Slipknot Join Iron Maiden, Rammstein To Headline Download 2013

Slipknot have been named the third headliner at Download Festival 2013, joining Iron Maiden and Rammstein on the line up.

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Slipknot have been named the third headliner at Download Festival 2013, joining Iron Maide and Rammstein on the line up.

The Iowa based group will headline on the Friday night (June 14th) on a bill which also includes Iron Maiden and German pyrotechnic lovers Rammstein.

The news makes Download the first festival to announce its full bill of headliners with most events having not even announced their first yet.

Iron Maiden will headline Download on Saturday, June 15th whilst Rammstein close the weekend the following day. Rammstein accidentally revealed their status as headliners last week when updating their tour schedule online.

Responding to the leak, the band said simply: "It's a festival, not a moon landing".

Speaking about his band returning to Donington to headline, Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson said: "We're absolutely over the moon to be headlining Donington again. The idea of returning exactly 25 years later with a show inspired by that same 1988 Seventh Son Tour was too good an opportunity to be missed".

Download 2012 was a huge success with headline slots from Black Sabbath, Metallica and The Prodigy.

Thanks to Gigwise for the report.

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    It's a sneaky trick, everyone; not Iron Maiden, but a tribute band called Iron Maide , apparently.
    Rock out moments with Maiden. Get in the pit for Slipknot and the fella in Rammstein has a guitar with ****ing flamthrowers, its an alround good weekend.
    An incredible line-up!! All three bands put up mind-boggling live shows!.. I'm going to try make it to the UK for this one!
    not even a Rammstein fan, but all 3 bands put on a great stage show.
    Slipknot have been named the third headliner at Download Festival 2013, joining Iron Maide and Rammstein on the line up. Joining Iron Maide and Rammstein on the line up. Iron Maide and Rammstein Iron Maide Does UG have an editor? or do they just want us to find the Easter Eggs?
    Beats Chase and Status
    Chase and Status put up a better show than some other bands I've seen on Download. I honestly don't get why there was/is so much hate to them playing this year. I'd happily see them next year again
    All hope is gone.
    Obama FTW
    That's a good Alter Bridge song but I don't see how that pertains to the lineup for the Download Festival.
    It is actually a great Alter Bridge song... but it is also a song by Slipknot aaaand the name of their last album. So it does somewhat pertain to the article. A bit confused by all of his downvotes.
    I think perhaps the downvotes were due to the fact that it looks like he's disappointed that Slipknot were given the Friday headlining slot.
    I love how Bruce refuses to call it Download. I'm totally on board with his line of thinking. When they first played there, it was the Donington Festival, so to him, it always will be. Up the irons! Also, I'm really happy that a ton of people will get to experience the awesomeness that is a live Rammstein show.
    A little disappointed with this one. I'm just not a Slipknot fan, ah well, there's bound to be another band on at the same time and everyone else is happy, so I'll let it go. This isn't hate, btw. Just giving my opinion, folks. In lighter terms - Maiden and Rammstein? Oh hell yes!
    Am I the only one who thinks the lineup is terrible?
    I don't get you guys who comment on 'bad line-up'. It's a festival where bands from across the seas come together and perform. I'm not much of an Iron Maiden or Rammstein fan (I still respect them and will happily listen to them) but even still, they're good bands. Least they're not getting seriously unpopular bands on stage. Just enjoy what you get.
    I don't think it's terrible. I'm a huge Iron Maiden fan, but the other two bands I'm not too excited for. Metallica and Soundgarden are two of my favorite bands, so for me personally last year's headliners were great. Even if they have great live shows, I wouldn't put too much effort into going to a concert for Rammstein or Slipknot.
    I'm not really a fan of either of these bands either. One year you have AC/DC and Aerosmith headlining. Another you have heavy metal bands. Which I guess is fair because not everyone likes the same type of music.
    Download 2012 Friday headliner - The Prodigy Download 2013 Friday headliner - Slipknot It's like going from eating pigswill to filet mignon in one easy step.
    Rammstein should back out so it can be the worst lineup I've ever seen.
    Would've preferred TOOL because I hate Slipknot but I'm not going and I know that they put on a good show!
    Shame balloon-knot is playing. Seen Iron Maiden countless times, but they are a good headliner.. and same with Rammstein. Not bad.
    I didn't know Download 2013 was actually Sonisphere 2010/11. Hm.