Slayer Still Uncertain Of Jeff Hanneman Coming Back

Kerry King talks about the guitarist's current health condition and recovery.

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It's been over two years since Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman contracted necrotizing fasciitis, a flesh-eating disease that has forced him to miss out on both live shows and studio work ever since.

He is now temporarily replaced by Gary Holt from Exodus until the full recovery is reached, but according to guitarist Kerry King, that time might not come anywhere in the near future. King has described the current situation as a "wait-and-see thing", meaning that both the band and the fans need to be patient and hope for the best.

"If he came in, knocked on my door in five minutes and said, 'Hey dude, I'm ready, let's go practice', I'd say, 'Good, get your gear, let's go practice'. But until that day comes, I've gotta cover Slayer's butt and have his gig filled in", the guitarist tells

"'Cause I don't want it to be a carousel, where there's, if Gary can't do it we get somebody else and if he can't do it we get somebody else again. I want to have continuity. We told Gary when our schedule is and said, 'Please keep it open', because we don't know when Jeff's gonna be able to play guitar. Jeff's kind of like a wait-and-see thing."

King has also expressed his hope for releasing a new album during 2013, adding that we might be in for something slightly different this time around.

"I think it's pretty much Slayer. As a guitar player I try to come up with things I've never heard us do or maybe I've never heard anybody else do, but still in the parameters of super heavy music. If you get a surprise, I would say chances are it's still heavy; you're just not used to hearing heavy in that way".

As far as the current state of metal music goes, King describes it as "status quo", with no proper "suitor to the throne" in sight.

"It seems to me like it's just cruising along, status quo. I'm yet to see anything new that's like a threat, not even a threat, like the next suitor to the throne. You've first got your Maiden, Sabbath and Priest and then you've got Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax, Testament and bands like that. After that, there's a lot of bands, but I don't think anybody's the chief, you know what I mean?"

We are all hoping for Jeff Hanneman's fastest possible recovery, but what are your opinions on the other subjects? Wondering what the new album will sound like? And do you agree that there really is no "suitor to the throne" of metal music at this moment? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    I love Gary and I think he's fantastic, but Slayer just doesn't feel quite right without Jeff playing guitar. I hope he can fully recover at some point so we can see him live again.
    i hope he recovers too... Slayer just isnt the same without him. as far as a successors to the throne go, id say Machine Head is the number one contender
    And Mastodon aren't?
    just my opinion champ.
    I didn't intend to criticize your opinion, I also agree with you.
    no problwm mastodon are definitely up there
    mastodon aint your classic example of thrash metal though
    I think Kerry wasn't just talking about Thrash Metal bands. I mean, before he mentions some Thrash Metal bands he points NWOBHM bands and Sabbath as examples . On any previous case, Mastodon certainly doesn't fit, I just referenced them as in the whole genre. There are obviously some other bands, Ghost for example comes to my mind, but I do think that the "future" is on Djent bands like Periphery, the way their fanbase grew in such a short amount of time is impressive.
    I totally agree. moreover, jeff is the only one capable of giving the performance that the fans want, reflecting the songs lyrics through his playing, i mean when he's up there he looks like he's possessed by a heavy metal spawn of satan. I LIKE IT!
    Although Hanneman is kinda one of Slayer's trademarks, Holt is a beast and also a better guitarist. I'd have no problem with buying a Slayer album with him on the guitar.
    "I'm yet to see anything new that's like a threat, not even a threat, like the next suitor to the throne. You've first got your Maiden, Sabbath and Priest and then you've got Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax, Testament and bands like that." Because the only good music ever written was between 1970-1989. I'm so sick of this "MODERN BANDS ARE THE BADS, LISTEN TO THE 80's" horse shit. Respect your elders and their influence on modern metal; but please, stop putting them on this pedestal as if they were the only good bands to exist.
    You couldn't be any more correct. I can't stand when newer music goes unappreciated due to what inspired it. Yes, the classics are indeed the classics. But that's just it: Classics can't be compared to young blood, and vice versa. The odds of a band like Animals as Leaders outselling Iron Maiden or Metallica is unlikely, because we've got people who can't get out of the past and observe the world they live in.
    Good god. Thank you. Considering there are bands like Pallbearer around I'd say metal is doing just fine.
    [q] As a guitar player I try to come up with things I've never heard us do ...[/q] ...Has he never heard a Slayer album? I mean I love Slayer, but if this is aim, he is missing the mark.
    "Jeff Hanneman contracted necrotizing fasciitis, a flesh-eating disease" Flesh eating diseade ... now that typical slayer lyrics
    Am I the only one who'd want Brent Hinds to play in Slayer? He just gets along so well with Jeff and has that same badass attitude.
    I dont think he would be a good fit. He is best at spacey music but can rock when he wants to. I want another mastodon album if anything.
    I'm a HUGE Slayer and Jeff Hanneman fan so to see him get healthy and come back is the best case scenario. With that said... I can't help but think that hearing a Slayer album with Kerry King and Gary Holt on guitars would be extremely interesting.
    Regardless of how the situation turns out slayer is coming out with a new album and hopefully will tour which is awesome....SLAYER!!!!!
    not a huge slayer fan, but flesh eating disease? god damn man regardless of what style plays, that sucks ass. get better soon dude
    has kerry heard any djent? I think like the whole Djent thing is the current trend in metal and like AAL or Periphery or Tesseract is the like king of it.
    It's had a loyal fan base, but that whole style seems to be really controversial. I think too many people hate it for it really get huge, but we'll see. Mentioning Periphery UG will normally get you a ton of downvotes.
    being that metal is not popular like it was and 98% of bands scream or dont sing (and when they do sing they sound like women) nowadays my answer would be 'duh'. metal can never reach the stratussphere so long as everyones screaming there heads off and not writing songs in traditional fashion, ever wonder why lamb of god and trivium never ended up as priest, maiden, metallica etc.? well cause they scream too much, an addictive melody is more addictive then crack and heroin whose on top though? id say gojira, down, btbam, devin townsend, they seem to be the most critically acclaimed and do metal the most justice by bringing their own sound and talent to the table in a way that deserves more. oh and i guess hatebreed but ehhhhh nah lol. and even though they arent really metal deftones is pretty on top now
    Blame america for their shitty metalcore trend, that's why you find that a lot of the new bands sound the same. Plus being the fact that they're not even metal but they pretend to be.
    America? Try Australia. The only bands I've seen come out of there in the last few years have been shitty Hardcore/Deathcore/'iloveanchorsforsomereason'core.
    It is unfortunately true, when I go to local gigs all I see are metalcore bands plus the occasional heavy metal band who shows some promise and it makes me cringe at the lack of the latter.
    Sutor to the throne? I'd have to say Lamb of God, Machine Head, Children of Bodom, or Animals as Leaders. Hell, even Jeff Loomis is a possible consideration. But Lamb of God has my top vote. Resolution starts off with Straight for the Sun. Total doom metal. Not to mention some of their older stuff. As the Palaces Burn anyone?
    The Rev19
    No sense rushing. Sure Gary may not have the signature Slayer sound, but he is doing well and I would not want Jeff rushing back and worsening his condition.
    Not a big Slayer fan. Reign in Blood is awesome. I swear I've read this exact article 4-5 times on this site.
    If it came down to it, I think Gary Holt would be perfect as Jeff's replacement! I saw Exodus and Slayer a couple years ago and Gary kicked ass next to Kerry!
    i think their next album will be an improvement over WPB. also would be interesting to hear Gary contribute.
    Agree 1000% with King on the lack of an heir. The closest I can think of is Skeletonwitch.
    lol thats a joke. ive seen skeletonwitch before and there was nothing special about them in my opinion. No way are they the possible kings of metal and neither is lamb of god.
    hey now. Lamb of God kicks ass. Although, yes, Mark and Will are not suitable for Slayer.
    i respect their talent but dislike their music. my friends and i have tried to get my into them but i just cant.