Slayer's Album Inspires Sneakers

Who knew that when Slayer's legendary album Reign in Blood was released that it would go on to inspire a pair of shoes?

Ultimate Guitar

Who knew that when Slayer's legendary album Reign In Blood was released that it would go on to inspire a pair of shoes?

That's right, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of that thrash classic, Nike SB, in collaboration with Brooklyn Projects, is releasing official Slayer sneakers.

The Reign in Blood Dunk shoes will be available starting June 6 in select skate shops, according to

Meanwhile, Slayer are in the midst of a European tour and have a run of Big Four dates scheduled for summer.

Right now, the metal band are without guitarist Jeff Hanneman (who's recovering from an infection thought to be caused by a spider bite), and have tapped Exodus' Gary Holt to fill in.

Holt will leave Slayer after the April 4 show, and Cannibal Corpse guitarist Pat O'Brien will take over from there.

Thanks for the report to Bryan Wawzenek,

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    There are massive amounts of articles about these shoes, so i'm pretty sure this isn't a joke. I personally thinks these kicks are tight, but how they represent Slayer, I don't know. I'd rock them in a minute though.
    Justified Death
    HOLY FUCKING SHIT, please dont be trolling about Pat O Brien taking over. I MUST SEE THIS!!! Why does Australia get to see this only? Gary Holt and Pat O Brien? Fuck you Australia... :'(
    Wow, the funny thing is, I already know friends who own Slayer sneakers, so this is not only fake news, but it's old news, and it's not even fake! No april fools, Slayer sneakers have already existed for a while.
    qrEE wrote: Wow, the funny thing is, I already know friends who own Slayer sneakers, so this is not only fake news, but it's old news, and it's not even fake! No april fools, Slayer sneakers have already existed for a while.
    What? Its fake news but also old and not even fake. What the **** you better be trollin boi.
    Slayer shoes exist, they have for awhile. What you see here are not Slayer shoes and the real ones are not made by Nike. The real Slayer shoes actually look pretty kick ass.
    Lol If this is true they would be the fastest footwear available. Love to go into a shop and ask, can I have a pair of your thrashers please?
    theunforgivn wrote: Made with the tears of enslaved children
    Actually that could be drawn from Slayer lyrics ... So these shoes ARE metal after all
    come on slayer is going to sellout just like Metallica at this rate I mean guitars, Pinball apps, and shoes i mean they are basically Thrash metal kiss now. I like slayer's music but come on. I thought slayer was above this.
    When Ultimate Guitar asked for the band to comment on what they thought of the footwear, Kerry King responded, simply, with the words, "Fuck off."
    Did nobody remember when Vans made SLAYER Shoes? & KISS, & Mastodon, Suicidal Tendencies and Sex Pistols (Well, nevermind the Sex Pistols, they suck) and further more, Add Slayer to the desperate-for-money list. selling out is too bold to say for now. Gary Holt it too good for Slayer though.
    Sad thing is, Gibson wrote the article as an April Fool's joke and the UG writers probably took it seriously.
    eloera1 wrote: funny how kerry king dosent consider this sellin out, hes always bashin everyone for not beign "metal" I dont see the "metal" in shoes
    If you knew shit, you'd know all the thrash guys used to wear Hi-Top basketball shoes in the 80's. If i'm corect it was metal fans that began the style of tight jeans running into hi-tops, sometime in the late 70's/early 80's. It's about as metal as having his own pointy ass guitar. Which he does.
    Macabre Lullaby wrote: SHOES PAINTED BLOOOOOD!
    +1 Unfortunately, it looks like someone sh*t blood on these. Seriously ugly.
    and Slayer said Metallicas S&M was "Musical Masturbation," then wtf is this? Selling out to Nike?
    At the top of the articles Emo Coalition Complain About Foo Fighters Film and Guns N' Roses: Chinese Democracy 2 Rumoured For 2011 , a message says "Update: We hope you had a happy April Fools' Day!" This article might not be a joke.
    Slipknot inspires a kid to slaughter his grandparents on the other article... Slayer inspires... sneakers. Go figure.
    I'm sure these shoes will inspire you to make terrible mediocre shitty music, but douchebag sheep will love it cuz its so satanic and "metal"..
    Thrashing Matt
    babinator99 wrote: April Fools?
    Hope not, I'd buy those shoes and while there at it why not make shoes based off there "Hell Awaits" album cover.
    I was totally thinking April Fools, too, but then I found another page about them with comments from 4 days ago. Either it's legit, or they pre-seeded some other pages to add legitimacy to what they had already planned for an April Fools gag.
    Mayngel wrote: "Spider bite" come on guys, clearly an April fool's
    I believe that's fact. Everyone remember, band inspired shoes aren't too far-fetched (See: Iron Maiden, Bad Brains, Motorhead, etc. Vans). If it's an April Fool's, it's a shitty one. And if it's not, the shoes look lame.
    I laughed. Then I read the whole article and found out it's not an April Fool's joke. Then I laughed more.
    Sam Wotrey wrote: Well they did Slayer Vans..
    This and I have a pair of them. This article was actually a good joke
    :haha: What's really funny is that I imagine some peopl will go and request these shoes in stores, to be met with general confusion.
    The Vans Slayer sneakers were better. Nike's generally sport horrible design, so nothing looks off about this fail creation.