Smashing Pumpkins Finish New Album: 'What a Relief!'

"Monuments for an Elegy" completed before planned, only the master mix remains.

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Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has confirmed that the band's new studio effort, "Monuments for an Elegy," has been completed, with only a master mix separating it from the ultimate finish.

"So it's done now, 'Monuments for an Elegy' that is; and what a relief. Only the master mix is left," Corgan kicked off via Smashing Pumpkins Nexus along with a peculiar photo.

Noting that the band "had a gay 'ol time" making the album, Billy continued, "I'm kind of over making albums the way I once did; which says more about the culture than it does Mr. Me. 'Cause I'm a traditionalist (if you can call a 60-70 year old art form tradition), and I did prefer a time when listening to an LP meant taking a trip.

"Anyway, I'll skip the geezer talk and get to the point. Which is, the kids always win. Long live the k-i-d-s! So wrapping this up, I sang all the harmonies (and invented a few too I didn't know were possible) on 'One and All,' and post that we wandered into the night, convinced all was done; yet today returned for a review of sorts; adding assorted bleeps and blurps, and even one new vocal harmony, but that was it. Finito!

"Having heard the album through for a first time (in this, a finished form), I was taken aback. 'It's indescribable, that,' I told [Jeff Schroeder] Shredder, meaning that what I heard (in the sum total of songs) was unlike anything I could recognize. Yet none of it was unfamiliar, either: big choruses, probing lyrics, odd twists of melody, and guitars, guitars for days; strange indeed...

"I'd like to boast and say it’s some newly invented form, but more than likely it's just a stripped compendium, that in its steeliness achieves some eager, brute modernity. Thank God we left in some genuine swagger, or it would be Howard’s record through and through and not mine. 'Hey, I love swagger,' he'd say cracking open an ice cream bar, 'it's just that 'they' don't anymore.'

"But I remain convinced the k-i-d-s can always be convinced by what is genuine over what is patently false. So come one, come all to enjoy what's left of our ripe, humble pie. If we're lucky it'll be out soon enough."

Finally, the frontman shared a tentative track listing, make sure to check it out below.

As reported, the new album might be released during this year, and not during 2015 as initially planned. The band is also gearing up to unleash a follow-up titled "Day for Night" in the near future. Stay tuned.

"Monuments for an Elegy" potential track listing:

1. Tiberius
2. Being Beige
3. Anaise
4. One and All
5. Run2Me
6. Drum and Fife
7. Monuments8. Dorian9. Anti-Hero

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    mr-ibanez I the only one who got a headache reading Corgan's cryptic album description?
    If your head hurts after that, then I'd love to see you make sense of Frusciante's "progressive synth pop" essays...
    kmaster 1337
    I thought it was obvious.. He's using modern studio "trickery," but yet keeping it "old school" (probably no autotune or quantizing), and he says it qualifies as "old-school Rupert Pupkin's. Not even a quantifiable fan myself really.
    A song called Anti-Hero sounds like the a cyber metal song in the vein of Pumpkins classics like Beginning is the End is the Beginning, An Ode To No One, Zero, Everlasting Gaze... can't wait!
    I can only handle Corgan's earache inducing vocals in small doses. I actually saw Smashing Pumpkins play in Indianapolis in the early 90s when they were still a regional band. I remember thinking back then, these guys would be alright if they had a different singer. Obviously a lot of people liked him. Just not my cup of tea.
    The headline made me think that the album title was 'What a Relief!' and I was relieved when I heard it was otherwise. Dammit UG
    And as i said before, for me this isnt't The Smashing Pumpkins anymore, it's more like the Billy's Project, Corgan & Friends .... or something like that.
    Billy always wrote 98% of the music - and played everything except the drums - though. The way I look at it, SP was always his show.
    I agree... partially. Yes, Billy is the heart and soul of the SP and yes indeed, he recored all guitars and bass in Gish and Siamese Dream, BUT, as far as i know on MCAIS, all the band took their own recording duties. Plus, Iha and Chamberlin we're two great live elements, D'arcy was disposable too. Aaaaaand! Mayonaise is considered one of the best Pumpkins song and in gran part is because the intro and it was composed by Iha.
    Guy made one decent album 20 years ago.....
    One of the best sounding live bands today. Fortunate to have worked with them twice. This 2nd lineup is very talented and tight.