Slayer Officially Replace Dave Lombardo with Paul Bostaph

Bostaph played with the band between 1992 and 2001 - but should the band still be called Slayer?

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Slayer have officially replaced founding drummer Dave Lombardo with Paul Bostaph, Metal Insider reports.

It's not the first time that Bostaph has joined the Slayer lineup, after a long stint in the '90s between 1992 and 2001 when Lombardo first left the band. He's also a former Exodus member, so Gary Holt who remains in both bands will rock alongside him once again.

"Paul's a great drummer and a good friend, and we're very happy that he's decided to rejoin the band," said Slayer frontman Tom Araya. "We're still pretty numb from the loss of Jeff [Hanneman, the founding Slayer guitarist who died on May 2], but we don't want to disappoint our European and South American fans, and we need to begin moving forward... Having Paul back in the band makes that a whole lot easier."

"I'm very excited to be rejoining Slayer," added Bostaph. "We spent a very intense ten years of our lives together, had a lot of fun, made a lot of great music, so for me, this feels like coming home."

Slayer might be reeling from the sudden death of Jeff Hanneman, but ultimately they've got fans to please and a business to run, so it's great to see them reunited with a drummer who's already proven himself in their ranks.

What do you think of the current Slayer lineup? Let us know in the comments.

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    My hatred for Kerry is starting to increase more and more
    Come on people, I really hate Kerry for every little thing he did this year, but Paul Bostaph is an amazing drummer and if Gary becomes a permanent member I'm pretty sure there's a really good album coming.
    That's the thing though, Gary shouldn't be a permanent member. He said he was just a temporary member, and Exodus needs him.
    I don't see that happening, as Hannemann either fully wrote or had a large part in Slayer's songs. Look at all of the writing credits on Slayer's albums - the only album where he didn't write half of the music was God Hates Us All, and that's considered one of their worst albums. Without Jeff, I can't see any new music from Slayer being any good.
    That's not true. Kerry also wrote most of Christ Illusion and Divine Intervention, and he wrote songs for every Slayer album. Is agree Jeff is better sonwriter and he did write most of the best Slayer songs, but Kerry knows how to write good songs too.
    I don't remember seeing KK's name in the entire article. Get off your high horse moron.
    Sure, it's not like Jeff is dead, Lombardo is out of picture and Araya never had anything on leading the band.
    "Slayer might be reeling from the sudden death of Jeff Hanneman, but ultimately they've got fans to please and a business to run" Really? Surely you could stop for a few months?
    I think they're gonna piss off a percentage of their fan base no matter what they do. In a way I can see why they don't want to disappoint fans who've already bought tickets for the shows they had booked before Jeff's passing. Remains to be seen what they do once those shows have been played though...
    I thought Jeff wasn't even touring with them for the past year or so?
    Every famous band it's like a company, where lots of people work. If they cancel any tour date they lose lots of money, and those money doesn't belong to the band only, they have to pay all the other people that work behind them.
    I think the problem is not so much that they're playing the dates anyway or even that paul is playing with them (though i still don't like it.) It's more they flatout replaced dave. They could have laid low, played the dates as tribute gigs then worked out what to do from there, but after losing a pillar of slayer kerry as burnt another...
    Listen to Shovel Headed Kill Machine. This could work really well.
    Surely Jeff's death would be the thing to actually make Kerry stop and think "Wow, best to re-build bridges while I still have the chance" and reach out to Dave and apologise, but no. Fucking *****
    Yeah, one of the things I liked about Slayer was the fact that it consisted of the same people who were in the band at the begining. And now when the best songwriter is dead and my favourite drummer left the band I am really concerned about the future of Slayer.
    They need to stop. Slayer kinda sucked anyway. They have some great songs, but Jeff wrote them. Kerry is the worst lead guitarist and one of the worst song-writers I've ever heard, Tom's monotone voice is annoying, the bass is non-existent and their albums sound like garbage because of Rick Rubin. We probably could have had another bad ass Exodus album by now if it weren't for 'Slayer.'
    Slayer was the opposite of suck back when they made Hell Awaits though. I mean...come on. But they had their original lineup and they were still young. That will never happen again. They should stop.
    I definitely agree with your last statement, about having another Exodus album. While overall, I am (or was?) a bigger Slayer fan than Exodus fan, I wasn't that impressed by World Painted Blood, but I was blown away by Exhibit B... The Human Condition. I'd go so far as to say, in my opinion, that it's one of the best recent thrash albums to come out. I'd rather Gary stop giving Slayer his attention, and go back to HIS band, Exodus, and put out another kick ass album. But, hey, that's just my opinion, as a fan, so, what do I know?
    Sucks in my humble opinion. Doesn't seem like Slayer anymore. Yes, Bostaph IS a great drummer, and he was an important part of the bands history. However, when Bostaph was with the band initially for nine years, Jeff was still there. Some bands, I feel like, can pull off personnel changes much better than others. Slayer is just one of those bands where with only half of the original/core line-up, it just doesn't seem worth much in the context of Slayer. Honestly, if Dave was still a member, I wouldn't have a problem with them continuing. Basically, I feel like if they still had three quarters of the original line-up it would work very well. This, no. I must also clarify that I don't doubt the capabilities of any of the members involved, they can all perform well in their respective roles.
    The correct answer would be to call it quits since no Dave, and Jeff was better than Kerry.
    Kerry and Tom should just come up with a new name and make music/tour with that. Slayer is not one of those bands that can be continued if any of their members is gone. Every single one of them is irreplaceable.
    I knew it, and i'm pretty happy about this. I don't know why the fans are so pissed with that ? He's been an important member by the past, who'd be better than him to do the job ? Hanneman passes away, it's sad but they don't want Slayer to die and it's a great thing.
    I don't know why the fans are so pissed with that ? Because fans get pissed off when bands do anything. And then they get pissed off when you do the opposite of what pissed them off before. It's always a lose-lose situation.
    "after a long stint in the '90s between 1992 and 2001 when Lombardo first left the band." Just to be pedantic, he left briefly in 1986, too.
    It's nothing against Paul or Gary. It really isn't. But permanently being down Jeff and Dave... two very key components of their sound... you really can't call them Slayer anymore. They may still wind up being a great band, but that just isn't Slayer to me.
    Ed T H
    Grade A douchebagerry... I paid to watch SLAYER, not an ego-maniac [King], a tool [Araya] and two replacements...
    This is just sad. You'd think that with the tragedy of Jeff dying they would've tried to mend broken relationships in his memory, but this just makes Slayer seem like a business rather than a band.
    Tom Araya Paul bostaph Kerry King Gary Holt? I don't think that would work. maybe idk.
    Okay, they really need to break up. They could maybe both call it quits and form one band that plays from both discographies, but even then I don't know how most fans (including myself) would feel about that. Looks like it's the "big 3 1/2" now....
    While they're at it they should revise their band name along with their band members.. Slaxodus... Or Exodayer? Regardless, I can't end a discussion about Slayer without saying f*ck Kerry King.
    I really dig the albums with Paul and I'm glad to see him back but, Slayer is dead to me.
    Didn't their guitarist die like a week ago? I mean I don't even listen to slayer ,but since they've lost two founding members they probably should consider calling it a day.
    As the saying you can't please everybody at once, I seen them with Paul and with Dave, It was great, but they should hang the name up, Slayer is done. End of story, develop a new name and tour off it, thin lizzy did amongst other bands did as well in the past,...