Slipknot Drummer Joey Jordison Working on a New Project

Drummer gives initial details of his new band featuring members of Strapping Young Lad and Darkest Hour.

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With Slipknot keeping a low profile over the past few years, drummer Joey Jordison was left with more spare time to dedicate to his personal music projects. One of such projects is now taking shape featuring Jed Simon of Strapping Young Lad and Darkest Hour guitarist Kris Norris.

Without revealing too many details, Jordison has posted several studio session photos, with additional information yet to come. The news is so far met with nothing but unanimous praise from the fans eager to hear some new material.

As far as the new Slipknot record goes, it is still uncertain when will the band finally regroup in the studio or start working on the 2008's "All Hope is Gone" follow-up. Judging by the recent comments from singer Corey Taylor, new record is about "two years away."

Speaking of Taylor, the frontman has recently confirmed he will be hosting an exclusive Reddit AMA. Set to take place on April 25 at 5 p.m. ET, the Corey Taylor edition of the popular Q&A series will feature the vocalist answering questions regarding his latest work with Stone Sour, Dave Grohl collaboration or any other topic that might come along.

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    I've got a good idea, why don't they all stop ****ing around and get to writing the new Slipknot record.
    what sucks even more is all this pent up aggression and sorrow and rage about Paul's death that needs to go into the new album will be mostly depleted in 2 years so we will more than likely be getting another album of radio material which is rather upsetting
    matteo cubano
    yeah...they really don't have anything to be angry or frustrated with anymore...they all have a good life, kids, prosperous side's kind of how i feel about Eminem, when he doesn't have some major personal issues, he just sucks ass.
    I've a better idea. How about we all forgot about Slipknot completely?
    I'm aware that it's become "cool" to hate Slipknot now, or whatever, but that doesn't mean that I and many others wouldn't love to see a new Slipknot CD. However, I have a feeling this is going to another "Necrophagist" situation, sadly.
    I don't hate slipknot because its cool, I'm sure crazysam doesn't either, but we just don't like them at all
    lol everyone hates on slipknot, knot because its cool, but because half the members are useless and only the drummer doesn't suck a fat *****
    Slipknot is one of those bands I really have to be in the mood to listen to. They're good, and I like them, just not for everyday listening. That said, I would like a straight answer about whether or not Slipknot is still even a band. Are they going to record new music? Tour? And while I'm shooting my mouth off... Just hire Donnie Steele, permanently already FFS.
    it's time they put their energy in their band, frankly they didn't release anything real good since Iowa for me, it was back when they didn't spread and did shit each in their little personal corner... But I'm realistic, I know that just like Metallica and other great bands, they passed their prime a long time ago, they're just living on their past reputation, and on their live performances
    Same, but I think after Iowa, they couldn't be with around each other. Hopefully this break allows them to get on better and maybe produce another album soon after this expected one...
    I accidentaly pressed dislike on your comment but I do agree with you. however with almost all the memebrs in side projects i feel as if once again us Slipknot fans are once again going to be delayed of a new album
    Jed Simon is involved, I am looking forward to this. I'm also a pretty big fan of Murderdolls and his contribution to the RR United project was good too, so I trust Joey that when he does side projects they're most likely to kick ass
    Kris Norris is twice the guitarist as any that Jordison has ever recorded with. Call me excited. I hope this new project has the Melodic Death Metal traits of Darkest Hour, who are one of the most underrated American metal bands out there these days.
    I'm not the biggest fan of Slipknot or Joey, even though I respect them both. But soon as I saw Kris Norris was involved, like you, I got seriously excited!!
    Slipknot could go away forever and I wouldn't care as long as Stone Sour and Jordison's new project stick around. I mean, I love the 'Knot, but I'm FAR more interested in this.
    Soo... how about some Slipknot? It's not like it's been five years or anything. I understand you guys have other shit you wanna do, but come on. It's Slipknot, not Tool.
    They lost one of their closest friends and will most likely only make music when they feel like the time is right.
    all this whining about Paul and "dealing with his loss" when i bet at this point, hed probably say "quit your bitching and get back in the studio". maybe.
    link no1
    I'm sure he is. If I died I would be looking down/up from Heaven/Hell thinking to my family and friends "STFU and get on with it" but I wouldn't want to see people go through anything because of me and nearly everybody will say the same. Fact still remains, whether or not Paul would think that people still grieve in different ways and people take longer getting over it than others. Especially with a band where Paul was a important member since he did write a lot of the material, they should take there time and do it when they're are ready and not because fanboys are bitching and crying. This is coming from a guy that doesn't like them that much. If I can understand their situation, the actual 'fans' should be able to shut the F up and understand aswell.
    Hey man, don't go knocking Tool.
    I was praising Tool. I was trying to say "I know you guys work on other projects all the time, but Slipknot isn't so complex that it takes years to write, like Tool is."
    Nice one. Next thing, they'll all be giving contradictory statements about a new album...oh wait...
    Wish Joey got back with Wednesday 13 to make another Murderdolls album. They were good imo, and their last album was great.
    I hear this guy is a bad ass drummer. I never liked Slipknot, so I guess you could say, I never really checked his playing out. I have youtubed his stuff, but still never got that he was as good as many make him out to be. So, hopefully he emerges with something cool.
    I heard about this on, but I still want to know if that 8 string BC rich will pop up in this project and is joey drumming?
    Is joey playing drums or guitar? I'm interested to hear his jams on the 8 string, we all know he is a decent drummer, but I feel as if his drumming is overshadowed in Slipknot by all the beer ke----, whoops, "custom percussion" and sampling, and he only really gets to shine when he does those fast double kicks and rolls and whatever.
    Joey sucks ass now. Sorry, but it's true. Watch some live shows. It's the same left hand right hand left foot right foot fill throughout the entire show, and the energy is gone. I'm really hoping that he'll get the motivation back.