Slipknot Announce Knotfest 2014, FFDP, Danzig, Volbeat Among Headliners

Iowa metallers are expected to headline all three nights of festival.

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Slipknot has announced details for this year's KnotFest, which will take place in San Bernardino, California between October 24th and 26th, Artisan News Service reports.

Bands on the line-up for the three day event include Danzig, Volbeat, Five Finger Death Punch, Killswitch Engage and many others. Tickets for the event will go on sale at 8am Pacific time on Monday July 7th. Slipknot are expected to headline all three nights of the festival.

The news_backup comes after Corey Taylor announced that a new Slipknot album is almost finished and awaiting mixing:

"The album is done. Oh yes. I'd say 98 percent done. I'm in the process of heading to the studio to give a listen, see if there's anything we need to touch up. But yeah, it is very close.

"The next step is the mix, and we're going to try to get it out very soon. There will be big announcement soon. Big things to hear, soon. That's really all I can say about it. I know we’re anything, if not diligent to our plan. The plan is to just slowly but surely get people to lose their minds for the next couple of months with just little stuff here and there leaked," he added.

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    I'm really glad they didn't drag their heels with the new album. After they actually started I expected it to take at least another year or two, but they're really committed to getting back. Props to Corey for turning it around.
    Hopefully the bassist and drummer will actually be allowed to perform ON stage instead of backstage.
    They are. Pretty sure Donnie chose to stay backstage, out of both respect for Paul, and because their on-stage imagery and attitude was what made him leave the band back in the 90s.
    Headlining all three nights of the festival? Sounds good to me.
    I dont understand how anyone can think that Slipknot will prevail without Jordison, sorry! Drummers vary in so many ways, too many ways, thats why Korn sounds so different now, thats why when Dave Grohl joined Nirvana they blew up, thats why Slayer isn't Slayer without Lombardo and of course his replacement is a fine drummer BUT they are two different drummers! Jordison being excluded changes EVERYTHING! For better or for worse...we'll see...
    Your last point, 'we'll see'. That's all we have to do now to see whether Slipknot managed to move on successfully, or consider that Joey truly was a key part of the band (but they do have Taylor and Root who have done great work with Stone Sour, and they have Shawn, who's got some material).
    This looks awesome! Whitechapel, Suicide Silence, Slipknot, Upon a Burning Body, Chelsea Grin... I really want to go now And it's nice to see Hellyeah's performing with them, their latest release was pretty decent imo.