Slipknot's Future Sound Depends on New Drummer, Corey Taylor Explains

Only alternative to Jordison's departure was "shutting the band down," the singer adds.

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Slipknot singer Corey Taylor discussed the band's plans following the split with drummer Joey Jordison, mostly focusing on the future new drummer.

Asked by Rock Revolt on how Joey's departure will change the Knot sound, the singer replied: "Honestly, it depends on who we get. We're looking at a few people right now - it all comes down to someone who can play the old stuff, but also brings a certain creativity to it."

Despite confirming "a few people" are being considered for the drummer spot, Taylor couldn't reveal any names, adding, "As soon as we know, the fans will know, we're keeping everything really close to the chest right now."

Slightly touching on the Jordison rift, Corey noted that the only alternative was "shutting the band down and none of us wanted to do that, so we're gonna push on." Further asked about the writing style changes, the vocalist added: "Obviously it will [change] a little bit, but we all write.

"I know there's this myth out there that Joey wrote everything, but that's not at all truth. We all write, we all bring something to the table, between me and Jim [Root] and Mick [Thomson] and [Shawn Crahan] Clown and everybody. I think we're gonna be able to put something really, really cool together."

Taylor then concluded, "The dynamic will change a little bit, but as far as our approach to music and our intensity and how much we love doing what we do - that will remain unchanged. We're gonna go for it with 110 percent."

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    That Krimh dude from Poland would be a sweet addition.
    Dr. Knox666
    Actually that Krimh dude is from Austria ;
    I know that he played with Behemoth, so i assumed that he was from Poland. My bad
    Behemoth sucks and Poland is communist and racist.
    there is a certain problem with racism, NS-skins (not all skins are shitheads!!!) and nsbm in poland
    How can they be communist and racist? Communism is about the equality of everyone so if they were racist they can't be communist.
    Max of death
    Shaw the Videos... Listened to decapitated... He really is a beast, dude! That man deserves a Chance!Hope we get to see some web auditions though, just like machine head did... It's always nice to see some Good musicians showing off
    Its going to be very interesting! I'm looking forward to hearing the next direction these guys start on! I wonder if that Krimh guy has a foot in? \m/
    I feel like he might actually have a shot. He played the songs well and has an impressive resume.
    Hope they'll find a drummer that's as good and creative as Jordison. His drumming has always been such a vital part of Slipknot's sound.
    Dave Lombardo. still available guys. or maybe that drummer from Sum41 that left a long while ago. he did the vocals on Pain for Pleasure
    I'm still disappointed that Joey left because he's a really skilled and fairly unique presence within the Slipknot sound, but it's nice to hear that they're able to press on in spite of his absence. No point being upset about him being missing until we have evidence that the finished product will be worse as a result.
    question is: Will the new drummer sit off stage behind a curtain and play with the bass player?
    I guess they're gonna make drummer audition webisodes. I kind of want to see that.
    The Dream Theatre ones were great. This would actually be really cool.
    Indeed, and if Mike is available and able to play Slip songs, maybe he could be a good option. =)
    I think it's time they lose their masks now. New memebers shouldn't have them and I think it would be refreshing after all these years. are they also getting a new bassist? I know that is a lot more sensitive than replacing joey. but i think it is time they move on. Sevenfold has done so after the Rev passed. A new beginning for Slipknot would be amazing!
    I agree. I think what Sevenfold did with handling The Rev's passing was very tasteful. Even with bringing in Portnoy and Arin, you knew that they were still respecting the memory of The Rev, and that his presence hasn't left the band... but they were out of a drummer, and needed a new one, so reality sets in and they get one. Having said that, people grieve in different ways. I think Slipknot is entitled to handle things however they would like to handle them, but after so many years, it would be nice to let whoever is playing with them now feel like a wanted member of the band, instead of just a sidestage replacement. You could make a Sevenfold stage name/Slipknot costume comparison... They didn't give Arin a nickname, because they feel like it's not necessary (and they seem like they're honestly a little over them at this point too)... I think the mask/costume vibe from Slipknot is something that was captured with the original line-up, but shouldn't necessarily have to be replicated with new members. They've built their fan base, and the music clearly speaks for itself... If they walked out on stage without costumes, I doubt anybody would even care after they started playing their first song. Again, to each his own...
    I don't think they're planning to replace Paul. They have a touring bassist that plays sidestage.
    Which at the beginning was really ok. But after so many years now it's just ridiculous and in my opionion disrespectful.
    Hey pal, you realize that that side stage bassist that is not worthy was in the band before Corey Taylor was a thought.
    Lose the masks what... Are you ****ing high? Have you seen a Slipknot show live? Their stage show is what makes them so damn ****ing good. Take away the masks and you take away a huge element of their theatrics.
    Who's the guy that made an audition video despite no official word on an audition? He was pretty good.
    Now I realise he was already mentioned a few times in the comments and now I feel like a bellend. XD
    Do you have some weird addiction/fetish for that word? Not that it matters, just curious that's all.
    Well, he is Burnt Face Man, which means not only that he's British but also that he's entitled to use any odd profanity he prefers.
    You did that on purpose. You specifically neglected to mention him just so you could use the word "bellend" again.
    As long as the new guy gets a new mask and doesn't just get Joey's old one, cause I think that mask can only be worn by Joey. Same deal with whatever bassist they get.
    Bring the bassist and drummer on stage from now on. Let them wear a costume. It's a Slipknot thing after all. Put patches on the jumpsuits in Paul's memory. I think that would work.
    As much as I loved Joey and as crushed as my childhood was when he left, I'm not worried. Corey, Jim, and Mick got this.
    They need a new drummer and bass player to keep now and call a band member. With or without their own masks. They've replaced Josh with Jim before so there's nothing to say they can't do it with Joey and Paul.
    Slipknot needs a bassist and drummer? Get the drummer and bass player from Mudvayne... Not only do they already play that style of music but they're talented and Mudvayne keeps making claims they're gonna do something but they don't...
    That's actually a pretty good idea. They have a similar sound instrument-wise and those two obviously have chemistry together. Mudvayne is actually a pretty good band; but their vocals, proggy tendencies, and image turn me off. Their bass and drums are awesome.
    Yeah, look at my post a few up...I haven't heard anything about Ryan being asked about anything, but I was being serious about Matt.
    I can't wait for the day Joey lets everyone know the truth about what's going on here. Corey is the one that started holding slipknot back. He might as well start another side project with Serj tankain and they can write songs about neglecting the very thing that got them famous in the first place.
    best comment ive read yet!! i completely agree with what you said. and thats sad because i used to love both of their sounds and work. funny!
    its not gonna happen i guess....but i really would like to see how slipknot sounds with chris adler as drummer :O
    daniel c b
    Joeys drumming was what originally got me into Slipknot (which I was heavily into during highschool), but I am interested to see how they would sound without him -and Paul R.I.P.
    Ummm... just because no one before has said this and NO ONE after this will ever say this... Krimh? Kirmh? Krimh? Krimh?..... KRIMH!!!!! KRIMH!!!!! KRIMH!!!!! KRIMH!!!!! p.s. I'm sorry if someone before me has mentioned KRIMH!!!!! before me.
    I think losing Joey Jordison and the sad loss of Paul Grey means the Slipknot sound will evaporate. I always listen back to the first two Slipknot albums and forget how incredible they were, but I think that amazing slipknot will not be the same as the new Slipknot. Just stick with Stone Sour and let Slipknot remain a band I want more from and miss, rather than a band that isn't the same and I want to stop.
    Ok guys. I finally figured it out: Lombardo goes to Slipknot. Joey jordison goes to Metallica. Ulrich goes to Tom, Kerry and friends
    Know who would make an awesome drummer for Slipknot? Joey Jordison, that's who. Now quit your bitching, kiss and make up, and get back to being an awesome band.
    should be awesome if slipknot don't announce the new members and let them play behind the mask for quite some time until everybody has figured them out...
    Joey will definitely be missed...he's skills were on another level and definitely made Slipknot known!
    I think losing Joey Jordison and the sad loss of Paul Grey means the Slipknot sound will evaporate. I always listen back to the first two Slipknot albums and forget how incredible they were, but I think that amazing slipknot will not be the same as the new Slipknot. Just stick with Stone Sour and let Slipknot remain a band I want more from and miss, rather than a band that isn't the same and I want to stop.
    I always felt the two guys Slipknot could not lose were Joey and Corey. I really hope they can figure everything out and get Joey back on board.
    inb4 shitstorm
    Cue Mike Portnoy...
    In all seriousness, Gene Holgan (SYL, dethklok) could fit the bill quite well
    I seriously hope that doesn't happen. I doubt it though, he's been drumming with Testament the past couple years and they're gonna start writing/recording soon.
    From what the title says, Krimh may be a good replacement (his audition video was great). He seems to paly some of the old stuff really well (plus he used to be in Decapitated, he'd definately bring some creativity to the scene). I hope they show how good the new drummer is if we don't know who he (or she) is
    I think if anything, it would be cool to see Slipknot do an experimental album without a drummer and utilizing all the other percussive instruments within the band. For as long as I've loved Knot, I've never been fond of the fact that there's so many players doing the same thing - I mean, it's all for the love of the music, but these other players never earn the props they deserve. Everyone's sorta sad that Joey's gone, but as much of an impact on the band he had, what about all the other guys? They're a walking drum set, not to mention the sampling and turn tables, they don't even really need a drummer if they all just work together as one big drummer. I think that this whole situation is being a little exaggerated and not being pushed to it;s full potential - take that you 110%'ers.
    i bet Krimh would do a great job, assuming he wants the gig. i'm sorta hoping he doesn't though.
    Their next album will probably be the last. Thats too bad
    Who's said that? I doubt it.
    As much as I love slipknot, look at the state they're in. Members are leaving quitting focusing their attention on other projects.
    Its going to be very interesting! I'm looking forward to hearing the next direction these guys start on! I wonder if that Krimh guy has a foot in? \m/