Slayer Tell Fans: Ignore Westboro Baptist Church

The hate group will picket Jeff Hanneman's memorial celebration in L.A. today, but Slayer say the best way to win is to ignore them.

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Slayer have asked fans to ignore a protest by Westboro Baptist Church which will take place outside Jeff Hanneman's official memorial celebration today.

The memorial will take place on May 23 at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles from 3:30 to 7:30pm.

Unfortunately, the hate-filled religious group Westboro Baptist Church have decided to target the event because Slayer supposedly "encourage sin" with their music.

"Jeff made a mock of sin through Slayer's music. No wonder God struck him down early in life," reads their statement which ends: "GOD HATES YOU ALL."

Slayer's proposed solution is simple:

"Want to really p-ss off the Westboro Baptist Church at Jeff's Memorial Celebration? Do exactly what Slayer members and family are going to do - totally ignore them. They don't exist. And then come inside and celebrate Jeff's life with us."

It's not the first time the Westboro Baptist Church have targeted rock musicians. They've been picketing outside Radiohead and Taking Back Sunday shows too, but the rock world knows how to bite back and in 2011 Dave Grohl retaliated with his own protest against the group.

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    It will be hard, I suppose. Those motherf--kers are disgusting.
    Did they seriously use Slayer song and album titles in their statement? Do they realise that "God hates you all" sounds like they're pro-Slayer in this context?
    They even used the album's colour for that last line.
    They used HELL AWAITS to threaten us, for ****'s sake! Someone's got Slayer up in their Church XD
    In case anyone wants to see the Foo Fighters protest:
    That man screaming "God hates you douchebags *****s" with that yankee as **** accent always cracks me up.
    While I think most Slayer fans respect the wishes of the family and fellow band members, for some reason I still think that these f*ckers are going to get their asses handed to them. I'm definitely OK with that.
    i'm headed there in a few minutes. should i make a sign that says satan loves wbc or god hates us all?
    EXCELLENT, MAN!!!! YOU GAVE HELL TO THOSE BRAIN-DEAD WESTBORO SCUMBAGS!!!! I'm sure that they were h orrified and repugnated by that sign.
    I kinda wonder if these guys are just super-trolls.... No one can be THIS stupid.
    I've read a convincing theory that they're all doing it to get rich - apparently 80% of the family are lawyers. They spend their time riling everyone up as much as possible. Then if anyone attacks them, or attempts to do anything that would be even slightly illegal, they get sued to hell. Boom - rich family. Plus, I assume they get tax breaks as they're a church.
    Americas legal system is pretty ****ed up if you can get sued for punching a guy provoking you at a funeral...
    Actually, I believe you can get sued for punching a guy in any country... 2 wrongs don't make a right, mate.
    Seriously, that poster is laughable. "God Hates You All?" That was the best ythey could come up with? And you know whichever dumbass wrote that was really proud of himself. Morons.
    These "people" are absolutely disgusting and an embarrassment to the human race. Ignoring them is probably the best thing you can do. They want attention, that's why they do things like this (picket funerals) so don't give it to the human race. RIP Jeff Hanneman
    I'm happy that Hell awaits me. I would rather burn in hell for eternity, than being forced to live in heaven with these people for only one day.
    Oh believe me; if there's a Hell, WBC will ALL be going there.
    the bad thing is that many people connect these mother****ers with ordinary Christians,and some normal people who just believe in God and stuff are mocked because of these sick suckers.
    I believe you dude my grandfather is an Orthodox priest in Albania and when he heard me listening to Slayer songs and told me sometimes people think that songs are bad and evil why...? people make them. people decide what to do! If someone is a sinner the music that he hears has nothing to do with what kind of person he is Music is a kind o expression that's why there are so many kinds of music it doesn't make you bad and evil what you do makes you a bad person.! And after that we listen to some music together . I am proud to have such a great grandfather .. .(and forgive me for my English it's not my native language )
    I am a Christian myself and I don't agree with the satanic image of Slayer but I do consider this "church" a group of extremists and radicals.
    If those people go to heaven, then the whole concept of heaven & hell is kind of f**ked.
    They are the ones who think that they do, but really aren't. They f*ck the entire concept of heaven for everyone.
    They aren't going to heaven. People who think they derserve it or feel entitled to it are not going there. They pass judgement and do not forgive and condemn, and thus God shall do unto them. I say get their theology straight. The music affects you as you let it.
    Damaged Roses
    Well man, I'll just tell you these idiots are crazy. They're "beliefs" and statements are totally contradictory and hateful, even when the say otherwise. So don't confuse yourself, this isn't the view of everyone who practices a religion or believes in something
    If these people go to heaven then the bible would be right and if the bible is right then, by god, no matter how Metal you are. You do not want to go to hell.
    Those people wont be in Heaven my friend. Only true Christians will be in Heaven. Hell is not somewhere you want to be, because God didn't create hell for us He created it for satan. No one has to go to hell and that's why God sent Jesus Christ to die in our place so that we wouldn't have to experience hell. And that is what you call love, which is something WBC will never know about
    I'm an ahteist, so im not afraid i will end up in hell or heaven. I don't think there is an afterlife. But your comment contains an interesting sentence. "Only true Christians will be in Heaven." What actualy makes a christian a true christian? You know the whole problem with these WBC-people is that they claim to be the true christians, and judge others by not being that true christian. And you actually think i the same way.
    living according to what Jesus taught is one way to be a true Christian. Jesus sent forth the Apostles to preach and baptize not to condemn and be hate filled. These people at WBC are no friend of God's. God is merciful and calls everyone to repentance, no matter how Metal you are. Jesus didn't die on the cross for WBC to choose who goes to Heaven and who doesn't.
    an epic mistake
    the merciful god that destroyed two cities, and then turned a woman into salt for just looking back? Or are you talking about the merciful god that flooded the entire earth? Was it the one that tormented Job on a bet from Satan? Could it have been the merciful god that killed every egyptian firstborn son and turned their rivers to blood? Maybe it's the merciful god that will cast you into a pit of fire (that he created) for all of eternity unless you live exactly the way he wants you to. Worship God if you want, but don't call him merciful.
    @an epic mistake That's if you take the bible literally, which is exactly what WBC do. If God does exist then it would be so much more than the Bible and any other stupid book/scroll/stone tablet could hope to describe. But I do agree that God isn't necessarily good, I would say by nature of a perfect being it would have balance all opposites within itself, including good and evil, yin yang sorta stuff
    Personally I take a majority of the parts in the bible, ESPECIALLY the old testament, with a large grain of salt. Besides, EVERYONE had a vengeful angry God back then, the Jews had to fit in a little. By comparison, the Jewish God was a ****ing fairy compared to the douchebaggery the other gods were getting up to. Those guys were quite some troublemakers. In addition, back then when something "bad" happened, it was always immediately attributed to "YOU DID SOMETHING BAD".
    Every example you just gave all had a way of escape. They were offered a choice, so they made their own bed. Job was offered a chance to "curse God and just die" like his bitter wife wanted him to, but refused. In the end, he was blessed sevenfold after, but you didn't bring that up. You just focused on the negative. And God doesn't cast you into hell for not "living exactly the way he wants you to". It has nothing to do with good works. It's about accepting Christ as your Savior (a point I have never heard WBC ever bring up in any statement or interview). The choice to do right or wrong is up to the individual, but that doesn't mean God goes back on his promise. By the way, God is merciful. Just felt like saying that.
    an epic mistake
    The people of sodom and Gomorrah didn't have a way out, they got killed without being told why for violating laws that god hasn't even laid down yet. The fact that Job was rewarded is irrelevant. If I bandage you up after shooting you, you'd still be pretty pissed at me for shooting you.
    Also, if you re-read the chapter in Genesis about the subject, Abraham was pleading with God to not destroy Sodom and Gommorah. If what he was saying was true, there was basically nobody in that city who was good. The town people wanted to rape the angels when they came into Lot's house. God took Lot and his family and led them safely out and told them not to look back. If your parents tell you not to put your hand in the oven, and you do, don't you deserve to get burned?
    an epic mistake
    Whether or not the people of sodom and Gomorrah were evil is irrelevant. If god is a merciful god he wouldn't have destroyed them. Mercy is not mercy if you abandon it the absolute second someone crosses you. Plus, god hadn't told anyone what was wrong yet. He destroyed two cities for violating laws he didn't bother to tell anyone yet.
    Coming from humans, who were raping and pillaging wherever they went. It wasn't a pretty sight back then, and it isn't a pretty sight now.
    Well, i believe that a true christian is the one who respect and follow each and every word of christ. Lets start the 10 commandments, lets ask the WBC if they could follow the 10 commandments completely and if found they dont ...we can start kickin the hell out their butt using their own wepon. We will say they were acting as if a christian an threatning so pose threat to christian and we kick their butt for taking the lords name in vain
    an epic mistake
    if god created hell for satan then why do people get sent there?
    This is a wonderful place to practice your freewill. Everything is in "your" choice whether take the path to good or evil. Sadly, most people would take the evil side - the the main reason why there is suffering in this world.
    an epic mistake
    Yeah but there's something about an infinite punishment for a finite amount of sin that just doesn't sit well with me. Also, if God is omniscient? then we have no free will. If he knew I was going to do bad before he created me, and then created me anyway, it sounds a lot like his fault.
    False, God only know the future of the paths you take, if you decide to drink heavily at night he'll know what will happen to you at that future moment also if you didn't drink that night, he doesn know how you will turn out but he guides you and you choose yourself \m/
    Even without God, I don't think it's very likely that we've got free will, just the illusion of it. In a sense all your choices have already been made as you were only ever gonna make that one choice at any particular time. But its not a bad thing I don't think, it's like being a character in a story.
    an epic mistake
    Even if god doesn't know, saying "do what I say or I'll light your ass on fire" isn't exactly a choice.
    Because, heaven was made for the righteous and unless your debt of unrighteousness has been paid you're not worthy to be in God's presence. Keep the questions coming, this is getting interesting.
    an epic mistake
    Can't you see how that's screwed up though? God makes us to be flawed, and then punishes us for making the choices he programs us to make? Furthermore, if god doesn't know everything, then what makes his morality any more superior to mine? He's either a sick dude or an inept dude and I don't feel comfortable with either of those possibilities.
    I agree, hell can't be all bad. What? with Dio taking his place back as the prince of darkness a couple years back and with Hanneman there now it seems pretty legit.
    Darth Wader
    As a Christian, I am always embarrassed by Westboro Baptist Church. If they spent all of this energy going to Oklahoma to help out families struck by tragedy instead of protesting funerals/memorials with hate-filled messages, maybe they could lead people to Jesus. Instead they are a hinderance and give Christians a band name.
    "And give christians a band name"... The WBC top the charts again this week with their "I have a sign, gimme some attention" hit single - In other news, the WBC will protest the upcoming WBC concert...
    In feel you man. Its hard to like metal and say you believe in God without people automatically assuming that this music is ruining your life because of organizations like WBC.
    As a Christian and a Slayer fan, I've always found some of Slayer's anti-Christian lyrical sentiments kinda ignorant, but when you have groups like Westboro Baptist Church in the world, it's easy to see where a lot of their rhetoric comes from. Glad to see the band taking the higher ground; hoping that the fans follow suit out of respect for Jeff and his family.
    What do Slash, Geezer, and Mustaine have to do with this?
    LMAO, I asked myself that too. Slash...??? Mustaine? He may be Christian/right-wing but he's comradery to Slayer. my understanding, Geezer's the one who wrote the lyrics to "Black Sabbath" after a nightmare/vision he had. Why on Earth would the WBC pick him?!
    Because they probably think that he is a somewhat Christian, or something,i don't know. What i know about Geezer, is that at the early days of Black Sabbath he had some interest in occultism. But that's pretty much it. I doubt that Geezer has become some kind of an occult magician.
    While I'm glad the fans will likely decide to respect the wishes of Jeff's friends and family and the nature of the event, part of me also wishes that the WBC scumbags are slaughtered.
    It's a tossup. Typically, at a funeral, you do as the family & friends intended (within reason), so out of respect for Jeff, fam & friends this funeral remains peaceful. On the other hand, it would be just SOOOOO awesome to read about someone from the WBC just getting their ass handed to them.
    so, anyone find it funny that westboro baptist chuch agreed with slayer, God Hates Us All!!!! **** wbc. i wish they would just go away lol
    WBC aren't real Christians, they're a hate group who use Christianity to hide behind. They're low-life pieces of sh*t.
    FYI guys, I try to say this when I can: Do NOT visit their website, as they receive Ad revenue for every hit. I'm sad UG published their press release, as it only gives them more publicity.
    Only in America.
    Honestly, I love the fact that they're allowed to exist in America. They're horrible people and deserve no respect but if they're on public property they have every right to say what they want and not fear violence or arrest. The true test of free speech is in whether speech is allowed that is nearly universally despised.
    It's good that Slayer's being rational about this. All WBC wants is attention for their tasteless and pitiful cause, so the best thing to do is give them no attention.
    Considering the stereotypical Slayer fan, the WBC crowd won't be ignored unfortunately. I'm still looking forward to the pictures though. Going to be classy entertainment!
    GOD HATES YOU ALL???? oh yes that is very Christian. F*CK TURNING THE OTHER CHEEK...stomp a westboro S.O.B. How they can claim to be Christian but think what they are doing is ok is just STUPID...also shows they no NOTHING about what it means to be a Christian their selves.
    honestly what are the odds of them doing nothing? ....though I can safely say that we all would like to see a few WBC members get their heads caved in so I kinda hope this message is ignored
    Slayer themselves are the only ones talking sense here. The WBC WANT confrontation, the attention it brings only makes them stronger. Ignore them. Dont feed the trolls, dont add fuel to an already shitty fire. those pathetic fans who are all "hurrr cant wait til WBC meet da slyer fansss!!11!!!1!!" are as bad the church themslves.
    I dont know man... there will be 2 groups of fanatics there, both pretty short tempered... seems somebody could get hurt. Hope it goes peacefully and easy (I'm not a Slayer fan myself thus, I do like their music, and yes I think this WBC are bunch of morons who use religion, fanaticism and ignorance for very selfish proposes, and making money). Besides first of all being Jeff Hanneman or not, IT IS a FUNERAL and people should respect the feelings of the friends and family of the deceased person.
    Westboro Baptist Church is made up of lawyers, mayors, district attorneys, and other forms of political positions. Their only goal is to get someone to assault them so they can press charges and settle out of court with PAYMENT. It's wise to not touch them at all. If anyone wants to do piss them off, then play their own game. Make signs that says "GOD HATES WESTBORO CHURCH" or "WESTBORO CHURCH IS MADE UP OF EVIL DEMONIC DEMONS" or "FUCK YOU GUYS", ETC...
    like the gay people we should buy a house across the street from them and paint it black with pentagrams then start a giant pit. ! jesus saves.
    Haha, i like your idea, man!!!! Give 'em hell!!!! The only thing is that i wouldn't paint any pentagrams on my house. I would paint pentagrams on THEIR houses!!!!
    WBC needs to read their Bibles for once, because it is clear that they have no idea what God stands for. We Christians need to pray for WBC, so that maybe one day they will quit preaching false doctrine.
    If we could just stop even acknowledging that they exist they would fall on their ass so quickly. Also, am I the only one who thought 'pickled in sin' was ****ing hilarious?
    Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God? Pretty much sums up why I became an atheist in a Christian family, not to mention nutjobs like these, not to mention the argument started between my late fiancee and some so-called Christians the night she passed away, distracting her and causing the wreck. If I was forced to believe that there is a God, then he's just another Satan to me. Flame and downvote, 0 f***s are given
    Please people, we all know at least a huge ammount of fans wont listen and will go to beat the crap of the westboro protesting there.
    Westboro pisses me off. As a Christian, how dare they say God hates anyone. If they were truly Christian they would show some respect. Filthy hypocrites. I am a Christian and they are not!
    Dude have you read the Bible? The God of christianity clearly hates homosexuals, he destroyed two entire cities because of them...
    Well, there's no longer any need to rent porta-potties for the gathering now that WBC sent their's free of charge.
    I love how the end their letter with "God Hates You All". We know that, we listen to Slayer.
    The best advice possible really, all these lunatics want is attention. These are the same people who protest and harass people at the funerals of army veterans, they have no respect and no restraint, the best we can do is deny them the attention, and most importantly; the public exposure and financing they crave.
    Guns N' Chains
    These people no nothing about Slayer. If they were fans or at least familiar with them, they would know that Slayer doesn't "worship Satan" or whatever. Its just their interest and their show/product. Just because they tell stories doesn't mean they believe in them or practice them. The bible contains equal or worse imagery. They should look in the mirror.
    It's the most rational way out of their pickets. The reason they picket funerals in the first place is to cause a shitstorm, gain attention and perhaps money. Just ignore them. On a side note, I guess Slayer saw all the comments around here from people thinking about beating the shit out of WBC.
    Well, im hoping that when i get home from work there will be a major news story about a massive riot happening and the WBC being on the losing end.
    Jeff made a mock of sin through Slayer's music. No wonder God struck him down early in life. Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. Hey, does that mean, the God is sin?
    I love how they reference not one, but two slayer albums in their ant-slayer message.
    I can't wait for them to figure out about Cattle Decapitation.