Slayer to Carry on for Jeff Hanneman

Kerry King states guitarist will be there "in spirit."

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Kerry King states that Slayer's story will go on for Jeff Hanneman.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Daily News (via Classic Rock), Kerry King has spoken about how the iconic metal band will keep on playing in memory of the late axeman.

"Jeff is going to be in everybody's thoughts for a long time," King said. "It's unfortunate you can't keep unfortunate things from happening. But we're going to carry on and he'll be there in spirit."

The guitarist also noted that, offstage, Hanneman was a quiet man who shied away from award shows.

"Coming to something like this wasn't really his spiel. He wasn't an awards show kind of guy; he wanted to be the quiet guy doing his thing at the hotel."

The news comes after it was announced that former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo will be playing on the new Sepultura record. Lombardo was replaced by drummer Paul Bostaph earlier this year after a contractual dispute with his former band.

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    Slayer's lost the only two musicians that ever made it any good. I really don't see how this is going to be successful. Also, "unfortunate"? Kerry's an ass.
    I think this might just be Kerry's way of saying "We miss Jeff, but we'd be poor if we stopped touring so we'll continue." I'm expecting downvotes, but ever since Jeff died, I thought that they should just hang it up.
    As long as money keeps rolling in to king's pockets he wouldn't care even if all Slayer's original band members beside him died. What an arrogant a**.
    Slayer should just call it quits. I love Slayer but c'mon now...Lombardo is out and now Hanneman (R.I.P.) is gone. So Slayer will continue on without their main songwriter/lyricist, as well as the more technical of their two guitar players? I don't see anything good coming out of this. Kerry mostly just makes noise. They have now become the thrash metal version of KISS.
    Kerry. last month you were quoted saying you had no problem carrying on playing and making Slayer songs without Jeff. Now you have no choice. So it's not like it's a difficult decision for you to make is it. 2 2 2 00000 0 rip Jeff. You will be missed as you have been for a very long time.
    "Jeff is going to be in everybody's thoughts for a long time," King said. "It's unfortunate you can't keep unfortunate things from happening. But we're going to carry on and he'll be there in spirit."
    If what they did with Dave is any indication of this, yeah, I'm sure Jeff's feeling proud...
    It's lame but I can't really blame him. It's likely a financial decision more than anything. He makes his living off of Slayer, and may not be financially able to hang it up and retire just yet.
    Den Stora KUKEN
    i hope that gary holt joins as a fulltime member, while still remaining in exodus. king & holt making music together could be awesome!
    But then he won't be able to give his full commitment to Exodus, and Exodus won't record or tour as much. Having seen both Exodus and Slayer recently, I'd much rather see Exodus again.
    Oh just stop. This whole "if any band members leave/get fired/pass away they can't keep the band name" bulls*t is stupid. If a band wants to keep their name it's their business. The only people who whine and complain about that stuff are naive little know-it-all spectators who think that they know better than the ACTUAL BAND. I know you all feel cool crying "change the name" blah blah blah but please... just TRY shutting up. Just try it for once and complain about something else. OK, rant over. Haha that talk is just getting to me, its everywhere lately. I feel better. Peace out.
    I'd question Kerry on this, but I'm sure he could kill me 10 times before I hit the ground, so I won't.
    Kerry should sing for System of a mean...