Slayer Release Official Statement On Dave Lombardo's Replacement

Slayer disagree with Dave Lombardo's substance or timeline of events.

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As we have said earlier longtime Slayer drummer was left in a state of shock after being replaced for the group's forthcoming tour in Australia.

Slayer has released the following statement (via regarding the band's decision to replace drummer Dave Lombardo for the upcoming Australian tour:

"Slayer confirms that Jon Dette will drum for the band on its Australian tour that starts this Saturday, February 23 in Brisbane.

"As regards Dave Lombardo's Facebook post, Slayer does not agree with Mr. Lombardo's substance or the timeline of the events, except to acknowledge that Mr. Lombardo came to the band less than a week before their scheduled departure for Australia to present an entirely new set of terms for his engagement that were contrary to those that had been previously agreed upon.

"The band was unable to reach an agreement on these new demands in the short amount of time available prior to leaving for Australia. There is more to the account than what Mr. Lombardo has offered, but out of respect to him, Slayer will not be commenting further. Slayer is grateful to its Australian fans for their understanding of this unfortunate last-minute change, and very much looks forward to seeing them at these shows."

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    Woah. The Bill Ward Effect.
    Dave's new demands: 1. Pay me
    From what Dave said it sounds like Slayer's management is ripping them all off, and Dave is the one paying the biggest price.
    Second Rate
    I get the distinct feeling it is not Slayer's management ripping them off, but rather Slayer's management AND a certain overweight, overrated, over tattooed guitar player. If Dave's statement is/was even half true.... i get the distinct feeling that Kerry King may be engaging in some type of shady financial activity.
    They kicked out the only real talent in the band, now all they have is a weak voice, a 2 note bass and random shred guitars
    Please someone tell me he is just out in the Australian Tour and he will be in the CD
    This wasn't written by Slayer. No more need be said, it's all bullshit.
    If it was written by slayer they would have used "we" instead of "the band" or "slayer". It was clearly written by some PR rep or something.
    This was definitely not written by lawyers. No one with the education of a 12-year old writes "Slayer does not agree with Mr. Lombardo's substance..."
    It can be actually. The band's manager (or separate legal representative if the manager isn't that already) has full ability to make legal demands. Band managers also make decisions on behalf of the band, so "Slayer does not agree with Mr. Lombardo's substance..." is written correctly, as he stands for Slayer as a whole.
    It isn't written correctly. You can't disagree with a person's substance. You can disagree with the substance of their statements. I can't believe I just had to explain that.
    I agree with you that it's more than just a bit clunky, but when broken down, it still works. It was stated that: "Slayer does not agree with Mr. Lombardo's substance or the timeline of the events..." If it were just, "does not agree with Mr. Lombardo's timeline of the events," we'd all be good with that, right? Similarly, "does not agree with Mr. Lombardo's substance of the events," would also work (although that's a horrible way to phrase it). I think that they could have left out the word 'the' before 'timeline'. Overall, it's indeed silly that we're stuck on the phrasing, but I'll admit that, while I'm certainly far from perfect, I am a bit of a grammar nazi. Back to the larger topic at hand, I really hope that the guys in Slayer all figure out how to not get screwed by the management/lawyers, stick together, and come out with some great new stuff!!
    I can't believe you actually give a shit. One of the big 4 is falling apart and your arguing about ****ing grammar? Someone who has worked their ass off with this band (and might I add the only member of the band that can hold his shit together live) isn't being paid and that is what you care about? Jesus Christ....
    kill it
    Now it's time for a former big 4 super group. Marty Friedman Jason Newstead John Bush Dave Lombardo
    It sounds like you're one guitarist short. After all, all of the big 4 have multiple guitarists. Let's throw in... Chris Poland. Ya...
    Ummm....this actually sounds like the most bad ass thing I've ever heard. Can we make this happen? Do we have the technology?
    And they could call it "Four on the Floor", because that's where the Big 4 would be...sitting down & watching these guys.
    Please stop it.... the merely imagination of seeing a lineup like that blows my mind away.
    This sort of thing tends to be money related. Its a shame I thought slayer were a pretty tight group of mates but the lure of money can break even the closest friendships I guess
    I don't think that it's the "lure of money" as much as it's a professional (Lombardo) wanting to be paid fairly for doing his job. He's not being greedy he's just wanting to be treated fairly. Who here wouldn't be pissed off if all of a sudden your job cut your wages without explanation?
    From what I got from his post he said the band was making only 10% of the earnings, meaing each member got only 2.5% of the bands overall earnings, which is absolutely rediculous. Their the ones playing they shows, after all.
    im stunnded, i mean why didnt they just sey, 'no man sorry we are gonna stick with the plan, you came a bit too late with that one, maby next time buddy' i mean they are firends and band mates for 30 years, and they just **** him off for something like this.
    I'm sure there's a lot more to it than that. I imagine this is actually long chain of events where they finally went, "Dave, we've had enough. Sorry. You're fired."
    Sounds like that's what they did? He came a week before the tour and wanted to change everything. That's a big headache, I'm sure.
    They (Whoever 'they' may be) weren't telling Dave how much he was getting paid, or when he would get it. He toured all of 2012 and was then told he wasn't getting paid after-the-fact.
    I love reading some of these comments. All the I can't believe this and last thing I expect from one of the big 4. Let's not forget Dave left Slayer and didn't return for NINE years. Not to mention when he left after touring for Reign In Blood in 1986 for the same damn reason. He wasn't getting paid. So I'm not exactly shocked at this. That said, I saw Slayer with Jeff and Dave. Prior to Jeff contracting his disease. Jeff was and always has been the actual guitar player in that band. He was good and Dave's drumming was good as well. The only 2 with talent in the band so I wasn't surprised. Let me tell you, the show was ****ing weak and almost pathetic. But IDK how they planned on topping Megadeth who had just played Rust In Peace (an album that shit's all over Slayer's entire catalog and then butt ****s it) in it's entirety with David Ellefson back on bass then come out and play more of their big songs and some newer material. Not to mention Testament who opened the show and just owned it. I literally left after about 7 songs with my buddy going "you know what? that's about it. I've seen them. I could care and I've had about enough of the over the top 'look at me I'm so metal I have a slayer shirt' guys." I've never seen someone with less stage presence than Kerry King...and I've been to a Cure show. My stance on this is they're ****ing him around again. It's no secret that King is pretty much the majority share holder in Slayer and I wouldn't be shocked if it turned out he was ****ing Dave over. Kerry King is an overrated ****ing douche bag. No shit, by far one of the worst guitar players out there. Did he some how manage to write some cool shit in the 80s and early 90s? Yea. Now not so much. I swear I only read interviews with this guy to get angry at how ****ing dumb he is. Just reading or seeing him speak about actual guitar playing is like watching a retard try to lick his elbow. If they gave him a tennis racket on stage instead of a guitar he'd sound better. And his whole "I'm in Slayer I'm so bad ass" bullshit. Give it a rest dude. Slayer hasn't been anything great since Seasons. You're a joke. I'm talking a lot of shit here and I could give a rats fat ass. I enjoy their music up to Seasons but I'm not gonna kiss ass here. These guys should have called it a day a long time ago.
    King is a drama Queen. I for one won't be investing any more money in this band or any of their half-assed attempts at merchandising.
    This clearly was not written by any actual band member of Slayer, it came from a PR/legal department. So **** these guys for hiding behind beuracracy and not having the stones to just come and say "****'em, we're greedy, deal with it". At least that's honest. Lombardo will be better off without Slayer. He will at least have dignity. Bunch of crybaby old-timer pussies. Slayer aren't the reigning champions of metal like Kerry King wants to believe, and they haven't been for a long time.
    At this rate I won't be surprised to hear Tom's interested in becoming a respiratory therapist again and Jeff's going into musical hiatus to take things easy.
    Dr. Knox666
    WTF! Don't those guys have enough balls to make a statement on their own instead of lawyers and shit? Incredible that they haven't talked about Dave's demands but kicked him out at once. I'm a huge Slayer fan but this goes way to far.
    a lot of the times they can't for legal reasons. Their manager makes all decisions and can shut an artist down...they're under contract so they can't exactly just waltz out of it.
    It's not really about having balls or not its about contracts. It sucks but that's how it is - especially once you're dealing with major labels.
    If you have ever had to deal with a legal case you would know that you cannot come out and say what is real, it drags on and on for months, maybe years, all the time you have to keep your mouth shut or the whole case is jeopardised. Lawyers = Scum It's a shame they couldn't have settled it like old mates over a few beers, it'll only get uglier from here.
    I will not be seeing Slayer anytime soon. Saw them will Jeff Hanneman and with Gary Holt. Both times from the pit, and i even caught Holt's pick. But this is just retarded. They should be able to come to an agreement with Dave, he is pretty important and fans clearly like him. He is probably one of the best metal drummers around. It shouldn't even be called Slayer now, just the Kerry King show with guest Tom Araya, Gary Holt, and some random pussy drummer. And another point, so now the new Slayer album will have no Hanneman or Lombardo???
    The Hanneman thing isn't anyone's fault though. The guy got a disease. Can't really blame them for that.
    I wasn't blaming anyone for the issues with Hanneman. I should've explaned myself a little better on that subject i suppose. But still, Jeff Hanneman is missed.
    I'm thinking about the new slayer album constantly. What the **** is it going to sound like with no Hanneman and possibly no Lombardo?
    Maybe it's time for someone to release a movie called "Bill Ward Effect" and replacing "Stop Crying Your Heart Out" by "Stop Scamming Your Drummer Out" in the end?
    Looking back to this comment, this was a really bad joke... but yeah, pay Lombardo, man.
    Think how many people are going to be put off seeing Slayer after these events, not going to go well for both sides by the sounds of it.
    also keep in mind these dudes are all business partners not friends, they dont talk or chill outside of slayer. king and hanneman dont get along and clearly the others are no better
    Oh, and if i do end up going, rest assure there will be a hell of alot of "DAVE LOM-BAR-DO" chants started.
    If this happens, I want footage! Maybe KK will start berating them like Axl or something.
    i met kerry king and dave lombardo last summer at two meet and greets (kerry at a georges music store and dave at a music school) on the same day. kerry was kinda a dick, basically telling people "heres your sig a picture f*** off." and didnt look like he wanted to even be there. i was talking to dave at the other meet and greet and he seems like the nicest person in the world and when i mentioned kerry king and how he was kinda being a douche he told me "he probably isnt drunk yet"among other things and the way he talked about him sounded like they were having issues with each other. i think theres alot more to this then the money.
    Carl Hungus
    I think you are exactly correct. They have had problems with each other since the eighties when Dave was newly married and wanted to take his wife on tour. Essentially friction between those two caused Dave to leave back in the nineties. It sounds like Kerry is the one with the strongest voice in the band, kinda like James is in Metallica.
    Screw Kerry King. I know he's a bit of an punkass, but I thought he could at least be respectful to his own band mates.
    Well armed with Kerry Kings awesome talent they will go on to great things..... Oh. Kerry King /Tom Araya = Paul Stanley /Gene Simmons but with less ability.
    Engagements, contracts, terms, agreements, blablablah... how hard can it be to simply play music and get paid what is due? Band drama always sounds ridiculous.
    So i think we're all on the same page.... Kerry King is a pussy hiding behind lawyers, Slayer is now a total joke, and the aussies get shafted of a half way decent show? Hope the money was worth ruining a bands long time credibility / reputation.
    Its OK, they are playing Soundwave. There are 6 other bands on at the same time, and a whole bunch more acts on after them. They'll play for 45 minutes, there will be 7 people watching them, and the day will go on.
    What a bunch of limp-dick chumps, working for peanuts... Less than 10% of their money. Sounds like any other employees being exploited by their brand. Slayer... they're so underground and metal still, they never 'sold-out' like those Metallica guys who actually still have control of their own band.
    I for one am glad, I've seen Slayer 6 times at festivals and that's 5 too many! Save a few songs, they're vastly overrated. I'd much rather see Lombardo back in Testament if Gene Hoglan decides not to stick around after the tour. Either that or he should start up something with Adam Duce and Rob Caggiano who've left Machine Head and Anthrax recently.
    Dear Slayer....or whats left of what used to be Slayer. Please notice the like/dislike ratio on this thead to see what your fans think of this. (at the moment it is at 1:51 not very good)
    Just pay the man and let him play, how complicated could that possibly be?
    It clearly was about more than just pay. People assuming that Dave's post on facebook is all there is to it are being naive.
    And then there were two...the lame two. Hanneman, come back Slayer needs you! And'll be missed
    link no1
    The lame two? The only lame member of Slayer in my opinion is King. His input into the band seems to be 'he looks badass', that and those things he calls solos.
    Didn't he have this issue before? The man has bills and family to support... Is it too much to ask before a tour so he can take care of business?
    Dave has always acted as a professional in his time with and away from Slayer. His side of the story seems a lot more sincere. This is a PR statement trying to not hurt the bands image (cough Kerry King's)
    Official statement my ass. A load of of lawyer "speaks a lot says nothing" bullshit.
    at least with daves talent, he will move on and create new music on his own terms, and actually get paid. it sucks now but it will get better.
    Maybe, just maybe, Metallica will come to their senses and do the ol' drummer switcharoo. >Shaft Lars >Get Lombardo >??? >Profit Will never happen though, Seeing as Lars owns pretty much everything to do with Metallica.
    In 2004 I saw Metallica play Download with Lombardo as Lars was in hospital ill. I will NEVER experience that again
    Slayer kicked out the only real talent in the band, all they have left now is a 2 notes bass, and random shred guitars
    its fine. slayer will put out 2 or 3 crap albums than bring him back for a album Nd tour, after that they'll be like 75 so they'll retire with Dave on drums.
    It looks to me like between Jeff's spider bite, Tom's neck problem, & Kerry's personality disorder; KK is trying to shoot himself in the foot so the band can completely screw up their money making potential in the twilight of the band's career. Their image is retarded to me but their sound as a band is awesome. Foolish business dealings all around in my opinion.
    its amazing to see that the bigger a band gets.. the more polotics get involved!!
    once any band finishes recording their first album it's all about the money. unless they're past 50 and we're talking about supergroups.
    do you know what it costs to record an album, and then tour in support of that album? especially if its your first...
    This is insane ! Slayer without Dave ! Last thing I expected from a Big4 This is what I like about member left because of such politics.
    Jason would like a word with you..
    Money had very little to do with his departure.
    It was a deal where Jason wanted to work on musical side projects and things of that nature. That didn't sit well with James.
    Actually, the official story is that Newsted wanted the band to take a break from being a band and work out some details, then come back with a fresh perspective and write a killer album. Newsted would have done side projects, yes, but Metallica wanted to keep going so they just kicked him out. Newsted went on to do various things including joining Voivod. Metallica went on to write St. Anger. So it looks like Newsted actually won that battle.
    Yup, exactly. (I secrectly like Sweet Amber off of St. Anger...but don't tell anyone) Heard Jason's new shit? Very, very good!
    Metallica didnt actually kick Jason. Jason made the choice himself, and for good reasons ofc.