Slipknot's Clown: What I Think of Other Famous Clowns

Mr. Clown shares his thoughts on Pennywise, Ronald McDonald, and more.

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Slipknot's Clown: What I Think of Other Famous Clowns

Slipknot's Shawn "Clown" Crahan sat down with Alternative Press to share his thoughts on various famous clowns, including Pennywise from Stephen King's "It," McDonald's mascot Ronald McDonald, and more.

You can check out the man's comments below.

Pennywise from 'It' (1990 miniseries vs. 2017 film)

"Pennywise: only Tim Curry. It's all about the human that's behind the clown.

"So, the first is Mr. Curry. He's too much; he's just perfect. I haven't seen the new one yet - I haven't even seen any of the trailers - but we'll see how that does. We'll see if the thought process and the performance happens."

Ronald McDonald

"Ronald McDonald? We gotta be careful what we say about Ronald.

"He wears the crown, whether we like it or not. Over five billion served! You gotta eat to live. And we're eating his food... we don’t know what's in it, we just know we like it.

"That clown there, that's a serious clown because he's backed by money. It's corporate. You gotta kinda bow to that clown; that clown will fuck you up."

2016 clown sightings

"Most of these were bullshit. As a clown, what I possess is a gift. I can give you all of the color or none of the color, right now, and I can just tweak you out.

"I can cater to what you hate, immediately. Just dump it like a garbage truck in your lap. Just overpower your senses. That's what clowns are.

"When you look at these clowns, most of them - you can tell immediately - are just bullshit.

"But the ones that were real? Some fucking clown that is like 10 feet into the forest, behind a fence, in front of a Dumpster? That's the clown to be worried about, if you're worried about clowns.

"The clowns that are all up in your face, being filmed, and then the videos are edited to look overbearing - they're just catering to a philosophy that they don't understand. Maybe they should go be mimes."

Clown from Slipknot

"I'll tell you something interesting about my Clown.

"I was in a mall somewhere and my wife was running around shopping in some department store. I was on the phone, but about 30 yards away, someone started coming up behind me, and I heard, 'Clown?'

"I turned around and it's this random Maggot [Slipknot fan] with his girlfriend. I was like, 'How'd you know it was me?' You know, I'm in a different state in some random department store with my back turned to the person!

"And he said, 'It’s how you hold yourself. You're the Clown.'

"I was like, 'You're absolutely right.' I understood exactly what he was talking about. And that's kinda what I was saying about those clowns from the sightings: You know the ones that are real.

"They could have their back to you, and you'd still be like, 'Fuck this.' The other ones just don't match the perfectionism."

Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988 film)

"Clowns that eat you as cotton candy blood-balls. Those are scary fucking clowns. They're scary, but they're not human, so you don't take them as seriously as a human wearing clown makeup."

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    He makes Ronald sound like the clown that wouldn't hesitate to put a hit out on you.
    Fun article.  Down to earth sense of humor.  Guy likes to clown around....but not with his profession.  
    Ronald has a multimillion dollar advertising budget behind him to convince you to eat food that can literally help kill you.  so yeah, doesn't sound far off. 
    Even though Shawn's in a metal band wearing a creepy mask and he mentions Pennywise- the O.G Ronald Mcdonald was the scariest:
    Makes me wonder if that's what Jared did before eating subway...
    Not buying that recognition story, at all. Maybe something similar happened, but not exactly how he described it--that's just not how it works.
    i hear ya he probably recognized him cuz hes a fat dude with a greasy ponytail who wouldnt shut the fuck up about being an important clown
    Put it in the context of the fan saying "it's how you hold yourself, you're the clown" as the fan just saying something humorous and not actually the real reason he recognized him and it'll start to make more sense.
    flesholder · Sep 08, 2017 02:58 PM
    The internet creates a joke, the internet taketh away.   General rule: it's funny the the first couple times, then the law of diminishing returns kicks in.
    I wish more people on the Internet understood this.
    Seeing you get so triggered over some words makes my day)
    The word "triggered" has to go too.  
    No it's still in the dictionary. When was the last time you opened it? Or just words u accept have to be written? You seem like a very close minded fellow and I feel sorry for your lack of knowledge in language and other aspects. Read a book and stop being so triggered
    Not a fan of overused buzz words.  
    Buzz what the hell is that even supposed to mean ? ) Read a book and stop commenting, please, too much internet for you.
    If ever in doubt of a words definition, please consult your nearest dictionary or simply type it into your favorite web browser.  Thanks!
    Buzz does not mean what you think it does. Consult the dictionary it means something else entirely For someone as cocky as you about his words from slang, like triggered, boy you sure are iliterate for not understanding that you used "buzz" in slang terminology. Go read an effing book and stop using the computer. Get some culture, enjoy life and stop taking everything you see so seriously when you dont actually understand the context you are in. Your nickname describes you completely, poor choices in quality and shit taste in guitars, that says everything to me. I am talking to the wrong person. Enjoy your day. Don't forget to read a book
    KingV911 A conversation with an inanimate object would be more stimulating.  "Hello common rock, how are you?"
    Buzz words is different than buzzwords. Two different things. Adding a space between inner words of a different word will create another meaning for your word, but then again. Who am I to teach a guy who doesn't even understand and accept he made a mistake and still have the balls to insist on continuing explanations just to justify the fact that he is a completely broken person with nothing to do than firing away from a keyboard. This will be my last reply to a lowlife such as yourself. Read a book like I said and please KNOW buzz words and buzzwords are two different things. Learn to frigging type.
    Instead of holding this hostile discussion in such a manner, one could simply say that the compound term is usually written as one word. It's still understood if it's written as two, though it's not the form most people would use. Cut it out, everyone.
    Obama FTW
    Killer Klowns from Outer Space is probably my favorite horror movies from the '80's.