Slayer Ticket Sales Reportedly Flop, Organizers Giving Away 'F--ktons of Free Tickets'

Group's shows with Gojira and 4arm hardly selling - band drama or $80 tickets to blame?

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The rough time metal icons Slayer are going through has seemingly begun to affect the group's concert attendance, as the band's current US tour ticket sales have reportedly plummeted. As Gunshy Assassin reports, the group's recent Connecticut show with Gojira and 4arm sold so poorly that the organizers from Live Nation gave away a great number of tickets just so the venue wouldn't be nearly empty. "It seems the same's true for this weekend's gig in Massachusetts, sources claim," the report further reads. "They've apparently given away dozens of tickets for the Lowell show this Saturday, just so the place wouldn't f--king echo from being so empty." Another source claims that the organizers are "giving away metric f--ktons of free tickets to get bodies in the venue," while the website itself independently confirmed that a number of tickets was handed out for free. Two key explanations for the ticket sale decline were given so far, one being the ongoing band drama following the firing of original drummer Dave Lombardo and passing of founding guitarist Jeff Hanneman and the other one focusing on a hefty $80 ticket price. Did you get the chance to attend a Slayer show recently? Was the venue full? Let us know in the comments.

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    $80!?! Whats that 60 quid or so? Jesus. personally I'd only really go for Gojira, but theres no way I'd pay that. I thought £20 or so sounds about right for a Slayer gig, but I dunno.
    £20 is a bit optimistic I think. £40 is usually the average over here, especially for a "big" band.
    I dunno about that - I paid £35 to see Rammstein at the NEC a couple years ago. In my opinion they are a bigger band with much more of an excuse for the money in terms of the amount it must cost to put the show on.
    the most overrated band on earth (rammstein) bigger than slayer?!? sorry man, but are you drunk? and by the way: i am german...
    Here is the thing here in the US slayer is more popular than Gojira and Ramstein. and 80$ for a big band name is not expensive. The really big bands like Bruce Springstein sell for over 100$ and are typically totally sold out months in advance. With so much of slayers original band gone though they should lower prices significantly and consider themselves a rebuilding band at least for now.
    I paid 42€ for Megadeth/Slayer in 2011 and I wouldn't give any more than that today.
    80$ ?! That'd be a lot of burgers in Burger King.
    Where i come from it'll be around 43 cheeseburgers, that's a decent meal. Actually it sounds reasonable in danish currency, 80$ is a lot cheaper than what i had to pay for Iron Maiden and around the same as a Megadeth show, i think. I would gladly pay 40 to watch Gojira minus slayer.
    Jesus. I knew there was a level of backlash to do with Lombardo and Hannemann, but I didn't think it would affect the band this much.
    Half the band gone and you thought it wouldn't affect the band? What band would that be? Tom's heart is not in it anymore and nobody likes Kerry, Gary Holt is cool as ****, yes, and Bostaph's great but still not Slayer. Not to mention that the tickets are way overpriced.
    The price may be too high but I think these are the Slayer fans making a stand and saying: "Pull the plug, it was a great run but let's end it now". Kerry it's over.
    $80/£60? P*ss off. Unless you're providing a massive show, I won't pay over £30.
    Dude Wtf 80$ is ridiculous. I remember seeing them on Unholy Alliance 05 and that was 35$, and that had ****ing Lamb of God with them!
    Sammy Mantis
    Eh, times are still tough for a lot of people here in the US. Not many people are going to just shell out $80 for any crap that rolls through town on that given week. Not to mention the whole mess Slayer is in right now, not the most optimal time to go see them.
    That's essentially £55/6£0 there or abouts which is what Black Sabbath are charging for their tour and what Iron Maiden charged for their 2 o2 Arena shows last August. No god damned way are Slayer any where near Sabbath or Maiden. I wouldn't pay £25 to see Slayer now personally.
    I honestly wouldn't bother going if I got the tickets for free, Slayer just isn't Slayer anymore.
    I dont under stand why ticket sales would drop, the line ups been the same for the past 2 years besides Dave, but honestly whos surprised he even left? its not like he hasnt done it before
    Paid $70 to see them in Sydney recently, I thought that was cheap for our standards - but I imagine it costs a bit more to tour Australia. For the record the show was average and the festival set (Soundwave) was acceptable. Just like Metallica - way passed their prime
    I went to the Montréal venue the place was nearly full and they gave one hell of a show. Fuck haters they are here to fulfill their tour like promised
    Oh plus Paul B. has been in Slayer nearly just as long as Dave and has made 4 albums with them hey... I want Dave too...But Give Paul some respect it not like they just got any old drummer from the street. Jeffs passing has been ruff on everybody and has hit me hard but still i want slayer to go on
    all most every band has lost members but have continued ac-dc iron maiden Metallica but slayer is suppose too say **** it.I love Jeff and Dave and they will be missed and i have been a fan since 85 Slayer is apart of my life and i know they can still can pull it off dont be a fair weather fin fan have faith
    Whoever's idea it was to have $80 tickets needs to be fired and certainly doesn't know anything about supply and demand. Unless you're The Rolling Stones, you cannot expect to sell out with $80 tickets.
    I saw them in Detroit with a full venue for $40. I got to have main floor which were also the cheapest. I'm assuming the $80 ones were for balcony and stuff like that, and really who wants to buy those when you're watching Slayer?
    I live in Vancouver and drove from there to Seattle (450km) just to see them and Gojira perform. It was a hell of a show and worth every penny of the 60$ for the ticket.
    I went in Calgary, and it was fairly full? Fuller at least than I expected considering all the Slayer hate.
    I have an idea. Why not make concert tickets like $20? You'd definitely see a much bigger crowd.
    Went to a show in Toronto last week. The venue changed from a 3000 seat arena to a bar with maybe 300 max capacity. That said the bar was decently full. I don't know if tickets were given out or not. It was still a good show overall. As for the $80 tickets, it comes down to a matter of opinion. ACDC wanted $300 on their last show for nosebleeds at a baseball stadium here, yet people paid it. It comes down to how badly you want to see them and what it's worth to you.
    I like how "metric f-cktons" is used as a standard unit of measurement haha
    I got free tix to the CT show. Actually about 20 of us did. Once we got to the show they were selling $5 pit upgrades. The place will still only about 3/4 full or so. Hopefully they will just call it quits now, its been over for a while.
    I just saw them last night and the tickets only cost me $35, unless they meant pit tickets. Gojira kicked ass by the way, definitely plan on seeing them next time they come around.
    I wanted to see them there but 80 dollars is a lot plus beer and everything else hell that show would have cost me over 200 dollars it not that slayer has flopped that is just a lot of money and it is close to xmas not everybody can afford that right now
    I'm seeing them tomorrow, and I only paid about $25. $80 doesn't seem right...
    I was going to say that I paid like $40 for my ticket. The venue wasn't empty either, but this was a few weeks ago back when they played in Chicago. Gojira was great. Slayer was still decent. I mean they had two pretty great musicians replace the old ones.
    Well I saw Slayer at the Elb Riot in Festival in Hamburg, they were Headliner and I think pretty much everyone was still there to see them(The Festival started at around 11.00 am and slayer played at 21.00 pm). Although I like slayer the live show wasn't really impressing (maybe due to the extrem loud bassdrum which made every slayersong sound like a total bass mess). Also I think 80 $ are pretty much (should be around 60 euros) for gojira and slayer regarding that I saw Suicide Silence, Heaven Shall Burn and As I Lay Dying for around 28 € back in 2010.
    I was going to go for Gojira but the price was the reason I didn't. I like buying merch directly from the band at shows too, but I wouldn't even give that a single thought if I DID decide to spend the $80.
    I went to see Slayer at Rock City (Nottingham) after World Painted Blood had been released. The ticket was £25 or something like that. That seemed about right for a band that size. $80 is taking the piss.
    Offcourse its the price, I was on Metallica and I payed 60 € for ticket (in the back!), plus the road cost me another 40 €.... I enjoyed the show, but never again Im paying that sort of money... For example Judas Priest, 2012 tickets went only for 30 € and thats for front row... 80 € is just personification of greed.
    For a fraction of that, I saw the original lineup with Mastodon, and at least the bands I didn't care for put on a show. I don't know what Slayer was thinking for that price; it's going to be mostly diehard fans paying it, and they've already seen the real Slayer.
    They just have to do as Suicidal Tendencies who keeps touring in small places with low rates (22USD/18€ per ticket) Last France tour they only rest for 1 day during a two weeks tour for a killing musical show. Slayer farts higher than their asses !!
    I was security last summer at ST gig here in Finland, i was wondering why they came to a smalltown festival, but man they rocked! And the amount of people was crazy They put on a great show as well. I became an instant fan as well, great band, dunno why i haven't really listened to them before.
    I seen Megadeth, Slayer, and Testament for 50 dollars in 2011 I think (It was the Endgame tour/Rust In Peace anniversary or something like that, can't quite remember). Great show, but I'm not sure I'd pay 80 for Slayer. I've seen U2, ACDC, Springsteen, Rush, and Aerosmith all for around 100 bucks, not quite sure if Slayer is on their level of a show to charge it.
    They should only charge half the price they used to since you're only seeing half of Slayer.
    So I saw Slayer earlier this month in Calgary. The venue had poor acoustics and was about half full. Still a great and fun show though!
    Who thought that slayer would drag down the supporting bands... Feel bad for go jirga. They're the only reasons I'd see a show on this tour