Slayer's Kerry King: 'Young Bands Have A Huge Sense Of Entitlement'

He says things were different when Slayer were rising through the ranks in the mid-80s. Meanwhile, find out about the only time Slayer ever had to cut their live set mid-song.

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Slayer guitarist Kerry King says young musicians seem to have "a huge sense of entitlement."

He made the comments while being asked at NAMM about the moment that he knew Slayer had made it, which you can see in the player below.

"I can't say all the new bands, but a lot of the younger generation, they seem to expect things, y'know? They expect to go on tour and have the tour bus that their heroes have," he told Monster.

"I see it a lot at these NAMM shows. People come in and present themselves like, 'Don't you wanna give me some?' Without being anybody, without earning shit. It wasn't like that when I grew up. I think they have a huge sense of entitlement."

Things were different when Slayer were rising through the ranks in the 80s, as King explains:

"When we came up, we had a f--kin' Camaro and a U-Haul. And then when we got 'big,' we had a van and a U-Haul. So when [we] got the tour bus, it was, like, 'Alright, something's gotta be working.' But I never expected it. It was just, like, 'Alright, if we deserve it, when our time comes, f--k yeah, we got a tour bus. That's awesome.' And then you get a different perspective."

See the full interview here for an extra anecdote about the time Slayer had to stop their set mid-song:

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Do you think young musicians have a sense of entitlement that they don't deserve, or is it all bravado and confidence to help them get ahead in the world? Share your opinion in the comments.

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    This time I have to agree. Your generic metalcore band isn't going to get any platinums with the music industry the way it is, and acting like you will doesn't help matters. I'd even say the "rock star" is dead; it's as viable a career as "cowboy".
    agreed. A friend of mine convinced me to listen to a band called Five Finger Death Punch. I tried real hard to be open minded, but I gave up midway through the second song. Popular music seems to be getting worse. At least in the metal community. Time to go back under my rock with all my 90s Scandinavian Death Metal albums.
    The fact is that bands just play for money. Back in the day, bands used to play because they loved their own stuff, regardless the future. Newcoming bands should play what they really want to play. I know tons of bands that play because of fame or earning money. That's awful...
    link no1
    My friend owns a club and he's told me about countless bands that fit the description, the most common one being "you will only get paid if you get x-amount of people through the door. Hell, I'm happy if I can get 1 person headbanging to my songs and have enough money in the bank to buy a beer afterwards.
    Honestly, I create my own music and I publish my music online. But I gave up on becoming 'famous' after I was made fun of at my first (and only) show because of the way I talk and the type of music I play. I've never felt like I deserved anything, and when I did start to get an ego it was quickly destroyed by reality. I've seen so many bands fall apart in my town simply because they're expectations for what they hoped to achieve with their music (money, women, fame) were far too high. If anybody's interested, here's a link to one of my songs.
    Don't give up on what you really want to do just because you're mocked for it. Just go with what you believe in. I'm a musician too, just started recording my own stuff. Here's one of my demos:
    Where has he been? Its not just musicians, its all of the younger generations these days in all walks of life. Gimme gimme gimme mine mine mine! God forbid they lift a finger to work for anything.
    Be civil and also accurate. That sort of general, sweeping, disparaging comment that pushes back cohesion between any two groups. Maybe in the US, and especially in California, that sort of person exists, but outside the US, ie the over 6.5 billion people living in the rest of the world, we do work very hard.
    Way to criticize a general, sweeping comment and then make one of your own.
    Not true at all dude. I live in the UK and i've never met anyone that actaully works hard at anything.
    As someone who worked very hard to get to where he is (graduated summa cum laude with a computer engineering degree, for example), and the son of a 5th grade teacher who knows countless depressing stories, I am inclined to agree. Obviously it's a generalization and not true of everyone, but sadly this does seem to be the trend these days
    Couldn't agree more. So many kids these days just seem to think that life owes them everything.
    Petey D
    Not just young musicians he's talking about, it's young people in general.
    L.T Kickass
    Did KK ever work that hard to begin with? I'd say he is given far more credit than he deserves, his soloing is sub-par, his songwriting is abysmal, and his riffs are so repetitive it just feels like he's taking the easy way out. I think KK thinks too highly of himself and while I do agree with what he's saying, he's no better than those he's on about.
    Do your research on the thrash movement of the 80's and you'll see that Slayer as a whole were workhorses of the scene. Move onto the 90's and you'll only see more of the same. Kerry King is a beast.
    You can criticize his playing and songwriting all you want. As fiercely as I disagree on that, my main problem with your comment is that you don't even seem to understand what he's talking about. He's talking about work ethic and a sense of entitlement. Slayer never expected anything, they just put heads down and worked HARD. If you can't even respect KK's work ethic and admit that the younger generations generally don't have that, you're simply ignorant.
    Carl Hungus
    The difference is that metal was still something that pissed off your parents in the eighties. Nowadays it is mainstream and all this kids who grew up in the suburbs and got everything they wanted growing up expect to simply show up and get all the glory.