Slipknot Tease New Album With Second Eerie Video

Band also offers cryptic caption, saying, "The Prescient/The Nascent/The Quotient."

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The new Slipknot studio album can't be too far away, as the band has offered yet another creepy video to tease the effort.

Along with a caption saying "The Prescient/The Nascent/The Quotient," the clip goes along the same line as the first one, featuring what seems like the same girl and more fast-hitting imagery.

The group has also unveiled a photo to go along with the video, make sure to check it out below.

As reported, the official Slipknot website previously went pitch black as the anticipation piled up. The blackout ended with the first video, more info here.

When it comes to the record's sound, it was previously described by singer Corey Taylor as a "cross between 'Iowa' and 'Vol. 3.'" Additionally, the singer has recently also confirmed that the record is "98 percent done."

YouTube preview picture

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    Dedmemories inn maah HEAAAAA-AAAAARRT!!!
    There aren't enough words in our post-Shakespearian language to describe how much I hated that album... for basically those reasons.... Stonesour vocals do not equal good slipknot album... It doesn't work... Nearly no one liked it...
    Slipknot posting eerie videos/pics with cryptic words isn't really surprising. It's pretty much just what you'd expect. And I guess the reocrd will be as well.
    Well, I just hope these videos match the music (my comment in a previous article was expecting that the music would be awesome). Really hope it meets expectations of everyone...
    It's impossible to meet everyone's expectations. Some will expect a throw back to the uber heavy style and some will expect a continuation of where they left off with ballads.
    Quit complaining about the videos. They are Bad Ass. And I hope the Goat Heads are shades of Iowa.
    I like the videos and I can't wait...I would say "put some music in them" but honestly it makes me want to hear the album more without musical teasers lol
    Not a big fan of Slipknot, but im kinda excited for this.These videos are pretty scary and if the goatheads are signs on an Iowa sound, i'm really interested. Definitley be looking forward to this!
    If its 98% done, go back and complete the remaining 2% instead of making these lame cryptic videos
    I'm pretty sure Slipknot don't sit down and make these videos instead of music
    Either way, I'd rather receive music than pointless promos. It's Slipknot, they don't need to build hype, it's already there for them especially after 8 long years
    You must not know a lot about marketing. Let me clue you in; for the people who don't track a band's every move over social media, these "pointless promos" let casual people know there's something to BE excited for after 8 years. That way, when they finally release music, everyone will know, and not just the people following them on twitter.
    The promo tells you nothing about the album, nor does it feature any upcoming music samples. Therefore pointless. And with all the conflicting news regarding Slipknot the past two years, I'd very much they just get to the point than putting out this nonsense in the meantime
    It's not completely pointless, it's letting us know that the album is very close to release and, mainly/possibly, a music video is (almost) done, therefore a single may be released quite soon.
    They'll probably wait until a couple days before Knotfest to release a single/music video so they can play it live and people will know the words. Nothing worse than playing a song no one knows the lyrics to.
    it's called creating hype. it doesn't have to tell you anything about the album. first they get your attention, then they give you details later.
    Actually this video had a small sample of probably corey's scream and the first video had a beat by the new drummer
    You must not know much about the making of an album. The last two percent of making an album is mixing it. It's not like 98% is writing and the last two percent is recording.
    Weezer just did the same thing with releasing random, nonsensical videos to promote their new album. The only difference is that for weezer it was just =w=1, =w=2 etc. Slipknot have to do the whole announcement
    Looks like an old school Adam Jones video... - But we know they don't see eye to eye, so that's not likely.
    Having been quite seriously disappointed by In Flames' new album so far, I'm looking up to this one to do me proud even more.
    I wonder what the text is supposed to mean? The Prescient means to have knowledge of something before it exists, nascent means to grow or develop, or to be born. And quotient is the result of dividing one number by another... I wonder what this has to do with the new album. Damn corey taylor and his vocabulary!