birthday, which is three days later.
    Does anyone know when the tickets will be on sale on ticketmaster for the san diego date? I'll cut my balls off if I don't go. I missed Megadeth in 08 when they came with In Flames and Children of Bodom. It's not happening again.
    Seattle was supposedly the first date, now I have to wait almost 8 more months to see Megadeth.
    Eddie4President wrote: Too bad this whole exchange made me hate Tom Araya and most of Slayer. They should have been kicked off the tour. Anyway, thank God for Megadeth.
    Get this - they are co-headlining. You don't just kick a headlining band off of a tour, especially one like American Carnage, where part of the attraction is seeing both Megadeth and Slayer on the same stage. This is coming from someone who doesn't even like Slayer. Glad Tom is feeling better and I hope I can make the Minneapolis date. Megadeth ftw.
    Damn Utah doesn't want them here either... *tear* Denver here I come!
    Finally they are coming to halifax. Just wait and I bet Dave Mustaine is going to lose an arm or something....
    I'm so excited to see Slayer! Fuckin' favourite band. Don't mind my name. I made this account 5 years ago when I was only into like, punk rock. lol.
    Too bad this whole exchange made me hate Tom Araya and most of Slayer. They should have been kicked off the tour. Anyway, thank God for Megadeth.
    Eddie4President wrote: Too bad this whole exchange made me hate Tom Araya and most of Slayer. They should have been kicked off the tour. Anyway, thank God for Megadeth.
    Why would you hate on Slayer for it? That makes no sense...>_
    SLAYER!!!!! I will be in Phoenix, driving damn near 12 hours to see them with Testament, and to point lasers at Dave!
    Gah why not Tulsa?!? Looks like I'm driving to Kansas City... can't miss this one
    wait a sec... if their playing heavy MTL now... doe sthat mean my ticket for their bell centre show that got delayed is still good or what...FUCK this is annoying...
    damm these new dates, now there is a good chance i wont be able to go. i had already bought a ticket which worked great for me on the original dat. oh well i guess as long as Tom feels better thats all that matters
    This sucks! They're not coming to Nashville anymore! I got so excited when I saw this and that crushed me.
    brett dixon
    I feel good about the new date. I was able to make both the old one and the new one. Good thing I kept my ticket!!