Slayer Singer Loses Voice

Slayer were forced to cut their set short in Munich, Germany after frontman Tom Araya lost his voice mid-performance.

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Slayer were forced to cut their set short in Munich, Germany Monday night (09/27) after frontman Tom Araya lost his voice mid-performance. The following report was e-mailed to by a web site visitor in Munich:

"[The show] started quite good with a lively Hatebreed performance. Slipknot doing a nice show as well. And then the almighty Slayer! They started off great, played very tight and full of energy. Then they started 'Dead Skin Mask' .. and [Tom] Araya stopped singing!!! No one in the audience knew what was going on they still played on but without vocals. Then they took a 5-10 minute break without informing the audience what was going on. They started again with 'South Of Heaven'? but atill no vocals! Araya gesturing to the audience? But still no one knew what the story was. Again a few minutes break. Then they started 'Raining Blood' with the Hatebreed singer [Jamey Jasta] on vocals. After the song, Araya took the microphone to say 'I'm sorry' with a broken voice, nearly not being able to speak at all. And then they went off stage. There was a lot of confusion in the audience! I'm sure if they had asked the audience there would have been a few in there knowing the lyrics and being able to take over the mic, but they just left. I wonder if they'll try tro make up something to the disappointed fans now... This definitely wasn't value for money. I hope Tom will get better soon! Good luck to him and the other guys... Think it wasn't their fault they should try and make it up to the fans at some point though."

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    TOM KICKS ASS i hope ur voice holds out in Denver, or ill have to take over the mic. SLAYER RULES! oh yeah and im i the only one who thinks its bad@ss that the singer from hatebreed sang rain in blood?
    Fuck man, I hope Tom gets better. I'm gonna dedicate my next show to him when me and my band play dead skin mask. Get well soon Tom!!!
    LMAO that dumbass from Hatebreed sang the wrong song I heard. He was supposed to sing Raining Blood but I heard that he sang Angel of Death.