Slipknot's DJ Starscream Unveils Lorde's 'Royals' Remix

Check out the turntablist mixing up young star's No. 1 hit.

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Slipknot turntablist Sid Wilson, also known as DJ Starscream, presented an interesting remix of young pop star Lorde's No. 1 hit "Royals."

Giving the tune a darker vibe, Slipknot's youngest member injected the song with several interesting new twists. Make sure to check it out below.

Lorde recently shared her stance on the state of modern pop music, telling Telegraph, "I didn't expect to be in this world but I think it's kind of cool. For a long time pop has been this laughable, shameful thing. But it's actually gratifying and fun and can unite populations, which I think is incredibly powerful. So hopefully I am showing that pop can be taken seriously."

"Royals" single was released in October 2013 via Virgin Records, instantly topping charts in 11 countries around the globe.

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    That's one of the most awful remixes I've ever heard.. The song isn't even in the same key as the vocals..
    Maybe it's a new Slipknot song. With Joey out of the band, they decided to change up the roles in the band a little bit and let Sid have the lion's share of creative control.
    Does someone at UG have a boner for Lorde, she's the only popstar that gets regularly reported about on this site.
    Don't forget about that metal-head Justin
    metal head? He wishes. More like a tantrum toddler who wears trousers which will nevr be worn...
    I know man, that was kinda the joke... Just sick of reading about him on a guitar website, that's all.
    If by "regularly" you mean "this week," then sure. We've had periods of daily news about Ke$ha and Lady Gaga in the past, as well as the occasional bit about Miley Cyrus, One Direction, etc.
    Yeah, people just have short memories (I'm just as guilty as anyone else). Lorde is just what's trendy right now and generates attention here for whatever reason, just like all the others you mentioned. People don't understand that when they give the pop artist articles more attention than the other articles (whether it's positive or negative), that just tells UG that they should post more of them, due to all the traffic they generate. They don't care if you like it or not, just if you click. Show your disapproval by not clicking (it would be nice if we could get something other than metal-related stuff a little more often, though, just not throwaway pop music).
    Holy random drum blast during the chorus... This song was aggravating enough before, did we really need to layer in more obnoxiousness?
    They have a DJ? And his name is Starscream?
    Everything Sid added to this felt so out of place... It sounds like two songs playing at the same time, not one cohesive piece
    I'm a big fan of Electro, E-House, Trance and EDM but this is an awful remix, it's just random drum samples over the vocals of an already average song. No wonder Slipknot barely use turntables in their songs anymore.
    Not just "random drum samples". That's the Amen break, the single most overused breakbeat in the history of ever.
    I can see why someone wouldn't like this but I really enjoyed listening to it to be honest with you
    This sucks. And her comment about pop music is typical. "Pop music totally sucks until they let me in, then it's the winz."
    I'm sorry but as a guitarist and electronic music fan i get this song. he has an usual taste but its easily recognizable and a dj star scream mix
    Awesome remix. As in, aweful. Hell, I could've made this. This guy should never be allowed to remix anything ever xD
    Someone probably mentioned this already,but eeerh.. Isn't Starscream a pokemon? I might be wrong, but it sounds like a Pokemon.
    Sorry. Guitars? Where? What? If I hadn't been a member of this site for a while and didn't know what to expect by now, I'd think this was pretty weak.
    "category: general music news"You'd think that after being a member of this site for a while you'd know they post about news in the music industry, not only guitar bands. Also... this guy is related to slipknot, they have guitars, there is the connection you we're looking for. move along now.
    Sewage Rat
    'For a long time pop has been this laughable, shameful thing.' Really? Beatles? p.s. awful remix
    The Beatles split in 1970. That was quite a long time ago.
    The Beatles are awful; what's your point?
    I really think people need to stop creaming over the Beatles purely because they are iconic. Just because someone doesn't like them doesn't mean they're hipster or have 'no soul' they just have different taste in music. That's why different genres exist. People really need to stop being so up themselves about liking the beatles when most people don't even know more than 3 songs.
    I think I espected to much... now this shit sounds even more like crap to me
    For some reason, I like the boom under all of it. Otherwise, it's a little much. But...that rummmmmble. Yes.
    "STARSCREAM! I CHOOSE YOU!" Starscream is evolving... into... Neutron..s..cream. I suppose.
    Starscream isn't a pokemon, its a transformer. And neither is Neutronscream.
    I didn't know it was a transformer! (never watched the films.. they look balls) As if! Thought it sounded like a pokemon name is all..
    Some of the drum beats later on in the song sounded a lot like some of the drum beats from Slipknot's self titled