Slipknot Album Update: 'It's Exactly What You Want It to Be, It's Gonna Be Awesome'

"Everything is going exactly how it needs to go," Corey Taylor explains.

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After laying low from the media for a while, Slipknot came up with some fresh info regarding their new studio album, although just enough to raise the anticipation.

Singer Corey Taylor was caught up by Front Row Live Entertainment at this year's MusiCares MAP Fund benefit, where he shared the following details:

"It's a matter of time, trust me. It's gonna be rad ... Everything is going exactly how it needs to go. So it's gonna be really awesome."

Addressing the lengthy gap between the last 'Knot record, 2008's "All Hope Is Gone," Corey noted, "The good thing is we've always been writing, so there's a ton of stuff that we're pretty stoked on. It's exactly what you want it to be."

Back in December, the group shocked the public by announcing split with longtime drummer Joey Jordison. Apart from a few unfounded rumors, no fresh info regarding the new drummer has been revealed as of yet.

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    I hope it's kind of similar to vol 3.
    That album is way underrated. Was my first Slipknot album that I owned. I had heard a few songs but never bought one until Vol. 3.
    im looking forward to it. new masks and new material is always an exciting thing imo
    What if I wanted it to have Joey on it?
    It's exactly what you wanted.. Unless you wanted Joey.. Then i guess it's not what you wanted.. Umm.. yeah
    Hang on... let's see what the drum parts sound like in this new album. We still don't know who the new drummer is (if we do, I'm slow). The new drummer may be better than Joey. Anyways, it doesn't seem that Joey will be performing with Slipknot for some time. If you want Joey, listen to Scar the Martyr
    Im excited for this. Im hoping its going to be heavy like Vol. 3 but slightly mature sounding like All Hope Is Gone.
    Hopefully guitar tone is strong and very heavy. Also hopefully Corey does some good screams too, not only clean vocal songs. Going to check it out when it comes out!
    has it really been six years since their last record ? wow. **** time.
    I hope its a good mix between the self titled and vol 3 albums as far as sound goes. I like a good mix of aggression and softer melodic songs.
    sad about joey and of course paul but I still cant wait to hear the new album. I had lost hope of ever seeing a new slipknot album again.
    as much as I'd like a sweet new slipknot album, I don't have high expectations. I didn't have high hopes before they fired joey and now that the most talented member in the band is out I'd say all hope is gone.
    Joey would have just brought the quality down. He isn't even half of what he was during Vol. 3
    I wonder how Jim Root will feel playing with Corey who kicked him out of Stone Sour.
    I don't think Corey kicked him out. Why would you be kicked out of a band and go play in another one where someone is also in that band that you were kicked out of? I think it was a group decision and Corey just had to go along with it.
    Jim did confirm that he left the band, not his choice, and that he wasn't happy about it... Hoping Corey's ego hasn't grown as big as his neck
    I am not sure what to think about these bands now that Joey is out of Slipknot and Jim is out of Stone Sour. I want to hope for good times and good albums with these bands, but with members being kicked out, that might be hard to pull off.
    I'm hoping for whatever new blood they've got coming in for them steers them in that first album direction. Chaotic, heavy, demented, twisted sounding metal with some nice singing to boot.
    Im excited for this. Im hoping its going to be heavy like Vol. 3 but slightly mature sounding like All Hope Is Gone.
    Yeah that's cause clean vocals are a bad thing, I suppose?
    I dont think its that clean vocals are a bad thing, there were some clean bits on the first two albums. It just got way more prominent after that. Being a fan of both Stone Sour and Slipknot, I would have preferred if Corey would of kept the slipknot vocals consistent with the first two albums, and Stone Sour consistent with pretty much everything since.
    matteo cubano
    If I had a voice like Corey's I would sing clean all day and night. Then again if I had a voice like Corey's I would growl and yell and scream all day and night too.
    Downvoted because of what they said or how they said it? Point is... All hope is gone sounded a lot like what I was expecting from the New StoneSour album and then the new Stonesour album sounded a lot like what I was expecting from the new Nickleback album.... If you're tired, take a break, but don't release an aggressive metal album if you don't want to be aggressive...
    I don't know why you got downvoted, I completely agree with you. There last album sounded like StoneSour, not Slipknot. I think we just found out that UG is a community of overly forgiving Slipknot fans.
    I downvoted because of what he said about the new Stone Sour albums, I thought they were amazing. I guess some people think otherwise.
    Your probably right Kerry. Slipknots an okay band though, but they dont stand any chance against my band Bullet For My Valentine
    fascinating tale my friend, please continue
    Its going to be horrible. jordison and paul gray gone? slipknot is dead. its going to be a pop album along the lines of the last 3 stonesour albums (which were horrible).
    I don't know about other stuff, but the drums are gonna suck for sure.
    They should have quit. With Paul dead and Joey out, what's the use in doing another album that won't live up to what they built with the first 3 records?
    Some people said Metallica should have quit after Cliff died, but they still kept playing. The same can be said for Megadeth and all the losses they've had over the years, but both bands are still going strong. You can't just give up when things get hard or awkward.