Slipknot Entering Studio in Summer to Record 'Very Heavy' Album, Corey Taylor Confirms

"A lot of good melody without taking away from the heaviness," the singer explains.

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Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor discussed the band's upcoming effort, revealing that we'll be looking at a "very heavy" album. According to Corey, the group is looking to hit the studio in summer and kick off the recording of what he described as "'Vol. 3' meets 'Iowa.'" "It's really dark, there's some really good esoteric stuff to it, a lot of good melody without taking away from the heaviness," he told the Blairing Out Show. "It's gonna be pretty rad." "We're just getting demos right now and hoping to get to the studio in the summer [of] next year," the singer added. "So very soon we're gonna start having some stuff to get out to the people." Since the interview was conducted during Geezer Butler tribute event, Taylor also talked about the importance of bassists in rock bands. "I think the misconception is that the bass player just fills the blanks between guitars and the drums and everything, where to me, bass playing has always been a vital part of it. It lays so much of the foundation down for everything that sits on top of it, but at the same time lays so much of the body, the feel of it," he said. Later last month, Corey gave an update regarding the new record, saying, "The stuff I'm writing right now is really dark. The stuff Clown is coming with is f--king beyond. It's really cool. It's going to be cool to get the alchemists in the same room and see what happens." The band's latest studio effort, "All Hope Is Gone," dropped in August 2008 via Roadrunner Records.

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    "Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor discussed the band's upcoming effort, revealing that we'll be looking at a "very heavy" album. " Really? I was kinda under the impression they were going to go reggae on their next one.
    Really? I was kind of thinking they should go the polka-route. Lithuania it up.
    nah, though after Audio Secrecy I was a bit concerned about Slipknot getting watered down, but HoGaB put my fears to rest. Bring on the nu methulz!
    Finally confirmation from Taylor... he took his time. Lets just hope the album is 'very heavy'. Iowa was awesome. Bring on 2014!
    It will most likely be late 2014 sometime in Nov or Dec. Maybe even early 2015. I really hope they stick to what they're are saying, no more bs.
    Not a fan of Slipknot at all, But Corey seems like a really chill guy
    A phenomenal singer too. Never really sold on his work with Slipknot but between Stone Sour and his live acoustic stuff on YouTube (he does a fantastic cover of Every Rose Has It's Thorn, in which he performs one verse as Bruce Springsteen, which is hilarious) I became a fan. Great singer, funny guy.
    Next month: Drummer Joey Jordison denies studio plans. Two months from now: Shawn Crahan makes more masks
    Can't wait! Something close to Iowa would be fantastic but it'll be really interesting to see what the come up with this time around.
    I hope his explanation of the sound is right. Their last album was a let down for me.
    Finally! Glad to see that in the meantime Corey seems to be psyched about it himself. If it really will be like a mixture of Iowa and Vol. 3, It'll be perfect. Hoping for some raw material, not too overproduced like All Hope is Gone was in my ears..
    I'm really hoping they tab Ross Robinson to produce the album. That'd be sweet, in my opinion.
    Vol. 3 meets iowa... Thats exactly how they described all hope is gone when they were recording that. And in my opinion that was their worst album.
    "Slipknot Entering Studio in Summer to Record 'Very Heavy' Album" Well what the hell was I listening to for the last 15 years, your acoustic stuff? Are they actually going to be a metal band or stay true to the "core" lol