Slipknot Members Support the 'Slipknot for Saturday Night Live' Petition

Corey Taylor and Shawn "Clown" Crahan endorse the petition calling the band to perform at "Saturday Night Live" show.

Ultimate Guitar

Despite being one of the biggest and most popular metal acts of today, Slipknot have never performed at the globally renowned "Saturday Night Live" show so far. The band did find itself gracing the stage of such shows as "Conan," "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" or "Jimmy Kimmel Live," but has somehow missed out on the SNL performance.

Many of the group's fans think that this should change, and are now petitioning to get Slipknot to perform at the SNL. Founded back in July 2011, the "Slipknot for Saturday Night Live" Facebook page wasn't off to much of a good start, but is now growing rapidly, reaching the number of over 10,000 likes.

One of the main reasons behind the recent more rapid growth is the support the petition got from some of the Slipknot members themselves. At first it was the percussionist Shawn "Clown" Crahan who gave the page his "like." Then the band's label Roadrunner Records decided to also give their support, and now even the frontman Corey Taylor has publicly endorsed the campaign. Performing on SNL is a lifelong dream for some of the band members, a dream a fan named Chad Cheifer is looking to help them reach.

In a lengthy letter to Loudwire, Cheifer has explained the story behind the launch of "Slipknot for Saturday Night Live," commenting that Slipknot "gave him something to believe in" and that "Paul Grey would be proud."

As far as the new studio album goes, Taylor has recently stated it is about two years away. The band currently has a total of 5 concert dates confirmed for 2013, including a performance at this year's Download Festival in the UK.

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    This, along with the Metallica rider article, makes me wonder... Slipknot rider to NBC - "Provide one closet, backstage with power, for our bassist to perform in"
    "Slipknot have never performed at the globally renowned "Saturday Night Live" show so far." ----- Not saying that it wouldn't be cool or anything but; Is this some sort of achievement for bands or something?
    Big audience on television = big things.
    Isn't SNL known for being one of the most poorly produced shows for artists? I can't remember the last time I've heard a quality production from them. Not to mention that SNL is produced to make money; if Slipknot's music doesn't represent the audience they're targeting it makes no sense for them to put them on.
    You can't deny that some of the greatest bands of all time performed on this show.
    matteo cubano
    it gives you a sense that they'd be more accepted as a respectable band outside of the cult following and metal following, because, in my experience a majority of white suburbia and higher social classes in the U.S. is actually still pretty frightened by Slipknot. Hence it would show a level of acceptance by people of alleged "higher class" and "better taste".
    Idk, everything has become so commercialized, bands are getting to the point they start looking for money somehow. Personally, I think slipknot would be fine without going on SNL, but meh, I don't care if they do or don't
    Yeah, it really is. I have heard Foo Fighters mention it in interviews that it is one of the biggest things you can do and they get super nervous as soon as they get booked to play it. You are basically playing live to several million people across the country, think about it.
    ive seen some terrible bands on snl here lately. this would be a breath of fresh air to see it. i mean.. hell.. i remember as a kid seeing slipknot on conan and it was pretty amazing.
    "Paul Gray would be proud" - Is that why they should be getting on SNL or doing anything else nowadays, just to make their dead friend proud of them? As always, Paul was a great guy but the band doesn't revolve around him, or at least it shouldn't
    I agree to an extent, but Paul was a big part of the writing process of there biggest album, not to mention he wrote their biggest song.
    I think slipknot's popularity pretty much earned their right to play pretty much anywhere they want.
    SNL tends to have musical guests that are either up-and-coming or well established "legends" - and Slipknot are neither... They're a nu-metal band that was popular 12-15 years ago for a little while (I never understood it even then). Slipknot has about as good a chance of getting on Saturday Night Live as Insane Clown Posse.
    lol you STILL watch SNL? It hasn't been popular in about 12-15 years so they're both relevant to each others time of popularity... Not to mention SNL has lost enough credibility when it comes to musical guests that slipknot would be an improvement from whatever else they have to offer...
    Sammy Mantis
    SNL? No one I know, myself included, has watched that show since the 90's. Is it really that big of an honor to be a musical guest on any late show?
    Second Rate
    SNL was dreadful in the 90s and has continued to grow ever more dreadful. I haven't even flipped it on out of curiosity in a long time.
    I know tons of people who love SNL. They still have some awesome skits and know how to make people laugh - that should be obvious, as they are still going strong.
    Who effin cares. I love SNL but Slipknot is terrible! Corey is cool but suck as lead man for SK
    they are actually pretty good. I used to listen to them when I was a little younger and kinda grew out of them but I recently turned them on and its awesome. I dislike the psychosocial or whatever their new stuff is but iowa and vol 3 are pretty sweet.
    I love how they used a Slipknot cover band, KnotSlip, in the photo for this article... Well done UG, well done.
    Sure, why not. I'm not a fan of Slipknot at all but I can imagine some of their fans saying: "no please don't do it! You're selling out!!" We need more prominent bands such as Slipknot to be more out in the mainstream.
    I don't even think any metal band has preformed on SNL
    Metallica, System of a Down, Korn have all performed on SNL. Though no metal acts since '05 . . . I believe that is a good indication of when the tide's turned to crap Pop music being everywhere.
    Second Rate
    Metallica were not a metal band at the time they performed on SNL. System of a Down and Korn have never been metal. No proper metal band has ever been on SNL.
    Who are you expecting? Cannibal Corpse? Not going to happen.
    Second Rate
    Thank the gods, because Cannibal Corpse are, to put it in technical terms, "****ing terrible." Perhaps someone like Iron Maiden, Anthrax, Testament, or even Exodus for that matter.
    The only thing that counts as metal is NWOBHM or thrash metal. Didn't you all get the memo?
    I don't mind Slipknot. Not their biggest fan but I would DEFINITELY watch this for some lol's.
    I saw Slipknot in 2004 and determined that they were one of the worst live bands I've ever seen. Maybe the brass from SNL caught one of their live shows? Regardless, SNL is irrelevant these days: just a bunch of nobody comedians who try way too hard. Give me 80's-mid 90's SNL. It would've been ideal to perform on there then.
    I can't comment on Slipknot live, because I've never seen them, but I agree with the current state of SNL. I can't remember the last time I thought it was REALLY funny.
    I wasn't really a fan of Slipknot until I actually saw them live. They put on one of the best shows I've ever seen (2008 and 2010). Maybe they used to be terrible live \(_o)/
    I am so sick of these guys, and the fact they ruin real heavy metal music. I never got why one minute you're pissed and letting the world know they are ****ed. Then the next minute you are crying like a per-pubescent little girl.
    matteo cubano
    Lets be honest, Corey spoke out about this endorsed this idea and everything but he and everyone else on here knows that if not with Slipknot, Corey will inevitably perform on this show at some point with Stone Sour or solo or some other venture he gets into in the future
    I doubt you will ever see Stone Sour or any other Corey endeavor on this show. They aren't ****ing Soundgarden for Christ's sake. You people need to get off this guy's nuts already. He makes mediocre pseudo-metal with nothing that sticks. There is nothing catchy about any of his songs, it's like they stood in a studio for an hour and said "Ok, let's just play whatever and I'll slap words on it fellas." I know you will all get sooo upset as you always do when anyone bashes the precious Corey Taylor, but the man is a modern day nothing. He's the equivalent of the shit head from Shinedown and to some extent, Chad Kroeger.
    I would be all for Slipknot playing SNL . . . but I am sure they would play one of their "watered down" metal songs.
    Only Hard Rock/metal band I see performing on SNL is the Deftones, they are the only band that has mainstream songs that are any good (Change, Tempest, Diamond Eyes)
    i think slipknot is awesome, just because they are branded "nu metal', peoplle think they are trash. why they are great i consider them basic metal wih iller riffs and corey has the most unique voice i ever seen. snl is OK somtimes they are funny but slipknot would make them better. the only reason i want slipknot on snl is so they can get a chance to get back into the mainstream