Slayer Release 'Implode'

Their first new song in five years - give it a listen here!

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Slayer has returned with a brand new song.

Aptly entitled "Implode," the pummeling assault of metal music not only serves as the band's first new material in five years, but also marks their first release since the passing of guitarist Jeff Hanneman in May 2013.

AsĀ Consequence of Sound notes, "Implode" was debuted at last night's Golden Gods Awards in Los Angeles. The band then made the studio version available for free download through its website. Listen to a stream below.

According to Rolling Stone, Slayer recorded the song in Los Angeles earlier this month with producers Terry Date and Greg Fidelma. The band intends to drop a new album in early 2015, which will be release via their own yet-unnamed record label.

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    1:49 Damage Inc riff.
    The opening sounds like something from the Metallica Presidio demos, particularly the one that had the prototype All Nightmare Long riff.
    to me the opening sounded like something from Megadeth and then proceeds to go all Metallica/some 90s thrash band. But my opinion should be irrelevant since I haven't listened to anything from Slayer cuz I never found them interesting so I don't really know what they sound like.
    It's close but it isn't the exact riff. I had to listen to it a few times. It's like maybe 80 or 90 percent similar but not the exact note for note riffing.
    Miles better than what I was expecting. Nothing monumental, however. But a good and heavy tune is always alright in my book.
    I actually find this quite OK after a couple of listenings. Nothing spectacular, but not terrible either.
    I agree. My mind is still open to new Slayer music being good but nothing about this track really grabbed me. It reminds me of some of the lesser tracks on God Hates Us All - pretty heavy, not bad but not really close to their best stuff.
    Am I the only one who though it was pretty good?
    I love it, sounds like something out of Christ Illusion. You can tell they tried hard with it so like they've got a new wind of inspiration to celebrate Jeff. Love the solo too
    No, you are not the only one. It has great moments. And thank f#@k Rick Rubin was not involved in its production. Looking forward to the new album
    I have listened to the new song about 5 or 6 times now and its getting a little better but my first thought was "this is the song they chose to release after jeffs passing?!" i'm not gonna say its terrible but it just left me feeling like there had to be more. it reminds me of the diabolus era sound, not the old school thrash that got me into them. i guess it sounds like i expected, nothing amazing but not terrible, still better than a lot of shit out there today
    I mean, it started off good but then just...meh
    i think its just boring. it doesnt go anywhere interesting and that transition in the middle feels awkward to me
    everyone expects the most amazing brand new thing that no ones ever heard, its a ****ing band thats been around over 20 years. Your surprised it sounds like a modern slayer? Its not my favorite thing in the world, but its a killer track
    It's not bad. Just a bit simple, and sometimes that's not a bad thing.
    I came for the hate, and I was not disappointed. I think this is a pretty solid song.
    I like this. Nothing godly amazing but still good. There is no Jeff but still good amount of SSSssslayerr!
    True fans of technical fusion jazz progressive metal are hating Slayer right now. For me this track maybe isn't superb but definitly there's power in it.
    By no means do I think it's a masterpiece, but I am digging a lot of the riffs. The mid-paced intro is really neat. The solos are your basic King whammy action, although I wasn't expecting anything more, to be honest.
    I like it. It doesn't sound like the Slayer I know and love, but I sill like it. It's heavy, and somewhat raw and still aggressive and ugly. Sounds like a band I'd be moshing and drinking my face off to down at the bar. I love it. Would love to hear more.
    To paraphrase that bumper sticker that has been floating for a while. Slayer is a lot like sex. When it's good, it's really good. When it's bad, it's still pretty good
    I've been a diehard Slayer fan since 1990 and I've defended them since... But if this song is any indication of where Slayer is headed - I'm pretty disappointed. The track isn't terrible but there's nothing about it to be excited about either. "Implode" sounds like it could have been a filler song on God Hates Us All. I'm not giving up on the idea that Slayer might still have some good music left in the tank but this song, unfortunately, has me wondering if "World Painted Blood" was anything more than a death rattle.
    Surprisingly good. Made me realize how long it's been since i listened to a Slayer track. Honestly, it sounds like Slayer should It's not like anyone were expecting something new and groundbreaking. This is exactly what we want. Loud and angry!
    really tell you that Jeff is the brain behind Slayer... now Slayer sounds like just 'another' metal band..... since the dawn of time if Kerry had his complete way... there wouldnt have been a SLAYER there for us to idiolize...
    A little boring but not too bad. I thought we would get something worse so i guess this is ok.
    .... Dude what the ****, even Tom sounds like not wanting to sing, no man... just no!